Before entering the gym.. 15 rules that must be observed

 Before entering the gym.. 15 rules that must be observed

Before entering the gym.. this is what you should know Learn the 15 rules of the gym

15 rules for dealing inside the gyms.. know them to prevent any problems or feuds between athletes.

Before entering the gym.. 15 rules that must be observed

Like everything that surrounds us in our world, the gym and gyms also contain laws and rules to regulate the interactions between members inside them to prevent any problems or feuds between athletes. Everything has rules and foundations, including gyms.

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And if you are still new to the gym or the gym, the following report will allow you to behave in the gym, what you should do, and what you should not approach or do so as not to be ridiculed.

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1- Use of towels

Inside the gym, the tasks of cotton towels do not stop at wiping sweat only, but also to put them on the sports equipment while you use them, whether you sit on them or lie on them to exercise to protect yourself from fungi. Also, no one will want to touch the sweat that you leave on the sports equipment after it is over.

2- Selfie

This phenomenon has spread widely inside the gym and certainly you are free to take your own pictures, but do not spend your day photographing inside the gym so as not to be an object of sarcasm by other athletes.

3- Just see for yourself

Do not try to provide any technical advice or advice to anyone or the athlete inside the gym.. Just take care of yourself and your exercises and do not care about other people's affairs.

4- Lifting clothes

There is no reason to lift your clothes every second and photograph your abs, for example, only every two seconds.. Finish your exercises and take your own pictures at home as you like.

5- Personal hygiene

Paying attention to the cleanliness of your clothes before, during and after exercise, applying products to remove the smell of sweat, and making sure that the body smell is in the best condition is very important in the gym.

6- Iron weights

The most common problem in gyms is the lack of interest in athletes returning iron weights to their place after they have finished using them, which is of course annoying and undesirable.

7- Watch out for gases

In the event that you do not know that athletes release gases during exercise, it is possible and very natural, especially for bodybuilders and weightlifters.

8- Don't go near him

Inside the gym, you will always see someone putting headphones on and listening to songs.. So, it is clear that he doesn't want to have conversations, so don't talk to him without a reason in a way that makes him remove the headphones from his ear a lot.

9- Social conversations

Since you are not in a social club but rather an athlete, do not spend time talking to everyone around you, especially if an athlete is in the middle of exercising.

10- Between devices

Corridors between the different sports equipment are not intended for other exercises such as push-ups or warm-up exercises, for example, so as not to cause inconvenience to the rest of the athletes.

11-Why are you yelling?

When carrying heavy weights or doing difficult exercises, it is preferable not to scream excessively, as this is very annoying and unjustified.

12- Ask first

If you want to use a certain weight or bench for exercise and see that there are only some people standing around it; Ask if any of them use the weight or seat you want to use.

13- Don't be embarrassed

If you do not know how to do a specific exercise or want to go to the bathroom and do not know where it is located, ask the workers or trainers inside the gym or gym, they will help youGiving advice to you is at the heart of their business.

14- For you and for everyone

Sharing iron weights with another athlete is a normal occurrence in the gym, so do not be surprised when one of the other athletes asks you to share the weight you use in turns.

15- Free space

There are some exercises that need space in their practice because there are some players who prefer to practice them freely without using sports equipment, such as deadlift or squatting, for example, so when practicing them, just make sure that you practice them in a place with a wide area so as not to cause inconvenience to those around you or suffer injuries.

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