How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

 Learn how to block your IP address from Google Analytics . Many site owners may encounter a problem because of high traffic appearing in  Google Analytics statistics  and it is only for their visit

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics

To block your IP address in Google Analytics follow our steps

What are google analytics statistics and how do I prevent my personal visits to the site

The purpose of Google Analytics is to track the actions of your visitors, bounce rate and traffic from different countries, so you can improve their experience allowing them to check more on your website for longer and find a solution to a problem they might have that your product or service solves.

Therefore, Google Analytics is an excellent tool for tracking website visits and statistics . You can examine a large number of different data and get a real understanding of the individuals who visit your website. 

You can learn about the following advantages with this tool:

The number of visitors to your website.

The number of visitors who visited the site for the first time.

The number of people who consider themselves regular visitors.

Pages with the highest levels of penetration.

Search engine optimization.

The average length of stay of a visitor.

What keywords are most attractive to visitors?

The number of people who arrived via search pages and the number of users who arrived via ads.

As well as other information

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But don't worry, you don't have to check all this information. Analyze only the data necessary to understand the audience you are working with and what kind of material they find most interesting, and this data is important for every website owner.

The problem with counting the number of visitors to your website

We are all looking for additional visitors to our websites or blog . However, we also want Google Analytics (GA) numbers that are valid and provide a realistic picture of how your website is doing. 

Could it be your marketing assistant if one visitor stayed on your website for four hours? Internal traffic can significantly degrade your average and lower stats on Google .

The website stats will be wrong if the site's internal traffic is calculated, and it affects the SEO of the site . To avoid this, your IP address should be blocked in Google Analytics .

The term IP stands for " Internet Protocol ". Your IP address is a unique identification of your computer, network, and location. Consider it a unique address that allows you to communicate with the rest of the Internet services. 

Websites you visit, such as your home postal address, need to know where their data/information is being sent so that you can access their website.

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

Many site owners are facing a problem because of high traffic in Google Analytics and it is only for their visit to prevent your entry from appearing on the site Follow the steps with us:

1. You have to go to google analytics  and click on "administrator" to access the settings.

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

2. When you enter the menu, a number of options will appear for you. You just have to click on " Filters ". To get the necessary settings to block your IP address in your Google Analytics as follows in the image.

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Learn how to prevent your traffic and IP address from appearing in Google Analytics statistics.

3. After entering to set up the filters, click on Add a new filter, in order to set up the IP filtering of your site from causing problems within Google Statistics.

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

4. When entering it, you must follow some important steps: Write something that will explain to you the purpose of the filter, for example: ip home .

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

5. After clicking on "Custom", choose a category as shown to  open the setting for filtering . 

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

 Scroll down and choose the IP address . 

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

7. After that, enter your IP address, and if you do not know it, enter this site  ,  then face to SEO tools and choose private ip address.

How to block your IP address in Google Analytics?

After you are done, click on Save, so you will have prepared a special filter for not showing visits to Google statistics, whether you are on Blogger, WordPress or any other site you want to delete your appearance and track your entry to the site 

Make search engines work for you


All previous data will still be there for visits from your IP address, but at least it won't! And don't be shocked if your stats go down - at the very least, you'll exclude your traffic, and you'll be able to collect more accurate data to improve your website and marketing.

I sincerely hope that  Block Your IP Address in Google Analytics  and Your Filter Steps article was successful. And if you exclude your internal traffic, it will not be visible in the debug view (until you make the adjustments using the lookup table). On the other hand, if I'm wrong, please let me know by leaving a comment and I'll correct the steps.


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