search engine optimization SEO: SEO basics

 SEO basics

What is search engine optimization SEO?

It is an abbreviation of the word “Search Engine Optimization seo”, which is the work in which the site manager works in order to improve the volume of visitors from organic search, i.e. from search engines, and it is free, unlike PPC ads, which are paid ads for each click of the target visitor.

search engine optimization SEO

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What is important and missing in the Arab world is that search engine optimization seo is not only optimization for the sake of engines (Robots), it is an improvement for the reader or visitor, meaning that the modern SEO is for the reader and not for (Yahoo, Bing or Google).

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The basics of SEO are divided into two main parts: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

They will determine the rank of your site in Google and other search engines.

n-page optimization:

 They are making the necessary improvements to the pages of the site, for example, landing pages, so they are simple HTML codes that every specialist or webmaster must know in order to improve the search engines’ reading of the site and be able to give search engines information and direct search engines to what is important, examples are the Meta tags , titles, content, design, and many more, and these can be fully controlled


 They are a set of factors that affect the ranking of your site in search engines and they are not related to HTML codes, for example (links and pagerank), you cannot control them (of course I am talking about Perfect World) as they come to you alone from the reputation and strength of your site, so they are links Natural comes to you naturally because the owner of the other site saw in your site that it is an excellent site and a reliable site and put you a link in order for the visitor to go to benefit from this site, of course here I am talking about the excellent world free from defects and problems, but now modern techniques have appeared to build links away from spam, exchange and purchase, We will work on talking about it in other topics.


So here the owner of the site spoke about the news of the World of Technology website and put a link to this site and encouraged the visitor to enter and follow this world. Did the owner of the World of Technology website ask the owner of the other site to put a link to it? Definitely not.

What does it mean to put a link to you on another site?

I am talking here from the standpoint of SEO, the meaning here is that the site has the highest vote for you with a link, meaning that he advised you to Google and said I vote for this site to be a trusted site or a source of trust.

We talked here in a simplified way about this world and the concept of SI or in a very simple way in order to make it easier for the ordinary reader, and sure some webmasters already know this information. in search engines.


Some advice for webmasters: Ask yourself the following question

: Content is king

Is your content new?

Does your content add to the visitor new information?

Is the content high quality content and not just for search engines?

Is the content on one page more than 500 words?

Do you focus on a particular keyword on the page?

Do you use infographics from time to time?

Design: Designed for the visitor, not for the search engines

Is the design good for the eye and for the reader?

Have you considered that it is compatible with smart phone devices?

The design should not be in flash, Google can't read flash, stay away from frames as well


Is the code clean and there are not many unnecessary codes?

Is there CSS separate from HTML?

Do you use a lot of javascript on your site? Do not rely on search engines to read JavaScript

the speed :

Is your site fast compared to other sites? , Speed ​​has become one of the factors of improvement in search engines. Use the site speed measurement from Google, if you get 80% and above then your site is fast and excellent for search engines.

Does your site comply with W3c standards? This is not a control tool on your site, whether it is good or not, and Google does not rely on it in the factors affecting your site, but rather to ensure that your site appears as required in all browsers and at a better speed without the need for additional codes

the structure :

Have you started looking at Structured Data where all the modern web is headed?

Are you using canonical tags or not? It will be introduced, God willing, in later lessons

Can the visitor and the search engine easily navigate your site and reach the thing he wants without entering a whirlpool?

Focusing on the page on a specific topic and not talking in general


Do links come naturally to you from other sites? Or is it a text exchange and buying links that will destroy your site in the future!

Minimize the use of anchor text in links.

Be wary of buying links.

Of course, now there are new mechanisms for building links on your site, so do not tire yourself with spamming on other sites in forums and other spam sites, we will talk about these mechanisms later, God willing. search


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