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Learn SEO Blogger in 5 steps

 Learn SEO Blogger in 5 steps

Learn blogger seo in 5 steps, what should I do to make my blog SEO friendly, basic setups for blogger seo, learn blogger seo settings for blogger blog, the right way to write an article compatible with seo, what is the difference between title text and alt text.

Learn SEO Blogger in 5 steps


All these questions and more are asked by any beginner blogger in order to promote his site and Seo Blogger works to help people find your blog on search engines, as Google says.

From this point of view, I present to you today this article in which I talk about the correct way to learn seo blogger in 5 steps, which is an important method in any blogger blog. Before publishing your article, you must do it and take it into account when any new article.

These 5 steps in adjusting the settings of the Blogger blog to master the SEO Blogger, some of them are fixed and done once, and some of them must be done when writing new Blogger articles or even modifying old Blogger articles in accordance with what we will mention later.

The steps are gradually as follows:

1- How to learn seo blogger.


This is one of the basics for any newly created blog in order to introduce your blog and in any field you speak, there are some bloggers who overlook this, but it is very important to write a description of the blog with words that describe the field of the blog with ticking the two marks with yes in order to appear in search engines and to understand the search engines Research as well as visitors what your blog is talking about.

2- From the rules of Seo Blogger search favorites or SEARCH PREFERENCES.

This can be accessed after entering your blog's control panel via the following:

Settings>>Basic>>Search Preferences>>Meta Tags

If you click on the word edit next to the description, a box will appear to enter the blog description (you may already have a box with a short description, but it may not be optimal).

Keep in mind that whatever you write in this box is what will appear in search engine listings as a description of your url or more precisely the content of your site, so make it good, so if your blog is about cooking, it should include “recipes” or “food” Or “cooking”, but if you are a fashion blogger, you should include “fashion” as a keyword, and if you are talking about SEO and search engines, your description should include the word Seo.

search preferences of blogger 1

Do not write a description other than the nature of your site and its content, because this description is what appears in search engines.


If you don't have a blog description, Google will see the first line of text from one of your recent posts instead. It may mean that you don't always put your blog on the promotion ladder, so this is very important for it to rank well in your field.

3- SEARCH DESCRIPTION to improve blogger seo.

After modifying the blog description in the settings panel in step 2, you will see a new option appear in the posts window called “Search Description”.


This box, after you have finished writing your article, you should put a description of your article in it and choose the sentences or words that the reader or visitor is looking for in general through search engines, so try to put an accurate description of any topic you write that is specific to the topic and not specific to your site.

It is better at this point to have a number of keywords that you have set to write about. In the previous box, you put the keyword, whether a short word or a word with a long tail, from within the search, and it is preferable that it be the first sentence for search engines to rely on as a main sentence of content.

4- Among the learning seo blogger in 5 steps to modify the names of the images before uploading them inside the article.

This tip is for every website owner and especially for bloggers On the Blogger platform, Google actually looks at your image titles, when searching for images, which is the only thing google looks for when doing image searches.

Yes, search engines also look at how these images are flagged. But we will talk about the poor choice of the description of the image or its title in the post.

For example, an image in an article talking about a seo blogger, for example, and you placed an image in your article and gave it this name before uploading it inside the article, bearing the tag “IMG_17434”, so do you expect that there is someone in the world who will search the image engine in Google for “IMG_17434”!!! I don't think so, but whoever searches will write what he is looking for, always put a suitable name for your photos on your computer and quote them from the content in which you will put this image or images before downloading it from your device indicating the article you will put it in.

To improve the seo of blogger, use titles for images

5- The title of the image and the alternative text or IMAGE ALT AND TITLE TEXT is one of the basics of improving the SEO of blogger.

After you have put a name for the image that is appropriate for your article as we explained in item 4 on your computer or on the internet storage sites for your images, you must after uploading the image for your article to click on it all left and then a list will appear for you as in the following image… Choose Properties and click It is all north.


Then, the following menu will appear.


These two fields are very important in placing a title for the image and an alternative text, all of which explain what the image says.

1- What is the difference between title text and alt text?

The title text is the title of the image, meaning that you wrote an article about the types of SEO, for example, so you put the title of the article in this box to clarify the reasons for placing the image.

As for the alt text, this is what is important, and even more important, as it describes the image for search engines. Since google can't "see" an image, it uses alt text to identify the image, so it must abbreviate and describe what the image includes or refers to.

2- Tips in the field of search engine optimization for your blog.

These are quick tips in the field of search engine optimization for your blog, and you must take them into account in order to raise your blog to the top ranks of the search results.

1- One of the principles of SEO Blogger is to publish high-value content.

Try to write content that people are looking for and that takes into account the terms of SEO, because content is the king and it will attract visitors to your site.

See this article to understand the correct way to write an article on Blogger.

2- Keywords are one of the pillars of SEO Blogger to attract visitors.

Always try to be the keywords that visitors are looking for and in the field of your blog’s specialization a fertile field for you to write about, and also it is an important factor in the field of improving SEO Blogger and will attract you more visitors.

Review my article What are keywords, their types, how to get them, and how to use them on your site.

3- From Seo Blogger also add your blog's map to Google Search Console.

It is very important to add your blog's sitemap to Google Search Console so that Google reads your blog's content and it is archived and appears in search results.

4- Always review your blog and fix the broken links in the blog of the interests of improving SEO Blogger.

There is no doubt that the presence of links in your blog gives a 404 error, which causes the visitor to be alienated from your blog and does not like search robots from continuing within your blog to archive articles and others. So always see linksYour blog via this site and fix the broken links in your blog.

5- One of the most important principles of SEO blogger backlink.

Create a backlink from external sites for your blog

Do not forget that building the backlink of your blog from reliable external sites and from the same field as your blog is very important in the fame of your blog and also in attracting visitors, and thus improving the user experience and the confidence of search engines in your blog will increase the visibility of your blog in search results.

6- Accelerate your Blogger blog to improve the SEO of your blog.

One of the important things that you should take into account in your blog is that it be fast in browsing because Google has paid more attention to speed and made it among the rating metrics for the blog. You should take this into account in your blog

Finally, the compatibility of your blog with the mobile and the internal linking between the topics of your blog, as well as continuing to publish articles and topics on your blog constantly, are very strong factors in the field of SEO Blogger, raising the rating of your blog and its appearance in the search results on the first pages.

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