How does SEO work for your website?

In this article, we will try to explain and explain how SEO works for your site to get a better ranking in the famous search engines.

What is SEO : is an acronym for  Search Engine Optimization

That is, optimizing your website or online store for search engines, which is a set of steps you take to improve your website's ranking among search engines on the Internet.

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Let's start with the important terms related to the work of SEO for your site

Keywords : These are search words or phrases used in searches on famous search engines such as Google, such as searching for “lcd screen price in Egypt.”

Rank in the search engine Rank :   It is one of the main reasons for SEO for your site to rank in search engines - and let's make our words specific in this article about the most famous search engines “Google” - about a specific word and in a particular country, and it is natural that all service providers want That their services or products appear in the first results in the search results on the Google search engine.

Organic Search Results : These are search results that do not have paid or funded campaigns behind, meaning that the search engine found that these results are the best, so it decided to be the result of what you are looking for, and perhaps you want to link your site to these results, and of course that will be through Seo work for your site to enable you to appear in the natural search results.

What is off-page SEO? You will not need another guide!

Do follow or do follow link : One of the things you should know about SEO for your site is that there are two types of do follow and no follow links, and the do follow

link means that you want to tell the search engine to follow your site.

Conversion Rate : It is the ratio of what your site gets from customers or purchase orders and the visits you get, so the SEO work of your site will help you increase these rates.

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Profits that you can achieve by doing SEO for your website

To explain the importance of SEO for your site, and your success in doing so to improve your visibility, I will try to bring you closer with a simple example.

Come with me, we assume that you succeeded in appearing on the first page in 30 keywords, and each of these words is searched, for example, 1,000 times each month. This means that your site will appear to 30 thousand people, or more clearly, it will appear 30 thousand times in one month.

Imagine with me that you got half of those visits, which makes you achieve 15,000 visits to your site per month, and if we assume that the conversion rate of your site is 1%, you will get 150 purchase orders for your services or products on the site, and if the average profit on your site is $100, this means You will make 15 thousand dollars per month in profits through natural visits and we did not talk here about any paid or funded advertisement, this is simply what you will achieve from the SEO work for your site.

?How can you improve your visibility in search engines by doing SEO for your site

 In order to be able to improve the visibility of your site on search engines, you must know that the SEO work for your site is divided into two parts

: 1- The first: is the technical issues of your “on-page” website

2- The second: is everything related to the good marketing of your “off page” site. -page”

Technical matters “on-page”

- Friendly URL : to appear in search engines in an advanced manner through the SEO of your site; Your website link must contain the keywords for the page. Watch this link in the image. You will find that it contains the title of the article1 

The content of the page body content

is the content that you provide to visitors on your site, and you should know that the content is one of the most important steps in the SEO of your site, so it must be attractive, different and distinctive, to attract visitors, and you must constantly update the content; To establish in the visitor’s mind the idea that your site offers everything that is new constantly, but you have to use keywords naturally in the content of the page and it is recommended that the percentage of the keyword is not less than 1.8% of the words in the content of the page, and you can calculate this by dividing the number of words The keyword you wrote on the page is based on the number of words on the page multiplied by 100

Meta  Tags

, which are a description of the meta tag, that is, the short content that appears below the link and shown by the search engine.

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Things about good off-page marketing

In order to succeed in the SEO of your site, you should, in addition to paying attention to the technical issues of your on-page site, be interested in marketing your site because the technical matters of the site will appear in the content of your site, but in late results on the search engine, and I will present to you here what helps in the rise of your site to the first results The most popular search engine, Google.

Blog Blog

Creating a blog for your site is very important in the steps of SEO for your site. When you publish many articles related to the quality of the products or services you provide on your site, it will attract a large number of visitors; From those who are looking for information that may interest them in your articles, it is natural that the writing skill is not available to everyone; Therefore, it is possible to use a writer or a book group to write distinctive articles for your site that attract visitors.


You can achieve many visits to your website or online store, and these visits will help you in SEO for your website ; Because it alerts search engines to the presence of your site;

Links to your site from other sites Backlinks

are, in short, like recommending other sites to your site, and the more your site is referred to by sites that have a good rating; This was a signal to the search engine of the importance of your site, and thus improve your site's ranking in the search results of search engines and thus better results in the work of SEO for your site.

Social Media Networks 

To improve the SEO of your site, create accounts, and pages on social media checks, in the name of your site, such as “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Linkedin”, but you must constantly add good and attractive content on those accounts, adding Link to your site, and constantly try to increase followers, and increase interaction on those accounts.

If you want to master SEO, I advise you to become professional in e-marketing in general to help you better market your product and services.

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