Ways to find the right keywords in pages for SEO

Suggestions tool: These are the suggestions that Google (Google) makes to us when we search.

At first, experts advise using the (Incognito) to browse Google, for example, if we type the word (best places) in the search box on Google, Google will start suggesting some keywords to us as shown in the screen below. These are suggested words based on the most frequently used words.

If we write any letter after the word (best places) it will suggest other suggestions according to the letter we will write, and if we have chosen one of the suggested keywords, for example (the best tourist places in Jordan), we note that some suggestions are also present at the bottom of the page as shown on the screen Below, this also helps us discover and understand how the words you intend to use as keywords are searched.

Using the KeyWord Tool.io

 : What this tool actually does is what the suggestions that we talked about above do, for example, we write the following (best tourist places) in the search box and on the right we choose the country we want to search in or according to The country we are in, we choose, for example (Jordan, Arabic), we note that it will make suggestions as shown on the screen below. Note that we can copy these words or export or upload them to an (Excel) file.

Google Trends Tool

 From the Trends.Google.com/trends/explore link, what are the most used keywords on search engines and what are the most used keywords in a particular country.

For example, if we choose the Emirates and choose the last (12 months), then the most searched words in this country will appear (25 words), and we can also change the time period that we want to see the keywords on the basis of such as (last day) or (last four hours). ) or (7 days).

This tool helps us to compare more than one keyword so that we know which keyword is used more, for example if we want to know whether (Paris) is searched more or (Amsterdam) in a particular country, for example (UAE), as we note in The image below shows that Paris is more sought after than Amsterdam as a possibly tourist destination. 

Keyword Planner: This tool is no less important than other tools and is part of the Google Ads tool.

1- We open this tool through the link (https://ads.google.com/aw/keywordplanner/home), then it is accessed by pressing (Tools) as shown in the above mentioned image.

2- Then, under the Planning tab, we choose Keyword Planner, as shown in the image below, which is the planning tool from Google.

The main goal of using this tool is to know the number of times you search for keywords in a certain period of time and here it is (monthly).

3- Then we click on (Get search volume and forecasts).

4- We type the keyword that we want to know the number of times we search for, for example (tourism), then we press the (Get Started) button as shown in the image below.

5- After that, we must first choose the target country and click on the location as shown in the image below indicated by the red rectangle.

On-Page SEO A complete explanation of internal SEO

6- Then the screen below will appear. We choose the target country, for example (the United Arab Emirates), and then click on (Save).

7-   It is also important here that we choose the language (Languages), we will choose the (Arabic language). 

8- We note the number of times we search for this word.

9- In the event that we want to get better information, we go to (Keyword Ideas) indicated in the image below with the blue rectangle, then write the keyword, for example (Tourism), then (Get results).

10- What this tool will do now is to know the (Average monthly search), i.e. the number of times you search for this word, for example, ranging between (100 and 1000) and these numbers vary from month to month.

Note : In order to get other keyword ideas related to tourism in the United Arab Emirates, we would prefer to change the language to Arabic. Here we can find out the number of searches per month for these keywords.

How can we know the competition for keywords

We open Google (Google) and type in the search box as shown in the screen below (Allintitle); That is, Google tells us how many pages in our index have a certain keyword in the main title of the page.

For example, if we write among the “best tourist places in Dubai” as we see in the image below.

Then press (Enter)

We note from the screen below that it is (461) pages within the Google index containing the best tourist places in Dubai. This gives us an idea of ​​how competitive this keyword is. 

In order to be able to do search engine optimization (SEO) , we have to select some keywords that help us in this as we learned above, and we also learned to know how to deal in the event that there is competition for these keywords (Keyword), and after selecting these keywords (Keyword) We need to know how to employ these keywords on the page.

How to Employ the Right In-Page SEO Keywords

We put the keywords in the title tag of the main page. It is better to have the keywords at the beginning of the title.

Use the keyword in the page title (URL).

The content should be distinctive and comprehensive and contain the keywords and their synonyms, by using these words extensively.

The use of keywords and their synonyms in the meaning of the page description (Meta Description).

If we are using images, these images must contain the keywords in the image file name and the Alt Text of the image.

When using internal links, we should focus on containing the keywords in the relevant pages within the site.

In the (Headings) the main title of the page we use keywords.

Remember : We create content primarily for the reader, but at the same time we help search engines better understand the content we provide. Which brings us the benefit and better arrangement of the pages of our site.

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