He ratified with the king ‏so what did he find?

He ratified with the king, so what did he find?

He ratified with the king ‏so what did he find?

One of the preachers says: He is one of the righteous, and I do not praise anyone over God. He has nothing but Glory be to God, and praise be to God, and there is no god but God, and God is the Greatest.. You only hear from him the remembrance of God, and he reminds you of God Almighty.

I said to him: Uncle So-and-so, God has bestowed upon you a great blessing, which is perpetual remembrance, so teach me how you 
did it?

He said: My son, I struggled myself, my son, for the remembrance of God for a long time until God opened for me.. and I give you good news now.. By God, I remember God and I do not feel, and I remember him until I fall asleep, and I see a vision in a dream, and I remember God, and I enter the toilet and bite my tongue so that I do not remember God in this place
Pause: God Almighty says: (O you who believe, remember God abundantly) .. And he, peace and blessings be upon him, says: Shall I not inform you of the best of your deeds, the purest with your King, and the highest in your ranks, and better for you than spending gold and paper, and better for you than meeting your enemy and striking their necks and striking yours? They said. Yes, he said: The remembrance of God.

Remembrance has many fruits, including: it expels Satan, pleases the Most Merciful, removes worry and distress, bequeaths God’s love for the servant, bequeaths the servant’s love for God, his observance, knowledge, return to Him and closeness to Him, bequeaths the remembrance of God to the one who remembers, erases sins, and brings sustenance.

tranquility and the fading of mercy, that along with crying in solitude is a reason why God will shade the servant on the Day of Resurrection under the shade of His Throne on a day when there will be no shade but His. It necessitates the prayer of God and His angels, it is safe from hypocrisy, it is safe from heartbreak on the Day of Resurrection.

Remembrance has a strange effect in achieving security, so the fearful, whose fear is intensified, is more beneficial than remembrance, a reason for victory over the enemies. Business is not modified by pleasure.

So I say: O beloved ones, by God, if we perceive these fruits and other virtues of remembrance, we would not abstain from the remembrance of God, and we would find that we neglect and deny ourselves countless rewards, degrees, and virtues.
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