What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

 You will probably soon be asking what are the best alternatives to Alexa.com ranking service for websites ? Unfortunately, Amazon has stated that the Alexa Rank service will be discontinued in May 2022. The site owners are concerned about this, they should look for a different tool and service to track the rankings and global ranking of the site, so, here are the best Alexa Rank alternatives for websites.  

?What are the best alternatives to Alexa Ranking service for websites

Surely you've heard of Alexa rating service before? And what exactly? Many website and blogger owners are concerned about their Alexa Ranking and are looking for an alternative from the Alexa Ranking site. The Alexa rating service will be discontinued after 25 years, according to Amazon's Alexa. 

For webmasters active in the digital marketing space around the world, hearing this news has been both confusing and painful. Alexa has been used by many internet business owners to plan their methods of managing sites and getting ranking percentages, while other users have evaluated websites based on their Alexa rankings. Now that this service has been phased out, we must find an alternative to Alexa.

On May 1, 2022, the Alexa Ranking service will be phased out according to Amazon's statement on Alexa:

Alexa was formed 25 years ago. We made the painful choice to shut down Alexa.com on May 1, 2022, after two decades of helping you identify, reach, and convert your audience into businesses. Thank you for trusting us with your content analysis, competition analytics, keyword research, and other needs.

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It also offered a comprehensive suite of SEO and competitive analysis tools with premium memberships as well as an Alexa ranking system. It also includes online services, similar to Google Analytics , that tracks the performance of websites that use this technology. It is a useful tool for SEOs to track and evaluate the performance of their websites.

What is Alexa Ranking System and How Does It Work?

Alexa Rank was created in 1996 and purchased by Amazon for $250 million in 1999. Alexa Rank is determined by the browser toolbar. Users who install Alexa Toolbar provide personal information at the time of installation, Alexa Toolbar analyzes website visits based on information provided by users on a daily basis and ranks the site according to unique visitor statistics and pages visited.

What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

The primary function of the Alexa Toolbar is to collect a large amount of data about your device; For example, it views all the websites you visit in order to assign a certain rating to each based on the total number of visits to that site by Alexa Toolbar users. 

As a result, many individuals, including entrepreneurs and some e-marketing employees, are not aware of the purpose, importance, and characteristics of the Alexa Toolbar, which can be combined into a set of points. Therefore, it rates millions of websites by popularity, the lower the Alexa rank, the more popular the website will be (according to the company at least). 

It also takes into account how a website is performing compared to other websites, making it a valuable benchmark or benchmarking tool for competitive analysis. Over the past three months, Alexa Rank is calculated by combining expected site traffic and visitor interaction. Toolbar data is used to estimate traffic and engagement. This tracks the user's browsing habits, which is a representative sample of all Internet users.

To contribute data to the rank, you previously only had to download and install the Alexa Toolbar, and the Alexa rank of the visiting site will be displayed. It will also send traffic statistics to a central server, where your IP address and the URL you are viewing will be recorded.

The importance and advantages of the Alexa Toolbar

View sites that compete with your site in the same field in order to develop your business.

Show all the data and information of your site in terms of its performance and browsing speed, for example, through a quick search that does not take a few seconds.

One of the most important features of Alexa is that it allows any site to create a toolbar that is similar to the Alexa toolbar of their site and has the same capabilities.

You can see the Alexa ranking of any site you're browsing, according to its approximate rating.

Alexa Toolbar has an important feature that allows you to see how your site has been since the beginning of the site's design and operation until now.

Alexa Toolbar also gives you some websites that are similar to any website you are browsing.

Disadvantages of Alexa Ranking

It must be remembered that not all users have toolbars, so Alexa provides only a rough estimate of site visits. Sites whose administrator has the Alexa script installed on their site will get a better score in this case.

Since people who install this toolbar frequently work in tech-related fields, Alexa ranks these sites higher than general interest sites. Alexa, for example, ranks much higher on sites specializing in tech news, marketing, SEO services, web design, hosting, etc. than sites of general interest like cooking education, sports, etc.

With the increasing use of mobile devices, Alexa has been unable to access mobile traffic over time. As a result, the idea was to negotiate a contract with various Internet browsers in order to obtain the numbers of visitors to the site, but this did not work. As a result, Alexa is unable to track mobile phone traffic.

By producing fake traffic, users can experiment and improve Alexa-ranked browsers. Some webmasters even buy popup visits to boost their ranks.

Alexa's first moves were to tweak the way their sites appear, drawing users' attention to other information Alexa provides, such as keywords, traffic inputs, etc., in order to shift the focus away from ratings. Despite the fact that this information is incredibly attractive to SEO specialists, they have not yet achieved any success in this field.

Why not pay attention to Alexa rank rankings?

For the following reasons, Alexa rank cannot be a good decision criterion:

Unreal : Alexa only considers desktop users and people who have this toolbar installed on their site, so its estimate is far from the truth.

Injustice : Tech websites can rank much better than cooking and lifestyle websites. In addition, if the webmaster pays a fee and installs Alexa Premium, it will get a much better ranking.

High fraud rate : Alexa rank can be easily improved in deceptive ways.

In addition, individuals who have managed to trick Alexa into doing something incorrectly in order to lure unwary webmasters. One of the biggest myths was that getting a higher Alexa rank would help your SEO.

Alexa.com is a tool for measuring site traffic, as we explained in the article. It is a global ranking system used by SEOs and people who use Google AdWords . However, there are sites and technologies like Alexa. Alexa rank alternatives are listed below:


What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

Ahrefs is another well-known brand in the world of digital marketing, and among SEO specialists, it is a preferred alternative to Alexa. This software can be used to improve your website, analyze how it compares to competitors, research keywords, track site rankings, and more. 

Ahrefs is known to provide excellent data metrics to provide you with meaningful insight, with over 11.8 billion terms across 10 search engines. Pricing for a corporate calling starts at $999 per month, and goes up to $99 per month if you really want to explore the full feature set.


Keyword research for 10 search engines

rich data set

Check rating history

Keyword Ranking Alerts

Cons :

No free trial

Not intended for beginners

Ahrefs (7-day trial at $7, starting at $99 per month )


What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

Spyfu is a one-stop online marketing platform that allows its users to easily analyze their competitors. It provides a suite of tools to help users build keyword lists and compelling ad copy as well as capture missed opportunities by leveraging years of AdWords competitors' data.

After you collect your data, you can save it as an Excel file, CSV file, or PDF file. While the free version offers a good set of capabilities, the premium membership includes access to unlimited data, data exports, over ten years of historical data, and API access.


Great for competitor analysis

Keyword search

Useful free plan and affordable paid plans


The user interface is a bit tangled

It can get a little important for beginners

There is no full trial version

Spyfu (Free, paid version starting at $33/month)

 Moz Pro

What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

Moz Pro is a full-featured SEO package that includes Link Explorer, Explorer Words, and Rank Tracker, among other features. A crawl tool is also developed by the company to detect content concerns that may benefit from optimization on your website. Although Moz Pro is not a perfect tool (or alternative) to Alexa.com, it does provide a number of useful tools to improve your website and keep track of its rankings. Moz Pro is available for $99 per month or $599 per month.


Keyword search

Rank Tracking

Research Link


Expensive plans

Not ideal for beginners

Moz Pro (30 - day trial, starting at $99/month)

What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

Semrush, a popular content marketing platform with cutting edge capabilities for site inspection and search engine optimization (SEO), was founded in 2008. Semrush offers a wide range of tools to help you with SEO, market research, and even sponsored search marketing. 

Semrush is a trusted Alexa.com alternative for keyword research and traffic stats, and is trusted by digital marketers all over the world. Single Semrush subscriptions start at $119.95, while Business subscriptions start at $449.95.


Excellent keyword research tools

Rank Tracking

Track backlinks

Competitor SEO Analysis


steep learning curve

one user per account; $45 for additional users

Additional features can get expensive

Requires an account to access the service

semrush ( 7 -day free trial, starting at $119.95/month)

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What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

If you are looking for a simple website traffic comparison tool, you should give a similar shot. Similarweb lets you see global and national rankings and categories for any website you choose, as well as analytics on engagement and traffic by region.

You can also check the rating and participation rates of your direct competitors. If comparing site traffic is your main use case for Alexa.com, you should explore similar as a viable alternative. You also get unlimited results per metric and up to three years of online traffic data with the corporate package.


DataSet vast

Multiple data points

Export results

Cons :

There is no mobile app

Expensive enterprise plans

What are the Best Alexa Ranking Service Alternatives for Websites?

RankWatch is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that collects statistics on SEO campaigns and strategies. It gives you a comprehensive overview as well as a more in-depth look at all aspects of digital and internet marketing that an online business uses.

Users can use RankWatch to assist them with their digital marketing initiatives by providing an in-depth study of their website, URL, backlinks, keywords, and other aspects of SEO. 

It enables users to make a comparative and strategic examination of a competitor's website by analyzing their online presence and activity, whether organic or paid. RankWatch Rank Tracker gives you realistic rankings of websites in major search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu so it is the best Alexa.com ranking service alternatives for websites .

Relatively high accuracy  

Update daily costs 

You can sign  up for RankWatch  for free. Start your business with 14 days free.


Although Alexa cannot currently be replaced, shutting down Alexa will allow digital marketers to compare websites using the best Alexa Ranking service alternatives for sites. Moreover, one of the best keyword research tools for SEO is being phased out. 

Many search engine optimization (SEO) tools collect keyword information from Alexa as well, and their performance is affected as a result. But Alexa will stop in May 2022, as you can see, and depending on their needs, customers have to replace one of the previously mentioned tools with Alexa. If you use one of the suggested tools to evaluate your SEO and website ranking, please share your results with us.

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