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Increase your site's visibility in search results using graphs

Infographics or infographics are a powerful way to get an edge quickly and intuitively. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular. But it is also an effective way to get high quality external links quickly.

The trick to achieving this is in the embed code. After creating your graph, you can use a tool like SeigeMedia Embed Code Generator to generate the code. This is the code that people who want to post your information to their site will use.

How to write SEO report?

So include a link back to your site, and make it easy by putting the exact URL you want to use in the embed code in the graph. That way, they can't avoid seeing it. Sure, some people will ignore that, but most people will attribute your graph when you publish it - and make the attribution a hyperlink to your site. And now you have achieved your goal!

To make your infographic visible to more people, use infographic publishers (Visual.ly is one of their professions). Most will need a description of 70 or so words in the graph; Then they will store it, and when other content marketers and bloggers want a fee, they will be more likely to find it from the interested party. The landscape of the free graph publisher changes very quickly, in order to make sure you don't put your content on dead sites.

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On these sites, you can search for infographics on the same topic as yours, then reach out to users who have accessed those infographics and ask if they are interested in your topics.

All in all, infographics are a great way to get good outbound links from a host of related sites.

3. Increase the visibility of your site in search results by using the personal blog of the CEO and other employees

Blogging allows you to connect with your readers. Most blogs are written in a casual, conversational style that is far from what you'd see in a newspaper or magazine. This applies to professional blogs as well.

Using personal blogs at work — a CEO's blog, for example — can be a way to create content that feels natural and personal. These people can blog about their own interests, and those interests are bound to overlap with the goals of the company.

Blogs like this are also a way to offer specific insights about a particular product, service, or topic, because some employees will know things that no one on your team does. For example, what are the legal implications of the product you are developing? Get someone with no knowledge of the law who will publish articles on the blog about the compliance of your product or whatever you market to it. Suddenly, readers on a similar site at other companies have reason to read your content.

Personal professional blogging can be done in one of two ways. You can submit a multi-audio blog on your company's website, either as posts within the larger company's blog or as a separate section with its own visual branding. Or you can have team members create their own subdomains on your site and occasionally refer back to the company's blog when appropriate.

 Increase your site's visibility in search results by beating the competition and trying to become the champion

How do you become the hero? By defeating hundreds of competitors you? No, you have to grab the lead from the person who is already there.

You can do the same with link building and SEO content marketing . Find good and well categorized content and put it in the header of the page. Find a piece of content (a) that you think is great, and content (b) that works well in organic search. Put the URL links on the test site - like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer - and see which sites are linking to it. Download all linked sites in a spreadsheet.

Will it work better if the articles are longer? If you are searching for “Top 10 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog”, then you should probably write Top 20 Ways or 100 Best Ways.

Would it work better if it was more detailed? You might do the same number of ways, but in crazy detail.

Remember that content is content. Your content doesn't have to be an article. It could be a video, a YouTube video, or a Vine. It can be a standalone resource page.

But it will only be a win for you if the content is visible to people and spreads. Once you create your hyperlink-worthy content, you have to reach the right people and potential customers.

Often, reaching people is a stab in the dark. “ You might be interested in something along those lines… ” Yes, but maybe not. The success rate of these attempts is often very low.

But you already have information about people who are interested in your site's content. Remember when you used Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer, or the tool of your choice to see who was linking to the content you just improved? Check out the spreadsheet I've compiled earlier, then do a quick scan for insight. Stale pages, such as article directories and forums (yes, they still exist) can be dispensed with if they are good and get you visits.

 Increase your visibility in search results with interviews

The CXOs (CEOs, Department Heads, etc.) and other employees are the most important personalities who come up with great opinions and topics for interviews. Everyone else has to produce content too, and someone's word in the field (especially an expert) is worth a lot. So, if you are a high-level corporate spokesperson or an expert with extensive knowledge of the topic, you will likely be contacted more than you actually prefer.

You can't get an interview offer and sit there like a used car salesperson, working to sell your own product. But you can sell your brand, when you make a sale you are selling your brand and not the product, you choose to either improve the offerings, method and strategies or lose the value of your brand.

When you are in front of the camera or on the page, you are the one who represents your brand. If you're confident, cultured, and open-minded, viewers will relate. Remember that even in B2B (business to business), the purchase decision is not made by overly complex algorithms. You are still selling to people with longings and feelings.

Viewers or readers need to see you as someone who understands the problems they are trying to solve. This is part efficiency and part hard to define

TTI or duration of interaction and its impact on site SEO

Interviews also provide the opportunity to talk directly about your company's offerings. You can mention new initiatives, updates, new products, or new projects. Talking about these things in interviews promotes those products or services. Add a link to the interview transcript if you are interviewed via email, or specify a URL in a video interview.

Recently, a colleague of mine, who knows a lot about the best practices of remote working since his college project management days, was interviewed by other experts by Proofhub, where he managed to get a link to an executive branding service, while at the same time maintaining A non-promotional link. Do you understand what I mean?

last words

Your site ranking can still be improved by following careful strategies. Increasingly, it's all about improving content marketing and strengthening the connection between you and sites with the same niches.

This can be done via targeted outreach, by encouraging social engagement or by using the content itself to encourage linkage, all of which help to raise the rankings

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