List of SEO Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

 List of SEO tools in order to spy on your competitors . Monitoring competing sites is one of the most important strategies used to improve your site’s ranking in search results. When you notice that a site has been able to rank higher than your site’s ranking, the first thing that comes to your mind is the following question : What did the administrator of this site do that I did not do to be able to beat me in the search results? In today's article, I will provide you with an important set of tools that enable you to monitor your competitors and learn about the strategies they follow in order to optimize their site for search engines.


Let's start our series of tools with a tool that everyone knows, it's Alexa, a well-known tool in the field of SEO and websites, start with this tool to collect information about your competitors, important information that you can get such as traffic volume, target keywords, and many other information that you will need to discover your competitors' policies.

SEO Ranking

This tool enables you to follow changes in the ranking of your competitor in the search results . From these sites, it will show you how many pages have been indexed for each of the competing sites, and a lot of other useful information.


What about the performance of your competitors on social networking sites? You will need this tool to be able to collect information related to the competitor’s performance on Facebook, Twitter and other communication platforms. This tool analyzes keywords and studies their presence in search engines, which enables you to monitor the behavior of your competitors on social media and gives you new ideas to raise the percentage your followers.

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Monitor Backlinks

This tool is new in the field of SEO, but despite that it managed to attract a large number of users, using this tool you will be able to track the backlinks of your competitors and collect and analyze a lot of information related to the backlinks, so you will know what are the main sites that your competitor publishes Its backlinks.


A tool that is characterized by its ability to track keywords targeted by your competitor's site. The beauty of this tool is that it tracks the target keywords in both the original search results and in AdWords, and this helps you a lot in determining the category targeted by your competitor.

Open Site Explorer

A well-known and well-known SEO tool, you can use it to collect important information about your competitors, and most importantly, it was invented by one of the SEO giants, the well-known Moz website .


An important tool that enables you to analyze keywords in competing sites for your site and gives you an idea of ​​some rates such as the CPC rate and other rates that are of interest to workers in the field of e- marketing .


A tool specialized in analyzing your competitor's profile on the Twitter network. This tool gives you comprehensive information about the behavior of your competitor on the Twitter network. If you are an activist on Twitter and Twitter is a primary traffic source for you, this tool is indispensable for you.

Simply Measured

Another tool to help you understand the behavior of your competitors on social media platforms, more than 35 reports that you can get in various fields ranging from traffic volume to conversion rate, with the possibility of comparing between different networks, are beautiful tools that you should try.


The last tool will help you to get information about the competitor's site, and the sites and domains it owns, so you can know the names of the domains it owns and how to choose the domain name for its site.

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