Meta Descrtiption?

 A meta description is a piece of HTML code that describes what a website is. It usually consists of one or two attractive sentences.

The meta description is included in the SERP snippet of the website which makes it a very important call-to-action that can increase the click-through rate and improve the user experience of the site.

What is Meta Descrtiption?  What is its importance in SEO?

What is Meta Descrtiption? What is its importance in SEO?

HTML example for meta description:


<meta name="description" content="Your unique meta description.">


meta description length

The general rule of thumb for optimal length is also to keep text between 120-150 characters which is up to 920px in desktop search results.

The optimal meta description length may change in time. This is because Google is improving the appearance of search results (SERP) and testing new SERP features. For example, in 2017, it was a good idea to write meta descriptions of up to 300 characters.

Keep in mind that Google will cut the description if it is too long.

We recommend testing different versions before publishing the final version (you can always change it in the future).

What is Meta Descrtiption and what is its importance in SEO  

What is Meta Descrtiption and what is its importance in SEO?

Google is creating meta descriptions

Google can create a different description in two cases:

If you do not set any meta description

To better match the search query

The first scenario is obvious, but what if Google changes a well-crafted copy that will motivate people to click on your website in search results?

It happens in cases where the algorithm decides to generate the meta description from the content on the website to match the search query more. It could also be an indication that your copy is not descriptive enough.

From what we usually see, the text generated by Google tends to be longer compared to the text in the HTML code.

?Why is the meta description important

Because it affects CTR (click-through rate)

The meta description is one of the three basic elements of every website found in the SERP . This makes it extremely important because this limited space should convince an Internet user to click on your website. Make it as catchy and descriptive as possible.

It's part of on-page SEO

Using keywords in your meta description will not directly improve your organic rankings as it used to be in the past. On the other hand, do not ignore the keyword because the main objective is to clearly state the topic of the site. That's why you should aim for synergy between SEO and UX.

Creating a well-optimized description remains one of the main on-page SEO tasks, but keep in mind that search engines may not use it in some cases.

Determines the presence of SERP

As mentioned above, the meta description constitutes the presence of the SERP for the site. So it affects the click-through rate.

If it was created by Google, you can't do anything, but the key is to write a meta description that looks good.

It is visible on social networks

Similar to tile tags, social networks display the meta description. Facebook or Twitter cut it short because it shows a shorter portion of the copy compared to Google search.

We recommend writing unique descriptions for these social networks using the following two lines of code:


<meta property="og:description" content="Your fancy description for Facebook" />


<meta name="twitter:description" content="Your fancy description for Twitter" />

How to write a good meta description

Writing a good meta description requires a combination of SEO, marketing , a bit of sales , and some psychology thinking. These are 10 of the most important strategies for writing good descriptions.

Stick to the optimum length

Keeping the meta description within 120-150 characters should ensure that it will display correctly in the SERP. Always test different versions in preview tools such as the SERP emulator to ensure that your unique content will display correctly.

Write a unique copy for each page

Each page should simply contain a unique meta description. If there are any duplicates on your website, you will find them in Search Console.

Having duplicate meta descriptions is not a good SEO practice. However, it can easily happen on websites with rich architecture, for example e-commerce .

 Focus on local sis

If you're targeting specific geographic areas, it's a good idea to draw attention to them. If you run a pizza delivery in Boston, include it in the meta description.

Focusing on local SEO doesn't just boost local search rankings. It also leads to fetching the meridian to the site.

 Do not over-optimize

Filling the description with a set of keywords will not improve your ranking . Just use the keyword and type normally. The improved version looks poorly. Focus on the CTA and provide clear information instead.

Set yourself apart from others

It's okay to list the general features of your product, but it won't get much attention. Use this opportunity to write a unique description that stands out from the crowd.

Use catchy numbers, words, or phrases, such as the phrase “free.” Keep it active as it is an invitation to your website.

How to write SEO report?

Beware of cramming keywords

Keyword disassembly is a common SEO error. You should choose only one keyword per page. The same applies when writing the meta description.

If a user types a search query “homemade pizza recipe”, they are not searching for “homemade pie recipe”, right? Optimizing more than one keyword is not a good idea. The meta description should follow the same trend.

Provide a descriptive copy with added value

Do you have a definite competitive advantage? promote it. Providing a clear description related to including the main focus keyword with additional information that will get people to click on your website in the SERP.

If the focus keyword matches the search query, Google will usually highlight it. It's just another psychological advantage for you.

Link it to the content of the site

The clear relationship between meta tags and content on a website makes sense. Make sure the description matches the page content. It improves both UX and SEO.

The meta description stands between click or nothing at the start. Don't try to fool potential site visitors with free products when you don't offer any or with delicious Italian pasta recipes while promoting a food delivery company.

 Use of structured data

Structured data ( ) improves the readability and presence of your website in search results. Elements such as business type, product, pricing, contact information, rating or upcoming events can boost your CTR .

 Check your competition

Spying on competitors will give you a lot of ideas to try on your website. Be inspired by the meta descriptions of websites that rank in the top positions in the SERP.

Since it can be generated by Google, it is a good idea to check the HTML code . Instead, you can use the easiest option – SEO plugins like yoast SEO .

common questions

?What is the description of meta

The meta description is the short text that appears below a web search result on the SERP that includes information about your page. It is designed to provide users with a brief summary of the content on your page so that users know if the page will answer their questions.

?How many characters is the meta description

Met descriptions can technically be of any length, but Google generally cuts snippets down to around 155-160 characters. It's best to keep meta descriptions long enough to be sufficiently descriptive, so we recommend descriptions between 50 and 160 characters.

?Does Metadata Help SEO

Meta tags are invisible tags that provide data about your page to search engines and website visitors. In short, they make it easier for search engines to determine the content of your content, and thus are essential for SEO.

What are the two most important benefits of metadata

The most important benefits of metadata are scalability and reusability. When metadata is centralized, it becomes the only source of truth. Once a metadata object is created and defined, it can be used over and over again with

How to manage the SEO project

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