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Seo Blogger Configure and adjust the settings of the Blogger blog for search engines

 Seo Blogger Configure and adjust the settings of the Blogger blog for search engines

Seo Blogger Configure and adjust the settings of the Blogger blog for search engines

blogger blog seo, blogger blog configuration for search engines, seo terms, rules for improving and strengthening blogger seo

In this post, I will show you how to make your blog optimized for search engines? How do you get Organic traffic from search engines, especially Google? I will show you how to adjust seo settings for blogger blog.

I will also explain the On Page Seo, which means configuring your various pages for search engines, which will double the number of your organic visits! And make your blog top search results in Google, and this is almost what Blogger Seo resorts to.

I will also explain the general SEO of your blog “Seo Blogger” or your site on Blogger, including customizing the rules and meta tags for your blog, such as the meta code for describing your blog and the other for keywords.

I will explain how to write a professional article compatible with the terms of SEO; This ensures that you improve the SEO of your blog on Blogger and lead the search results.

blogger blog seo, blogger blog configuration for search engines, seo terms, rules for improving and strengthening blogger seo

And the creation of search engines opens the way for you to get to the top of the first results in the search engines! It is known that appearing on the first page of Google search results is relatively difficult, but after reading this post, you will be able to lead the search engines, God willing, and you will be able to know how the SEO of the site works in Blogger.

The complete explanation of SEO, the explanation of the configuration of the Blogger blog for search engines, the explanation of the SEO blogger

Improve and strengthen the SEO of your blogger blog

Customize Meta tags

First: Before going into the On Page Seo, we have to deal with adjusting the SEO settings for the Blogger blog and customizing the Meta Tags codes.

You must prepare your blog in terms of META Tags rules and codes. Without them, you cannot configure your blog for search engines. How do you add META Tags to your Blogger blog? And how are the search preferences in the Blogger blog? Ok, let's answer this question:

Go to Blogger, Theme, Edit HTML, and place the enamel tag for your blog.

From seo blogger using Search Console.

Second: Use the Search Console or Webmaster Tools and archive your blog topics.

Blogger blog archiving, topics appearing in Google

Some complain that their blog does not appear in search engines, and many suffer from the problem of not appearing in search results; The magic solution is to add your blog to Search Console Webmaster Tools.

You have to do this process so that Google and other search engines can archive your blog and topics, and then your blog can appear in search engines.

Your blog description is related to blogger seo

Third: Set up the blog description or search preferences, the Search Preference.

You have to adjust the SEO settings for your blogger blog by putting a good description of your blog on Blogger, and also adding a valid Robots.txt file.

Go to Blogger, then Settings, and finally Search Preference, or in Arabic, Search Preferences.

And put a short description of your blog that does not exceed the 85 character barrier, and make sure that this description contains the keywords that you are targeting.

Fourth: Add a valid sitemap file to the Blogger SiteMap blog from Seo Blogger.

Also important is the sitemap file, which is a map of the site or blog and contains links to topics, labels, etc.

Google and other search engines use the SiteMap file in the process of archiving the articles and pages of the site, and therefore it is an important file that must be You have to set it up in your blog on Blogger.

Fifth: One of the conditions of Seo Blogger is to add the robot file to the Robots.txt Blogger blog.

Another important file that you should add is the Robots.txt file, which is a command that gives search engines instructions on which pages to archive and which ones to keep unarchived.

From here, we have finished preparing the site or blog for search engines, so let's move on to the second part, which is no less important, which is the part related to On Page Seo or SEO Blogger for each article or post on your blog. How does this post top results in Google search engines?

Configure Blog Pages for Search Engines, Boost Blogger SEO On Page SEO.

This part comes when you write for every article or post you publish on your site, where you must take into account the terms and rules of SEO when writing the article, so that it is compatible withSEO terms.

And you have to understand that Google bots “for archiving your articles” must understand what topic you are writing about? And that you understand the content you write or the images you publish.

From here we go to the criteria that we must follow when writing a new article!

Important conditions when writing an article on Blogger and respecting the SEO rules:

You must follow some important conditions and instructions when writing a new article, so that this article is compatible with SEO and can reach the first page in the search results.

How to make your blog top search results?

A good title is one of the terms of seo blogger.

Title: The article title must be between 55 and 66 characters long.

You can improve the SEO of your blogger by choosing a good title that describes the content of the article well and does not exceed 66 characters.

In Google's search results, only about 66 characters of the article title appear; Therefore, writing a long title will not help, as the researcher will not be able to read it completely. Google archiving bots also prefer relatively short titles.

Some people think that they can lead the search results by writing a long title stuffed with keywords, but unfortunately this will not work, but you have to focus on the quality of the article and you have to provide useful content that brings the reader knowledge, and then you will be able to top the search results.

One of the requirements for SEO Blogger is choosing an appropriate description for your article.

Research description: The article description must be between 70 and 160 characters long.

This description appears below the article link in the search results, and writing a good description that contains the keywords will encourage the reader to click on the article link and thus enhance your position in the search results and thus strengthen the SEO of your blog on Blogger.

You can improve the SEO of Blogger and increase your ranking in the search engines by choosing a good description and this description should not exceed 160 characters.

Just as the title appears in the search results from the article description, only 160 characters, and sometimes less. Therefore, write a brief description that shows what the article contains.

The CTR and choosing a good title encourages the reader to click on it!

Improve your blogger's SEO by choosing an attractive title.

It raises questions or answers the researcher's questions, and this is so that the CTR or Click Through Rate increases, which is the percentage of clicks on your article link compared to the percentage of your article appearing in the search results.

The higher the CTR, the higher the ranking of your article in search engines, and thus the higher the number of visits to your blog.

Keywords and blogger seo are inseparable:

Keywords must be added to the beginning of the article

Improve the SEO of the Blogger blog by starting to write the article with a good description that expresses what the article contains, and it is preferable that this description contains the keywords that you are targeting.

In other words, if the article is about profit from the Internet, you should start with a description that talks about the topic and make sure that this description contains the keywords associated with profit from the Internet, such as “profit without capital, etc.”

It is a condition of Seo Blogger to use subtitles.

Sub-headings: Use sub-headings

Improve the SEO of your blogger blog by using subtitle codes, as this helps

In archiving your articles in a better way.

appropriate address.

Images and their importance for SEO optimization to improve your visibility in search engines:

 Use the alt feature for images, and add keywords

Improving the SEO of the Blogger blog by adding the alt feature to the images that you upload to your blog. This helps Google to understand the content of the images and what it expresses, helps to archive the image and archive articles better.

It helps in the appearance of the image.

To add the Alt property to an image in an article, you can select the image, choose properties, and finally write a description of what the image contains.

Template Speed From Seo Blogger Concepts:

 Take care of blogger seo by increasing and speeding up your blogger blog Increase Page Speed

Improving the SEO of the Blogger blog by speeding up the Blogger blog is an important and specialized in advanced SEO factors, and we have to take care of it if we want to lead the search engines.

 From SEO Blogger by constantly updating your articles.

You can improve the SEO of your blog on Blogger by constantly updating and developing your old and existing articles and topics.

Updating old articles gives search engines evidence that you are interested in updating these articles and that the information in them is constantly updated and that time has not passed that information.

Thus, this gives importance to your articles, and search engines increase the ranking of these articles in search results; That's why I care about your articles

and make it optimized for search engines.

 Also, the number of words in the article increases with time, which is very useful for SEO. As Google prefers long articles.

Finally, you should use the Search Console to archive your articles and help Google show your articles in search results.

In the end, this is what I know about SEO, especially blogger SEO, which is an endless science; I hope that you liked the article, and you can share the article until it reaches the public, and if you have a question, leave it in the comments and tell me what you think of this article!

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