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Content and SEO

 Content and SEO

Excellent, you've made it to chapter four.

Content and SEO

Are content and seo independent terms or a perfect pair? A lot of marketers are used to thinking that they are separate players. Let's find out how you can take advantage of the synergy between them.

There has been a common myth among some marketers that perfect content doesn't need SEO. The truth is that they were wrong. We'll show you why.

Stop thinking about “Search Engine Optimization vs. Content Marketing” and start exploring how well they do together.


Seriously, can you imagine high quality content without on-page SEO or without a single backlink? Likewise, can you imagine a perfectly optimized website full of content that no one will ever read?

Some people still think that:

SEO is for search engines

But the truth is that the content is for humans

They are wrong! Content and SEO are intertwined and intertwined. You simply have to create unique content and optimize it for search engines and people at the same time. This technique is sometimes referred to as “SEO content” or “SEO copywriting.”

What content should I create?

This is the first and most important question. The answer (at least in theory) is simple: "Be unique." Creating original, thought-provoking and engaging content is a great start. Content and SEO should go hand in hand from the start. You can choose from different types of content:


Blogging is very popular, especially in recent years. A good blog is a great resource for users to interact not only with bloggers but also e-commerce or SaaS websites for businesses or professional service providers.

Creating a Blog Yes, whether creating a WordPress blog or even a Blogger blog is also a way to make money online by doing what you love (travel bloggers, marketing bloggers, etc.). Unique blogs with in-depth articles, guides and how-to articles can make you a respected influencer in the industry.

Quick Tips:

Stand out from the crowd, be original

Do your own research and use unique data

It's not about length, but about quality and added value for readers

Be consistent to create a strong personal brand

Collaboration with companies and influencers

You can get really creative with the types of content you post on your blog. Here are the most common ones (based on a GrowthBadger survey):

Product Pages

Quality product pages should be a top priority for every online business. They are often used as landing pages for PPC campaigns, including paid remarketing in Google ads or social media.

Quick Tips:

When it comes to e-commerce, simplicity should clearly describe the product, how much it costs and how to buy it (CTA)

Use professional product images and write attractive copy

Website speed and user experience are more important than ever


Do you want to be an influencer? Writing a review is nothing new but in the online world, everything can be reviewed. You can write reviews of gadgets, movies, bars, restaurants and electronics, and name them.

If you can become a trustworthy influencer, you will shape people's opinions and profit from sponsored reviews. Reviews are an inevitable component of influencer marketing.

Quick Tips:

  • Choose a specific topic
  • Don't just sell yourself because some companies pay well for a 5-star review
  • Create your own standard for what is great or poor
  • Consistency is the key to becoming a strong brand
  • Case studies and original research

Tell the world how things are done, share the interesting data you've collected, and reveal your customer satisfaction strategy or how it failed when launching a new product. Do experiments and test many myths in your field.

Perhaps the best thing about case studies is that they are always unique and bring new information to the readers.

Take your time, do your research, prepare enough original data and be honest (don't lie)

If you are writing about your business, show the people behind the company

Don't be shy, people are not interested in dull success stories

Check out this survey on the benefits of publishing original research by Buzzsumo:

Everyone loves them! Easy to share and download. However, authors frequently use it as an alternative to text. Then the graphs end up as complex images with a bunch of copies, so they lose potential.

Creating infographics is to make the information nice and easy to read.

Charts still have great sharing and linking potential, so be sure to play with data and design

Use only the most important data

Create a story, add charts or photos

When uploading graphs as images, don't forget to write text because crawlers can't "read" the text in the image

Guides, instructions, tricks and tips

Oftentimes, guides are published as part of blogging. “…a guide” and “how to…” are catchy keywords. You can write guides or instructions, but keep in mind that there are thousands of them already.

Don't copy others, give different tricks and tips than your competitors.

Record your own videos, or at least use custom screen recordings and screenshots

You can contact the product owner or seller to get a backlink or share it on their social profiles

If you are writing a guide about your own product, place the guide on the product landing page for additional traffic and an internal backlink


Another popular form of written content. There are thousands of top lists so think wisely about the topic you will choose.

Writing listings is an opportunity to include downloadable items to gather leads, gain valuable feedback and create buzz thanks to social shares and backlinks.

  • The title says it all about the post
  • Emphasize the extraordinary facts
  • Make the structure simple
  • Use proven data sources
  • Ask your readers to suggest other items on your list in the comments
  • interviews

Although not popular in the Arab world, getting unique information and opinions from an industry expert is great! It helps build credibility, attract visitors, social engagement, and backlinks.

What's more, interviewees with a large audience fetch you high visitor volume for free if they share the interview. You can write or record a video or podcast.

  • Try to meet an idea leader (a famous person in the industry)
  • Establish a clear structure for the interview
  • Questions should flow naturally
  • Allow readers to be curious about their ideas
  • Videos

Increase engagement, social engagement, likes, backlinks, more leads and conversions. These are the biggest benefits of using video content. Videos can increase conversion rates by 80%.

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