How to write SEO report?

If you work in an SEO service company , you probably know that one of the most important steps in the work of any SEO professional is to write an SEO report. This report can show your boss and the employer that you are doing SEO on his site, what you have done, how much progress has been made by doing these actions? What plans and suggestions do you have to improve the site's SEO conditions? And…

Besides that; The report can specify the progress of the work and the actions that have been effective for the SEO person himself.

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?How to manage the SEO project

Sometimes, even though SEOs do their job in the best possible way; They don't put much effort into writing SEO reports. The result that may be obtained is that the employer or the head of the company thinks that you have not done anything.

So, so far we understand that writing SEO report is very important. But what to say in this report is important. In this article, we are going to introduce you the parameters and criteria that you should use in the report.

?What should we mention in the SEO report

In order for the SEO report we write to be comprehensive and include all our activities, we must explain some parameters that are more important in it. You may be able to explain to the employer all that is necessary about the activity performed in the field of SEO with a little statement, but sometimes short writing is not the answer and you need to say more things to get your point across.

If you try to write a brief report and settle for only a few parameters, you may not be able to show what you did as it was.

Sometimes you decide to mention all the criteria in writing the SEO report, which makes the text long and the reader tired.

So try to choose first which of the criteria is necessary to write the report.

There are several tools to check the SEO status and write its report. But the main tool you need for this work; Google Analytics. You can also use other tools such as Google Data Studio, Google Search Console and Semrush.

One of the most important things you need to do is to identify keywords relevant to the business you are doing SEO for. By determining these words, you can determine where your site ranks in the Google search engine and how far you are from the top sites. Of course, what is important is the number of users entering your site as a result of searching for that keyword, and what is less important is the distance to the highest ranking site.

You can use Google Analytics to check the number of visitors to the website.

Backlinks and internal links

Among the other points that you should pay attention to and mention in the SEO report are the number of internal links and the number of incoming links to the site. After that, we need to determine the most popular incoming links to the site pages to use similar types more in the SEO of the site.

Another thing to mention in the SEO report is the traffic we received from backlinks . Once we determine which sites we are getting more traffic from, we can focus our activity on that area more and get more backlinks from it.

Broken links

The problem of broken links may occur a lot. So this issue should be investigated by you and mentioned in the SEO report. When there are links related to pages of the site on the site you are doing SEO, and you make changes to those pages, the said links will no longer direct the user to those pages, and he will face a 404 page. This may be normal, but when the number of 404 pages on the said site increases, it will cause many problems for your SEO. The first problem that happens is that the amount of page reviews by Google will decrease, and on the other hand, users will leave your site and the bounce rate will increase on your site.

The time users stay on the page

In the SEO report, you must check the time that users have stayed on the site page. The time the audience stays on the site page depends on the visual and functional design of the website and determines the quality of your SEO.

Page views

In writing the SEO report, you should also determine which pages have been visited the most by users. When the number of visits to a page is more, it can represent two things;

That the audience has shown more interest in the content of that page.

The SEO of that page has been more successful than the site and has been done according to the principles.

However, first it should be determined which pages have the highest number of visits and then we should investigate the reason. Google Analytics can be used for this review.

bounce rate

One of the things that should be addressed in the SEO report is the bounce rate. This issue is of great importance, but nevertheless it may be less addressed.

Bounce rate determines the number of users who quickly leave the site after entering it. The reason for the exit of these users can be the inappropriateness of the content or the design of the site or any other reason for which the cause must be determined and measures taken to fix it.

Site speed

Another thing that is important and should be addressed is the speed of the site. If the loading speed of the site pages is not suitable, users may leave the site and increase the bounce rate. On the other hand, as you know, site speed is an issue that is also addressed by Google. So you should try to check every problem in this field and then follow up to fix it.

Check for mistakes

In writing the SEO report, you should specify the mistakes that exist on the site in terms of SEO and suggest actions to fix them. Sometimes stating this issue in the SEO report makes it longer, and for this reason, it is tried to talk about it in face-to-face meetings.

Another issue that should be stated in the SEO report is the number of pages indexed by Google.

At the end of the explanation you have provided, you should explain the plan you have planned for the next month to the employer so that he is aware of what you are going to do.

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?What are the characteristics of a good report

Order: The first issue that is important in writing an SEO report is its order. Delivering the report to the employer at specific times will let him know that we have a detailed plan for the SEO of his site. If this is not the case, he may think that you do not have a specific order in doing things and his trust will be taken away from you.

Simplicity and brevity: When writing a report, try to express it in simple language without using complicated terms. The employer who entrusted you with the SEO work may be very busy and therefore unable to cope with the complex terms you write! On the other hand, try to write a complete but short SEO report so that the employer or anyone else who is going to check it, can easily read it to the end.

Include past actions and future plans: The report you write should include both actions you have taken and what you plan to do in the future.

By doing this, the confidence in the actions you take will increase and your employer and boss will realize that you have a plan for your work.

Comparability of the report: The reports you write should be such that they show a clear trend to the end. If you create such reports, you can better determine the progress you have made by putting them together.

In general, it is better to choose criteria for writing a report that do not require too much explanation to avoid making it longer. The most appropriate SEO report consists of 40 pages, in which you can provide sufficient explanations about the actions taken, the progress made, and the things you need to do. 

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