The 20 Most Famous Questions In An Interview With An SEO Specialist And Their Answers

 If you have applied for the position of SEO Specialist, that is, an SEO specialist in a company, and you have been accepted, and a date has been set for an interview. How do you prepare for that? What are the most likely SEO interview questions?

There is no doubt that the task of finding the best is difficult, especially when it comes to digital marketing and SEO as there are too many people who can talk in theory but fail when it comes to implementation. Therefore, in the interview and before hiring the employee, make sure that he/she is well-versed in SEO concepts. Therefore, I collected the most famous 20 questions to be directed to the SEO specialist with their answers that you must read carefully before going to the job interview!

The most popular SEO interview questions and answers

These are some of the basic SEO questions that your interviewer can ask you in order to check your knowledge about SEO:

Q1 : What is your understanding of the term “SEO”?

A: SEO or SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, or in Arabic “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a set of processes by which a web page or website is optimized to help it improve its visibility or rank at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Q2: What will you do to make your site search engine friendly?

A: Few of the main factors that make a site compatible with a search engine are the number of words, anchor text, backlinks, internal links, keyword etc.

Q3: Do you know what SEO sections are?

A: There are two parts to the SEO that takes place inside and outside the site, and it is called internal SEO and external SEO.

internal seo

It is the process of optimizing the content of the site in several aspects such as writing the title, content, meta tag, ALT tag for images and description, making sure that the site design is compatible with Google and can be indexed by search engine spiders and crawled correctly by checking the robot.txt file and sitemap .xml.

It is a way to build backlinks from various websites with the motivation to improve website ranking. This method includes many SEO steps such as posting in blogs and forums, submitting the site to site directories and many different sites.

Q4: Are you familiar with SEO techniques?

A: There are two types of SEO techniques: white hat seo and black hat seo or passive seo .

Q5: What is the best way to get backlinks to your site naturally?

A: Some of the best ways to get natural backlinks to my site is through blog comments, article posting, bookmarking sites, social networks, etc.

Q6: What will you do for the company's website you are working on, if you decide to move the site to a new domain?

A: In this case, it will be important to do a permanent redirect i.e. 301 redirect to the new pages. After that, you must remove all previous content to avoid duplication of content and then submit a request to Google for a transfer to inform it of the site transfer process through Webmaster Tools .

Everything you need to know about alt image text in SEO!

Q7: What are some important external factors that affect site ranking?

A: Some important external factors such as the time a visitor spends on the site, the number of pageviews per visit, bounce rate, and returning visitors.

Q8: How do we get to know whether the SEO plan is good or not?

A: First, we will try to search all search engines for relevant keyword phrases and keywords that should be optimized. After the analysis, the results will indicate whether the optimization methods have been done correctly or not.

Q9: What SEO blogs do you follow to keep your information up-to-date?

A: Some of the blogs that I keep updating my information from are:

Seo Stars


seo smart

Q10: What are the types of meta tags in SEO and what is the maximum character limit for them?

A: There are two types of meta tags in SEO

Title Maximum number of characters 70 characters

Description The maximum number of characters is 160 characters

Q11: What is the difference between Duflo and Noflo?

A:It is a type of hyperlink that enhances the site's ranking and serves as a backlink that search engines calculate.

It is a tag used to instruct search engine spiders that the hyperlink should not affect the link ranking indicated in the search engine.

Q12: How do you check the number of backlinks to a competitor's site?

A: This can be done using one of the tools such as Open Site Explorer, Backlink Watch, Alexa, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO. Through these tools, you can know the number of backlinks for any site.

Q13: What does it mean that nothing appears during the search on the domain?

A: If you search for a specific domain and nothing appears, there are three possibilities.

The site may be banned from search engines

It may not be indexed by search engines

Q 14: What are spiders, robots and reptiles, and what are their functions?

A: Spiders, robots and reptiles are all one and the same and are referred to by different names. It is a program that tracks or “crawls” different links on all sites and pages on the Internet, and then takes a copy of the content inside the sites and adds it to the search engine index.

Q15: Can you mention the difference between SEO and SEM?

A: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it is used to promote the site through paid advertising by increasing its visibility on the search engine results page in the ads area. Whereas, SEO naturally improves the site's ranking in search results.

Q16: What is the most important area that must include the target keyword?

A: The most important areas that must contain the main keyword is

Page title

Body text

Meta Description

Q17: What is the part that you do in SEO that makes you entertained?

A: This question is one of the most popular SEO questions, and you must be honest. You have to remember what daily tasks you will be doing that you will particularly enjoy.

Q18: Have you ever dealt with backlink penalties? What did you do ?

A: After identifying low quality links, I try to remove them and get rid of some links that cannot be deleted.

The steps I take include the following

Find all backlinks: This can be done with the help of webmaster tools.

Determining poor backlinks: One of the best tools for determining the quality of backlinks is Monitor backlinks .

Request to remove bad backlinks: You must send an email to the site owners to remove your site link from their site, track any responses from them, and try to message them several times. Through some tools, you can find out who opened your email and who did not notice it.

Disavow links that cannot be removed: Before creating a disavow file, it is important to try to remove backlinks manually. Add a “disavow” tag to all links that could not be deleted. Explain how to disavow backlinks

Q19 : After implementing SEO techniques for a website, what if there is no improvement in its ranking in search results? And what is the next step?

A: The first step will be troubleshooting problems. First, the next step will involve analyzing target keywords related to the site that needs to be improved with the analysis of competing sites.

There may be two cases

The site has been indexed and appears on the first ten search results pages but not on the first three pages, so we need to review the page description, page title, page text, etc. thoroughly. If the site is not indexed, the reason may be penalties or major problems with the site and it may require a complete re-work.

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