What is NEO digital currency? Description of the new project

 If you are interested in cryptocurrencies and invest in them, you should get to know the Neo coin project , which is a great digital currency. Neo was called Ant Shears and now it is called Chinese Ethereum. NEO has many similarities with Ethereum, but with very interesting and unknown features.

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?What is the NEO coin project

NEO is a “blockchain” project developed by a non-profit organization that uses blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, and automatically manage assets using smart contracts. , realizing a “smart economy” with mass distribution. In fact, NEO is a large platform and network, and the currency unit NEO is only a part of this network. Imagine that you are on the street and you want to take a taxi; You order a car from an app on your mobile phone and a self-driving car (without a driver) will pick you up. The taxi takes you to a gas station and you pay for the fuel from the money you received from previous passengers. Then it will take you to your destination and the fare will be paid from your e-wallet. When the taxi takes you to your destination, it automatically pays the annual insurance fee and monthly debt to its owner. After I drop you off, he goes to a repair shop to fix possible defects. You might think this is a scene from a science fiction movie, but this is the future of the world; Smart contracts can be a platform for building the world of the future. Now that you are familiar with Neo, let’s move on to the exciting part of the article, which is how to buy, sell and price NEO coin.

How to buy and sell digital currencies

In order to be successful in the cryptocurrency market and make profitable transactions and not take advantage of today’s digital world, you must know how to buy and sell coins. We can buy and sell NEO in different ways, such as buying and selling NEO from real or virtual people or through an online currency exchange. Each of these methods is discussed below, so stay tuned.

How to buy and sell digital currencies

Buying and selling NEO the traditional way: risky and risky way

In this method, to buy and sell NEO, you directly enter into a transaction with people and exchange currency and money according to the traditional procedure. In both cases of buying and selling, there are risks and dangers that may threaten your life and property. First, trust is very important in this transaction. Because there is a possibility that after depositing money, you will not get the currency, or vice versa, or there is a possibility that the transaction is a scheme by fraudulent people to extort money and risk your property and life. Also, there is a possibility to deposit the stolen money into your account in exchange for receiving the currency, in which case you are the one who should be held accountable to the law. I will not tell you about the problems of dealing with family and acquaintances, you know better than me. In this method, the price of Neo is determined by the holder of the coin, which may be a price far from the world market. The high price of Neo and big profits, do not risk your money and life. But the solution:

?What is the difference between digital money and electronic money

The best place to buy and sell NEO, knowing the price of NEO and of course other currencies, is the digital currency exchange. These exchanges are legal and can be followed legally. They support their users 24 hours a day and it is a safe place to buy Neo as they sell it. You can buy NEO and sell NEO in the national currency at the most suitable NEO price, or you can take advantage of trading currency pairs. In this way, you can directly convert your currency to another currency. In order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies , you will need to use a cryptocurrency exchange . It is worth noting that there is one of the best trusted platforms , which is the cryptocurrency platform Banence.

Neo was sold at $0.14 per unit in the initial pre-sale under the Spread name, which was growth that beat expectations. Neo’s price reached an all-time high of $188 in mid-January this year. NEO is one of the currencies that has not disappointed investors so far, let’s see what happens in the future?

NEO . coin price

Buy NEO cheap and fast, and sell NEO at low fees on  Binance  

In order to buy Neo cheaply on Binance or sell Neo at the best price, it is necessary to complete the following steps in order:

Log in to the registration page on the Binance platform and register with your real information and specifications

And send verification documents. identity and banking information,

and enter a list of buying or selling currencies,

and choose | NEO” and enter the NEO wallet address and choose the currency exchange network,

And enter the amount of purchase or sale of New

Complete the online purchase and pay the amount of the automatic settlement order

Receive New.

The process of buying Neo or selling Neo on the Binance platform is completely automatic and regular, and the total amount of the invoice will be transferred to the Neo wallet upon payment. Before buying NEO, create a wallet with NEO digital currency support, to enter your wallet address when purchasing.

?How to buy NEO

To buy Neo on Binance crypto exchange, after registration and authentication, follow these steps in order :

Log in to the Enans user panel. Currencies Enter the new wallet address

Choose the transfer network with the lowest fees (note that your wallet supports the selected network)

Enter the required amount of NEO or the amount of the order

, click complete purchase and check invoice,

And select the bank card to pay the new purchase order amount and record the discount code if there is

Click on Pay and enter the online payment gateway page

After paying and placing an order for the new cryptocurrency on the Binance platform, you will receive the NEO token in your wallet after a maximum of 5 minutes. Binance has defined different user levels for its users, and by increasing your user level on Binance, more facilities and benefits will be activated for you. Note that before buying Neo, you only have to authenticate once, and if you want to buy Neo again, you don’t need to authenticate again. NEO is transferred to your wallet instantly 24 hours a day, even on holidays. In addition to the ability to buy Neo in Enance, more than 1,000 other cryptocurrencies are also available, and you can see the list of these coins by referring to the purchase of cryptocurrency.

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? How do you sell NEO

 Selling Neo on the Binance platform is easy, as everything is done and can be done in less than a few minutes. To sell NEO on Binance, follow these steps:

Registration, authentication and login to the user panel,

and choose to sell digital currency from the user menu,

And select the digital currency “ | neo” from the list of currencies

, copy the Neo Binance wallet address and transfer the neo sales amount to this wallet

, click “Register and continue”

Enter the exact amount with the new converted decimals,

and choose a bank card to settle the amount,

And enter your new wallet address

, and click on “Register and continue”,

And enter the TxId or hash of the transaction, if any, and click Verify Transfer.

If the NEO transfer and receipt is confirmed by the Binance platform , the billed amount will be deposited in the selected bank card within ten minutes to 24 hours. One of the advantages of selling Binance’s new cryptocurrency is to receive the lowest fees, the latest dollar rate, and the settlement in the shortest possible time. New cryptocurrencies and other cryptocurrencies can be easily bought and sold on Binance, and in addition to selling neo, you can also sell thousands of other cryptocurrencies on the Enance crypto exchange. To view the list of NEO sales transactions, you can enter the “Sales Transactions List” section of your user panel. Or monitor all your transfers from the Transfer History section of a walletYour Neo. In order to sell the new coin, you can go back to the cryptocurrency rates page, first check the neo price and then proceed with the sale of the new cryptocurrency.

NEO Wallet (How do you maintain NEO?)

There are two general ways to store NEO or other digital currencies:

Use hardware wallets like Arbitrage

Using online and offline software wallets like Trust Wallet

Binas does not provide wallet services and you can use both types of these wallets to buy Neo from us, there is no limit to the type of wallet you choose.

In the article on how to make and choose a wallet, we have reviewed and compared all types of wallets in detail and presented the best, safest and fastest wallet for Neo

NEO Wallet (How do you maintain NEO?)

Buy NEO at a cheap price

To buy Neo at a cheap and affordable price, it is enough to compare Binance exchange rates and fees from your user panel. The important thing in buying a Neo is to pay attention to its transmission networks. Each currency has its own network of exchange, and if their tokens are generated in other blockchains, it will be possible to send them in that network.

?Is it worth buying NEO

Answering the question of whether or not buying NEO is beneficial requires you to research this coin, read and follow the news and programs written for it, and validate it based on the time and progress of the project.

?Benefits of buying NEO coin

By buying Neo, you can take the first step in investing. For this, it is enough to install a volt wallet or a digital currency wallet on your phone and buy Neo. Keeping coins in the wallet allows you to sell Neo anywhere in the world and get the current currency for that country. The price of Neo may change if you buy Neo and if the price goes up you benefit, and if the price goes down you may suffer. So enter the cryptocurrency market with knowledge and experience.

?Benefits of buying NEO coin

NEO . coin future 

Many factors affect the price of NEO cryptocurrency like any other financial asset. Bitcoin is one of the factors affecting the general market direction and the price direction of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin . After the Chinese government crackdown on cryptocurrency bans that occurred in 2016, Da Hongfei, one of the creators of this new digital currency, designed it in such a way that it could be modified by possible new laws, so this is also what we should remember that the price trend of NEO cryptocurrency may be in Sometimes the  price of BTC has completely reversed.

The goal of the founders of OnChain and NEO is to achieve inter-chain interaction in the future. This development team hopes to create a communication mechanism to share information between different block chains. In order to achieve this goal, trust and identity are needed, and the special features of the Neo platform solve this need.

Looking at the material mentioned about the NEO digital currency and its platform in this article, and of course the Chinese government’s support for NEO, it seems that this cryptocurrency will be very attractive to governments. On the other hand, it may not be supported by western users due to its Chinese origin. Of course, having a strong competitor like Ethereum (ETH) will be a huge challenge for the new cryptocurrency. All in all, given the restrictions imposed on cryptocurrency by the Chinese government and its support for OnChain technology, a bright future awaits the digital currency NEO. Because NEO cooperates with China OnChain

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last word

Our future world is tied to cryptocurrencies and it is not wise to ignore them. So we should not be afraid to enter this market. But we must avoid rushing and taking uncalculated steps. Therefore, for the first success, start studying and researching. This is the first and most important step for growth and victory. In the following, you can take firm and wise steps and reach the peaks of success one by one.

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