A young man himself yearned for commission.

 The young man grew old in my eye.

, and every time I saw him after this information, a verse from the Book of God, the Mighty and Sublime, dangerous in my mind (and whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it with his striving while he is a believer, then their efforts are appreciated). And thank God for the blessing of his guidance.

A young man himself yearned for commission.

 Why did the genie cry

Others stay up at night in dancing and amusement while standing up in prayer and worshiping.. Others are running in the abyss of vice while running for the sake of God Almighty.

Pause: Mansour bin Al-Mu'tamir was praying on his roof, and when he died, a boy said to his mother, The trunk that was on the roof of the family of so-and-so, do I not see him? She said, "My son, that is not the trunk of that Mansur is dead."

Our friend replied in the negative, and praised God for his facilitation. When I asked him about this young man, I was astonished by something I did not know before. He talked about his acquaintance and companionship on long nights of fatigue, exhaustion, hardship and hardship.

Nevertheless, he praised him for something that the souls are eager for and the hearts look up to: He said that he is the owner of the night prayer. From the Qur’an and what I saw throughout our journey there is a lack of that, especially on days when we face fatigue, fatigue and exhaustion.


One of the preachers says: There was a young man with a slender body, a lot of modesty, and few words. He was concerned about Islam, and where are the places of work for this religion, if you see him, he is in a hurry to give you what he has and then leaves.

This young man did not exceed the age of twenty-seven and yet he served and gave Islam a lot.

You see for him in every action a brick he puts, or an opinion he makes or a supplication that makes him fulfill all this information. Those close to him and those who work with him know, but I once asked those who traveled with him about their missionary journey and how were their affairs and did they face hardship or not?

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