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Top 10 exercises for men

 Top 10 exercises for men.

Many men in our Arab societies believe that enjoying an ideal body and a strong muscular structure is only a matter of youth, and that those who did not exercise regularly in their youth have missed the time to get a strong body in their middle age, and certainly this belief is completely wrong and frustrating.

Enjoying strong muscles for middle-aged men is very simple, provided that they choose the appropriate exercises for the nature of the muscles, their flexibility, and the strength of bones at this age.

Therefore, in the following report, Al-Ain portal lists the 10 best exercises for middle-aged men that give you a young body and young muscles, to prove to you that age is just a number in the world of exercise.

Top 10 exercises for men

1- Pull and push

This exercise is performed on the cable device and its splendor lies in targeting more than one muscle group at the same time. Because of the dynamics of its practice, this exercise targets the chest muscles and the front and back parts of the shoulder muscles, and its wonderful effect extends to the muscles of the arms and the upper parts of the back muscles.

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2- dead lift

One of the indispensable basic exercises for all ages and genders. It mainly strengthens the lower back muscles to give your body more flexibility and rigidity. It also works to strengthen the front and back parts of the thigh muscles.

3- Squats and push-ups

In this exercise, you will target most of the muscles of the body, whether the upper or lower ones. The effect of this exercise extends to the muscles of the back and thighs, in addition to the muscles of the back and thighs.

The legs are at the level of the lower muscles of your body.

In terms of upper muscles, it gives you strong forearms and flexible and strong shoulder muscles.

4- Single squat

Of course, you will practice this exercise after choosing the weights that suit you without exaggeration. As for the effect of this exercise, it not only gives you strong front parts of the thigh muscles, but also strengthens the knee ligaments and gives them more endurance and flexibility.

5- The pull-up exercise

It is one of the most important back exercises at all, which gives you a greater size for the back muscles and also gives you a strong manly appearance and increases the flexibility of the spine to reduce back pain that frequently afflicts middle-aged men.

6- The classic push-up exercise

This exercise will remain one of the most wonderful exercises ever to get the best strength and size for the chest muscles and triceps, in addition to the shoulder muscles. It is a comprehensive exercise that targets more than one muscle at the same time.

7- Barbell exercise

For the biceps or biceps muscles in your arms, you will not find a better alternative than this exercise in order to increase the strength of those muscles and gain some bulk for your arms

8- French doubles exercise

This exercise gives you an instant boost to the triceps or triceps muscles in your arms because it works to make these muscles bear the size of the iron weights on their own, making the blood rush to them like a flood, which makes them more massive

9-Crunch exercise

Three times a week is enough for you to get tight muscles for your stomach without the accumulated fat around it or annoying sagging.

10- Stretching exercise

One of the most wonderful exercises for the stomach muscles at all, it is mighty in the field of fighting and eliminating the accumulated fat around those muscles. The importance of this exercise lies in the fact that it targets all the muscular parts of the stomach without exception.

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