GuinRank Tool | Comprehensive training on the Gene Rank Tool

 Gene Rank Tool  Whether you are a small, medium or large website owner and offer products or services, creating content with it is a critical aspect of your entire marketing strategy.  The GuinRank Tool  should be  an essential part of your thinking and approach when developing your business plan to rely on  the Content Kings Tool  to translate steps into results. 

There are many different approaches that you can take to successfully market your content, and the approach you choose may happen with the  Gene Rank Tool.  makes a huge difference in your own business.

?What is the Gene Rank Tool and how does it work

According to blog Jane Rank and Professor Ahmed Hashem, “guinrank is a marketing tool for keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered content writing tool.” 

Generank helps content writers and website owners to choose keywords and create high-quality, easy-to-use content for search engines using more than 60 languages ​​around the world, primarily Arabic, English and French.

 You may or may not tire of hearing that content is king when it comes to the success of your business, especially when it comes to your online interactions with other people. 

However, while materials are important to your overall professional success, the quality of your content is also critical, and critical to our success is that we keep it fresh and engaging at the expense of a consistent basis.

Generank includes 8 SEO tools, each of which offers several features and characteristics that help improve (SEO) your site and content. The tool is available in two types: free and paid.

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

?How does guinrank work

Gene Rank  simulates how search engines see the appearance of websites using the features of powerful crawlers. This site enables the display of complex networks of incoming links, as well as the user. In addition, it analyzes material at the page level, ranks content by popularity, ranks and reports all types of data.

You can create the exact kind of content you already know people want to read with or with this type of data and the so-called "skyscraper approach" that other tools like Ahrefs take .Although it does not replace hard effort, Gene Rank provides the direction you need to advance more quickly.

?How does GeneRank get its data

Gene Rank gets the data by scanning the internet 24/7 for information about links, keywords, traffic, etc. 

This data is then combined and analyzed against other information from Google's servers (the ones you can find in Google Analytics), tools and other search engines. 

GeneRank uses AI content rank tracker and content explorer tool crawlers and data from independent databases. 

They are not affiliated with any similar search engines or services, so GuinRank can provide legitimate data with which you can build a strong impression in organic search results.

?What is the significance of the Gene Rank Tool

A good content marketing creation plan needs to use all available resources and tools. Everything matters, from great staff to perfect technology. So, let's take a look at how Gene Rank fits into your content creation strategy and how AI-powered content production can bring value:

Keyword analysis . The tool understands the level of competition for keywords as well as search rate and CPC, so you can choose the best keywords. The Gene Rank Content Kings tool provides suggestions for the most important terms to use within an article to produce a strong topic that competes on the first pages.

Better analysis of competitors . Analyzing your competition is fundamental to developing a successful content strategy. Without technology, it is impossible to discover and look at the content strategy of your competitors. Gene Rank is concerned with analyzing competitors' content and identifying their weaknesses and strengths in order to create content that is superior to them called ( On-Page SEO ).

Helping to think about and develop the content . Developing new content and ideas is one way the GuinRank Tool can improve the material you provide on your site. Without it, it can be difficult to come up with new content ideas because there are millions of material all over the Internet.

Simple content creation . Using Gene Rank and AI in content production will spare marketed content creators a great deal of work. However, you might be wondering if AI can really compete with the human factor that comes with manually developing content? Generank is different, it helps create powerful AI content for Google and other search engines.

Improved content customization . If you want to get a good ranking in the search engines, the quality of the content is not enough. People prefer to read materials that meet their requirements and interests and are also useful.

Content intelligence development . Creating content is just the beginning of your business. You should also improve your content as a marketer or writer in order for it to rank in the search engines. But don't worry, with Gene Rank you can do half your work in seconds, increasing your site's ranking and exposure on search engine results pages.

Develop question and answer skills . The Gene Rank Tools website offers a FAQ section, searches on the most frequently asked questions in any profession, and creates ideas and topics based on keywords to answer.

Daily updates . Gene Rank algorithms monitor daily trends and the best keywords to target those trends. The tool supports 60 languages ​​around the world for writing content and news content.

The importance of artificial intelligence in writing content

Marketers around the world have become aware of the value of AI in enhancing marketing operations over the past 10 years. By performing competition analysis and market research, AI in content marketing may help marketers increase their return on investment.

 In addition, it can be used to research customer habits and discover market trends. However, the research is just beginning to use artificial intelligence in marketing. Big data and machine learning are among the tools that Gene Rank offers best tool that marketers use to develop user-friendly content.

Gene Rank  is a content optimization tool that monitors the important terms in your content and returns a summary of the most important phrases for you to use to get the best results. It keeps your material fresh year after year, saving you the time and effort needed to rewrite all of your old content.

When an individual (or team of bloggers) regularly identifies, organizes, comments and exchanges relevant and best-quality digital information writing on a specific topic in their target market, this is referred to in search engine optimization as content curation.

Organizing interesting and relevant information on a consistent basis is a challenging endeavor. However, techniques like Gene Rank tools can help identify trending topics. However, sifting the material still takes a great deal of time and effort. Not to mention curating something relevant and interesting to your audience.

Finally, we don't make content in order to make things. Our goal is to enhance the likelihood through the stages of awareness, and to increase the likelihood of purchasing our goods. At every point in the e-marketing funnel , artificial intelligence and guinrank help marketers create relevant content for their customers, according to Google EAT standards and gain the trust of search engines.

With this knowledge, you can coordinate and develop materials relevant to their needs and answer their queries, this may include what they prefer to read, and what questions they have. This increases engagement and, ultimately, conversion for any money-making deals you're promoting.

Comprehensive training on the most important tools of Gene Rank

Jane Rank tools are divided  into two main sections: 

Content Tools : It includes 4 tools specialized in writing content with artificial intelligence, and contributes to writing optimized content that helps search engines.

Ideas Tools : They are used to extract new research ideas, and they are divided into 4 very important tools that we will review in the upcoming sections.

First, here is a detailed explanation of the content tools on the GeneRank website:

Explanation of content analysis and creation tools

As we explained, the  Content Tools  on GeneRank's content creation site includes tools specialized in  writing content with artificial intelligence (AI  ), keyword research and contributing to writing SEO-optimized content.

keyword analyzer

Keyword research is at the heart  of the GeneRank tool's running strategy . You can use  Keyword Analyzer  to perform live keyword analysis. As the name indicates, this tool will help you analyze the keyword density in the article or write the topics you plan to publish on your website in order to get high page rank and seo factors.

Primary VS Keywords Secondary Keywords

Keyword density is defined as a percentage of the number of times certain keywords appear on a given web page, given the total number of words. 

It may be a single word, a two-word phrase, or even a three-word phrase. It is entirely up to you to handle these keywords within the content of your web page.

Having a high keyword density increases your chances of getting a higher page rank on search engines like Google.

Keyword density tools like Keyword Analyzer within Generank can help webmasters and SEO professionals if they have the right experience and good techniques to implement the tool's results.

As a result of the above, the Gene Rank tool will help you assess whether your content is good enough for search engine optimization or if it needs optimization.

You can use this tool to analyze not only your own website, but also the websites of your competitors. It will help you determine which websites are performing effectively in terms of page rank. 

This guin tool also allows you to better compare several web pages at the same time, which may help you to better plan your SEO approach and site SEO tuning. Let's explain in more detail:

Keyword search box

As shown in the image above through the red arrows:

Inside the rectangle you will put your keyword to be analyzed

Choose your target country.

You have two options to search from computers or mobile devices. 

Determine the target language in which you write the content.

Click on search to analyze the word.

Then, the Gene Rank tool will analyze the keyword, and give you a detailed report on it with all the ratios and information you need, such as an optimization file, which is shown in the image and next we will explain each section separately:

Topic Competition . section

In this section, the degree of difficulty and ease of the target keyword is explained, and these results cover the following:

Easy: The competition is weak here, and you may top without backlinks.

Moderate: The competition here is moderate, and you may need backlinks.

Hard: It's tough because the competition is fierce, and you also need strong, high-quality backlinks.

Super Hard: The competition is very tough, and requires a sound business plan.

It is considered the most important element of Gene Rank because it displays the full article page evaluation result, rather than just the content, and you can discover the result of the standard minimum score as shown in the image above. 

Some people may think that it is the result you should achieve for the article or the result of AI analysis, but it is just an overall assessment of the best article page. Created with this keyword and published to Google, the page is rated, including: 



Internal links

External links

SERP Results Section

This section describes the rankings of the top 20 articles in Google search results (Serp). You can discover the top 20 sites here, along with ratings for each item.

Gene Rank here is concerned with the search volume for the keyword term, because it is one of the indicators of search engine optimization (SEO) that refers to the frequency of searching for a particular keyword in a particular place on a monthly basis. 

Search volume is frequently used to indicate the number of searches on Google, although it can also relate to other search engines and by target language and country and provide the following data:

Related Keywords: Shows synonyms and related words to the keyword.

Activity: Percentage of the word in the target country.

KD: keyword difficulty.

Volume: The percentage of the word search.

CPC: cost per click.

Global Volume: Global keyword search ratios.

Keyword improvements section

Many words will be presented in detail here to help you create your article, such as title recommendations, description and most important questions, so that you can produce a high-quality article with the help of artificial intelligence in  Generank  , suitable for SEO optimization. Include:

Title : Here you will discover suitable title choices for your article, with titles ranging from one to six words.

Description : The program suggests appropriate synonyms and words to describe the article, so choose the best for your content.

Synonyms : You will discover synonyms for the term you searched for here; Apply them correctly in your article.

( pasf ): You'll see ideas for phrases people are searching for that relate to your target keyword, and are suitable as article subtitles, which you can then target in other articles and write about to link articles.

Sentiments : When used, words and vocabulary add reinforcement to the article.

Google SERP Analysis Section

SERP  stands  for Search Engine Results Page and refers to the results pages that appear after a Google search query is submitted. Gene Rank displays SERP results for the top 20 exclusive and top-rated websites, sponsored ads for searches, and other special SERP items as follows:

1. Average : The average number of words that should appear on the article page for your chosen term.

2. Images : It is placed next to the article link and when you click on it, the prominent image of the article appears.

3. Score : It's a broad rating for the article page, and this rating is what affects your rating, so make sure your rating exceeds the tool's suggested reference score.

4. Words : refers to the number of words on the article page.

5. Focus : The number of times the keyword is mentioned in the article.

6. URL : Indicates whether the keyword is included in the article link or not.

7. Title : Indicates whether you contributed your word to the title of the article or not.

8. Desc : Indicates whether the word is included in the article description.

Content Optimizer

The goal  of Gene Rank's Content Optimizer  is to provide the most relevant and useful results possible, meaning that they evaluate the article based on its ability to fit the researcher's needs.

With so much stuff being added to Google every day (2.5 quintillion bytes, to be exact), content providers have to figure out strategies to stand out.

This includes decoding the structure of the content and optimizing your material for search. The ideal way to achieve this is not manually, says Gosia Hytry, Head of Content at  Spacelift  , but with the help of a content optimization tool.

Let's dive into the Content Optimizer best  Gene Rank content optimization tools  that you can use to improve your chances of ranking well in search engines. We will explain how the terms of use are as follows:

Create a new article

Through the interface, you will see several points that must be followed:

The tool interface will appear, click on New project .

Then ( Name project ) the name of the project, click on it, then on ( Create ).

A box ( New article ) will appear, click on it and fill in the data as follows:

The first field title article : Here you put the title of the article.

The second box url page article : This option is in case you want to modify old articles, the tool will check out the article, if you write a new topic, leave it blank.

The third target keyword field : Here you will put the keyword for your article that you have analyzed on the keyword analyzer .

Finally, click on ( Create ) to start writing your article.

After completing the above-mentioned steps, you will see the page to create the article from the beginning:

You can write the article from the beginning, as shown and pay attention to the following:

Toolbar : This is a content optimizer tool editor, which contains a formatting toolbar, so you can arrange your article and change fonts, as if you were writing in Microsoft Word.

Voice typing : At the bottom is an icon in the form of a microphone, you can replace it with the keyboard by converting voice to text automatically. 

Below the editor, you'll find the article's word count, article character count, article reading time, and the target keyword for which the article will be written.

(Analyze) : It is used after the article has been written to know the result of the article analysis and the AI ​​score, as well as whether the keyword has been recognized or not.

Crowns . section

Here you will discover the terms that must be in your article in order to have a high-quality article, which is divided into four columns:

( Not found ): You will select all terms in this box before creating the article.

( low ): After writing the article, you will notice that only a fraction of the words are used.

( Good ): Here are the terms used in correct proportions throughout the article.

Overused Here are some of the terms that have been overused.

Important points mentioned in the tool's how-to article:

It should be noted that the position of (Good) is higher than (Not found) to raise the score of the article to the appropriate proportions.

Make sure it is (Overused) without words, and in case it has a lot of words. Replace them with words of the same meaning from the (Not found) or (Low) box.

It must be the first ten words in the "Good" field, next to which you will find an asterisk. Because this will help you to know the artificial intelligence on the keyword easily.

The article must not exceed a score of 74%.

 Keyword tags

Contains terms related to the target word. These tags can be used within the body of the article, and may provide you with ideas for translation and written prompts. Furthermore, it should be made clear that overusing keyword tags is not a good idea.

It displays words with several syllables that can also be used. It provides you with suggestions for effective sentences that you might use in your message.

Keyword Tracking

You can enter four more keywords here, in addition to your target term, and track them to see if they were discovered by artificial intelligence after analyzing the article (AI), allowing you to target more than one word within the article.


After you finish writing and analyzing the article with (analysis), you will understand how intelligence understands the rating of a term, and if it is the same as the keyword analyzer rating for your word, then you are on the right track.

Ranking Predictor

Used after using (Analyze AI), which is the most important step in knowing what words the AI ​​recognizes in your article. Your target word should be the first word in the article to be able to compete successfully and rank high in search results.

Page Analyzer

Gene Rank's Page Analyzer  monitoring service allows you to  perform web page analysis and page links analysis. :

page size

Code to text ratio

The date the article was updated and published

The amount of internal and external links

Each user address and its differences

Description and keywords used

 Comparing Pages Tool

Generank has introduced a new feature - Compare Pages - which allows users to quickly compare pages and see detailed differences in different ways, as well as manage them effectively. It allows you to compare up to 5 pages at the same time and it works on:

Comprehensive competitor research.

Determine the advantages and disadvantages of content on each competitor's site.

The Comparing Pages tool gives  the  following information as shown in the image and as mentioned in Jane Rank's article:

Ratio : It shows you (page size, code size, text size, code to text ratio).

Titles : It displays the title of each article and the number of words used in it.

Descriptions : Displays the description of each article separately and the number of keywords used in the description.

Heading : Displays in detail all the headings used within the article, their number, and the type of header headers.

Questions is a presentation of the questions that were used within each article.

Links : Here you will find all the links used within each article, the type of links (internal, external) and their number.

Explanation of Ideas Tools

The ability to expand your thoughts beyond your current thinking is the reason why  Guinrank was created . Before starting the SEO process, we believe you should first broaden your thinking to consider more issues, more variables, and more concepts. 

To synthesize new research concepts in the article, this second set of Gene Rank tools is used. There are 4 important tools as follows.

Keyword Generator

This Gene Rank tool generates and extracts hundreds of free keyword ideas for Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon, complete with monthly search volumes and keyword difficulty scores.

It suggests many words related to the word you are looking for professionally, where you can create an article containing these related words, giving you complete control over the word and its synonyms.

How do I use the Keyword Generator tool?

In the Analysis box, enter the term.

Whether you use Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon or eBay as your search engine.

Select a language, then click Search.

The program begins by examining and extracting concepts and topics associated with the target term.

You can memorize these phrases and use them outside of Gene Rank.

Questions Map tool

Why does Google care so much about questions?  Questions are useful tools that enable communication, provide information, strengthen relationships, facilitate problem analysis and diagnosis, allow us to present our own solutions, assist in understanding other people's goals, and increase motivation to learn. The questions and answers help with explanations and applications, which in turn encourage innovation and, most importantly, scientific study.

Due to the scarcity of tools in Arabic content, you may find it difficult to elicit questions for some keywords. In this case,  Gene Rank has provided  this tool, enter the keyword into the search box to get a map of questions related to the target word to support your article. This tool is available in English and Arabic.

How do I use the Question Map tool?

Enter the keyword in the Analysis box.

Select the search icon.

The tool starts with analysis and provides you with the most effective queries.

Questions can be downloaded outside Gene Rank and used within the text.

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder  is a keyword tool that helps you to locate adequately niche (under-utilised) keywords with high traffic quickly and effortlessly.  

It helps someone who wants to  create a site (MicroNiche)  by entering a keyword, it will provide a list of keywords, as well as statistics about search traffic and competitiveness, the number of ads shown for each term, and those that include the exact keywords in the ad. 

Once you have selected the excellent niche keywords, the tool allows you to search for related goods by clicking on several affiliate networks. 

Choose Tech, for example, and it will list all the words and products associated with that term or phrase. It will also display the number of relevant Jane Rank articles. You can define a niche, a product, and assess the tool's saturation with information in just a few minutes to determine if this is a strong niche market to explore.

Micro Niche Finder Usage Instructions:

Put in the name of your content (in English or Arabic), it shows you a bunch of related fields.

You select the search specialty you want to use and click on it.

The tool starts displaying information and inquiries that visitors regularly ask in this field.

Then, you can develop articles that address and enlighten the needs of your industry audience.

 Today's Fresh Keywords Finder

 Today's Fresh Keywords Finder  from Jane Rank is similar to  Google Trends . Shows the Popular Searches for your website service and the most popular keywords every day. 

Additionally, you can view current search trends that highlight the largest increases in the past 24 hours. This is the place to check for priority news items if you want to build a news site to cover the topics that Google users care about the most. It is a task that issues search results and SEO in general.

How to use Today's Fresh Keywords Finder.

From the list of countries on the left, choose the country.

In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Start.

At this point, the program begins to retrieve country-specific trends and filter topics based on these phrases.

Trends and trends can be used clearly and smoothly, and writing about these topics will lead to many visitors.

The tools that Gene Rank provides for creating optimized content that benefits SEOs are comprehensively explained in this article.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about the guinRank tool

GuinRank Tool |  Comprehensive training on the Gene Rank tool

The following are the most prominent and important questions about the main tool in the search results:

Why should you rely on Gene Rank's AI Content Creation Tool?

With Gene Rank, you can write, edit and search for keywords more quickly with the help of artificial intelligence techniques. It can also help with idea generation and mental regulation. 

With the improvement of the writing tools within the Gene Rank website with artificial intelligence, it will be more and more essential for anyone who wants to produce information and content online.

Even while common sense activities are still beyond the capabilities of artificial intelligence today, Gene Rank can process and interpret data more quickly than the human brain. 

Then, it will provide you with a variety of courses of action compiled so that you can evaluate the potential implications of each option and speed up the decision-making process in creating the exclusive article you want to top in search results.

?What benefits does the tool generally provide

Gene Rank with the help of AI reduces the time required to complete and create content.

It allows you to complete previously complex jobs without having to spend a lot of money, given the prices of other tools.

There is no downtime for the Gene Run Tool and it works continuously 24/7 without interruption.

The tool optimizes the content to the maximum thanks to the features mentioned in the article.

Can you use Gene Rank Tool for Blogger Blog?

Of course, the GeneRank site for content creators on Blogger has added the download of the GuinRank SEO Extension , and activate it directly on your browser. 

And when you open your Blogger blog, you will be able to use the tool directly with the Blogger editor as if you were on your GeneRange Dashboard. This video contains the details of installing the plugin:

?Can Gene Rank be added to WordPress

Also like Blogger, the tool has been available for a while on WordPress, and you can download the GuinRank plugin from WordPress plugins, and deal with the tool directly on WordPress , to see the steps in the video below:

?Does GeneRank have a free plan

Yes, there is a free plan available that has been explained, but it is less in features than other plans, which you all need. The free plan gives you the following advantages: 

Analyzing only 30 keyword phrases per month, in addition to writing an open number of articles for them.

 The tool only analyzes 500 words from the article. 

You can use guinrank's injection tool to find out the score of any article page you want to update, search or edit.

What are the most important factors for success in the Gene Rank Tool?

3 factors to keep in mind when using GuinRank:

Factor one: pay attention to the first ten words of the tool, put an asterisk for their meaning, and achieve a score for each word above 80.

What are the keywords? How to choose suitable keywords? And what tools will I need

Factor Two: The overall essay score is 70-74, and a balanced essay score is preferred.

The third factor: the AI ​​read the article and finds it at the yellow light mark.

How can I benefit from Gene Rank on YouTube?

Youtube channel owners can benefit from gene categorization by examining the keyword in the video, you should use Keyword Analyzer. 

Use the Content Optimizer to produce a 500-word description of your YouTube video that explains the content of the video and the message you want to convey to your subscribers. 

Using tags related to your content can make your channel's videos more visible in searches and improve their likelihood of showing up in YouTube search results.

last word

However, the core ideals of SEO remain the same: ensuring that pages contain the right tags to target keywords, not only for natural search results, but also for PPC (Pay Per Click) and other marketing campaigns, where call-to-action (CTA) and conversion rates are key indicators of success. 

Google recently confirmed this with its Core Web Vitals , which indicates that the fundamentals are still important.

However, how do you decide which keywords to target on their site pages? How does a website distinguish between transactional and non-transactional traffic? And how can this site improve its ability to attract targeted traffic from all over the Internet? We have compiled a list of the best GuinRank Tool to help you achieve just that.

We evaluated this tool based on a variety of criteria, including information and user interface, as well as cost and the types of features it offers. We've also considered the types of users that are most suitable for them, among other factors

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