How Google Determines Website Authority?

 Authority is one of the most important factors in the appearance of your website at the top of Google search results, as (Google) strives to provide the best answers to the inquiries of its users, so it is necessary that they choose reliable sites to appear at the top of the search results, but how do you determine (Google) Authority?

What is the importance of site authority

The authority of your site in the eyes of Google affects the extent to which you are able to rank in search engine results, it wants to provide reliable information and results to its users, which means that the more reliable you are, the more customers you can gain from search, if (Google) does not believe that the site Your web is trustworthy, you will rarely reach the top ( SERPs ) of any of your target keywords, and this will make it difficult to attract potential customers to your site.

As a result, your site's authority directly affects your ability to reach customers online, which means that improving your reputation and building trust with search engines should be key factors in your SEO strategy .

?How Google determines the authority of a website

How Google determines a website's authority has been a longstanding debate. In the world of search engines , the authority lies in how credible your website has earned on the Internet, and that doesn't just mean that Google chooses sites that are considered to have the highest credibility. According to this chart from (Moz), (21%) of Google’s ranking algorithm depends on the “link authority features” or the number of links to the domain and the quality of those links, and (19%) depends on the link features at the page level or the number of links To a particular page, basically, the most important factor in your site's authority is the quality and quantity of links it contains from other sites.

Search Engine Authority vs. User Trust

Many marketers believe that the authority of their sites is affected by how trustworthy their visitors are, and although you are sure to have a site that users trust, their perception has nothing to do with your (Google) ranking for your authority, authority is determined by search engines and is basically the amount of weight What you give to any particular site, the website will only be able to reach users if it is reliable enough to get a good ranking, and the authority is what makes that happen.

Trust, on the other hand is determined by individual users and refers to the amount of users who can personally rely on website information, although user trust is important to your website, it does not directly affect your rankings. 

Trust criteria for users of search engines

How do search engines rate trust? How many links does your website contain? If your website contains a lot of links from other authoritative sites, search engines can determine that your website is also authoritative.

How was your site created? Typically, the older a site is, the more authority it has, and how users place trust in your reputation, since if you've been in business for a long time and have a good reputation, users will trust the information on your site.

Just as your testimonials prove a lot of positive testimonials that your business creates happy customers and your posts, a lot of high-quality content shows that your business is an authority in your industry, your credibility How much can visitors rely on your website for accurate and quality information. 

Ways you can improve the authority of your site

There is no shortcut to making your site reliable, it doesn't happen overnight, and it will take at least a few months to achieve the results you want, but there are a few things you can do that will help your website climb the ladder to higher authority:

 Build links from trusted sites

As mentioned above, links are by far the most important factor in determining authority. There are several ways you can create high-quality websites:

Strengthen relationships with leaders in your industry: When you connect with bloggers , news editors and other influential people in your field, you can offer to write original articles or submit other content such as: infographics or research, if they publish this content on their sites, they will link back to your company as a resource And your power will increase.

Post high-quality content: High-quality content shows visitors and other influencers in your industry that you have a reliable site. It shows that you know what you're doing in your field, and that you can be trusted. There's more to quality content than just having accurate information. Your content should also be unique to your site and provide visitors with new insight.

You should also use as much detail as possible if you want your content to be considered good, long-form content can help you drive more traffic , pageviews, and rankings, so it's worth your time to delve into as much detail about the topics as possible. over which you have authority 

Much of the content you create should be on new topics or topics that will remain relevant for years to come, although there is nothing wrong with writing a piece of content on the latest feature in your business that is currently only available right now, it is likely Always-renewed content attracts visitors for years instead of just a month or two.

Provide a great user experience 

If you have a site that is difficult to navigate, it is difficult for (Google) to consider it reliable because it does not provide a great user experience, as you have to use a live navigation bar and site map to help users navigate your website easily.

Another factor in user experience is page loading speed, and you should be at the forefront of your website goals, as internet users live in a world where most of their requests are instant, and if your pages take more than two seconds to load, you should improve your speed to ensure that you don't Bounce users from your page. 

Link to trusted sites

Since it would be nearly impossible to explain every topic on your website extensively, it is important to link to other reliable sites that users can click on for more information. A moderate number of links can help direct users to other resources that may help them. However, if you are using too many links, it can make your copy difficult to read, you should avoid linking to another site if you have another page internally on your website that you can link to, and also avoid linking to the same place twice on one webpage .

Use social media to drive traffic and establish your brand

Like many marketers, you might think that the more pages on your website are shared on social media , the more (Google) sees your site as reliable. You can use social media to build relationships with prominent leaders in your industry, and you can Yet take advantage of these relationships to build links, which have a direct impact on your power.

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