Why did the genie cry

 Why did the genie cry?

One of the readers was reading to a patient, then the jinn spoke on his tongue and the jinn began to threaten the reader that he would enter his body.

The reader said: Enter

The jinn cried, and said: I can't, and not even a renegade can harm you.

The reader said: Why?

The elves said: Because you said this morning

“There is no god but God alone, He has no partner, His is the kingdom and His is the praise, and He is powerful over all things a hundred times.”

I said: This confirms what Al-Bukhari narrated that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: He who says, “There is no god but God alone, who has no partner, has the kingdom.”

To Him be praise and He has power over all things. One hundred times a day, a hundred good deeds are written for him, and a hundred bad deeds are erased from him, and he is protected from Satan until evening.”

This is one of the virtues of preserving the adhkaar, because it protects from the harm of devils and jinn, and in the hadith “God preserves and protects you.”

Among what is mentioned here is what Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned in Madarij al-Salikeen (3/260) regarding the benefits of dhikr, that he kills devils,

Even the demons come to that epileptic jinn, and they say: What is the matter?

It will be said: I lost him.

My advice to everyone is to persevere in remembrance and to be keen on attending to the heart at the time of remembrance and striving for that. (“And remember God often that you may be successful.”)

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