What are the best ways to make money from the internet?

Earning money from the Internet is one of the interesting ways to create employment. Although many people are still skeptical about this way of making money, we have to accept that eventually all jobs from companies to organizations – will be drawn to the Internet

 Consequently, it is wise to adapt to the Internet rather than resist it. Making money from the Internet is not limited to organizations and companies. Anyone who has special skills in website design, content creation, programming, video design, etc., 

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can earn money through the Internet. In developed countries, internet jobs earn more than traditional jobs; Sometimes the amount of income obtained through the Internet even reaches millions of dollars . There is no doubt that companies like Microsoft and GoogleThey earn millions of dollars monthly through the Internet.

 If you also want to earn a lot of money from the Internet, we suggest you read this article to the end. Earning money from the Internet does not have much history. It was first launched in 1991 by Bernersley. The first widespread internet businesses were banks. After a few years, large stores of various products such as Amazon and eBay were also added to these businesses

Why have people turned to earning money from the Internet

The facilities provided by the Internet made people interested in earning money in this way. The possibility of rapid growth and high incomes in a short time were among the reasons that made users use the methods of earning money from the Internet. Unlike traditional business methods that required extensive facilities and usually required a lot of start-up costs, the methods of making money from the Internet do not require such costs to start; However, in order to increase the income, there is a need for expenses such as advertising.

Benefits of making money from the Internet

Some of the most important advantages of making money from the Internet are

Easy access for all users

No need for high start-up costs

The possibility of rapid and increasing growth in a short time

No need for physical location to advance goals

Placement in public view and the number of users is much higher than traditional methods

Availability at any place and time

?What are the best ways to earn money from the Internet

In recent years, various industries and fields have become a source of income from the Internet. It can be said that Internet technology has targeted all industries in the world and everyone can benefit from it according to their job. However, the areas of information technology, businesses related to the internet itself, site promotion, internet advertising, marketing and internet sales are among the very common areas of earning money from the internet.


These days, blogging is one of the ways to earn money. If someone had said I was a blogger in the past, we might have underestimated them. But now this job has found many fans and supporters in the world. In blogs, useful information is provided to internet users. A blog can be considered a place for people to communicate with each other without geographical restrictions. Due to the importance of the blog in attracting traffic and increasing the interaction of users with the sites, many managers of store websites have also set up a section called a blog on their site. In blogs, the number of visitors increases due to the inclusion of useful content. For this reason, there are many ways to earn money from this path, including:

Selling products that are thematically related to the content of the blog pages.

Selling advertising space to big companies

Also, by setting up a simple blog with modern tools such as WordPress, you can easily earn money on the Internet. This content management system will help you to set up a simple blog for yourself. 

Currently, there are thousands of topics and plans for blogging, including art, sports, music, movies and cinema, cooking, technology, etc. 

You can become a content writer for websites and get paid to write content for different websites. If you are proficient in writing, start your work now. For example, create content for a website about psychology or short stories

You don’t need much expertise to blog. You just have to have a blog. Also, by seeing the necessary training for SEO and increasing the number of users, which is easily and freely available on the Internet, you will not need almost anything else to start this business. Virgul is one of the reliable blogs that was created with this trick and has now become one of the most visited blogs with the participation of users from other sites. 

The content filter in this blog has made users trust it more. You can also follow the process of this startup.

Marketing of large companies

Another way to earn money from the Internet is marketing for large companies. In the past, marketing was done in a traditional and face-to-face manner.

 In order to achieve the desired result in marketing, a company should hire a large number of marketers to be able to introduce more products and services to the market. 

But these days there is no need for traditional marketers. Because a large part of the company’s customers are present on social networks. Therefore, a professional marketer uses social networks instead of encouraging customers to buy goods or services in person. 

For example, networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc. are places where many users are present. If the internet marketer can introduce the company’s products and services to the users in a professional way, it will enable them to become permanent customers of the company. The company also pays him for this service.

In this technique, the marketer sends the products and services published on the company’s website in an attractive way to the users. As a result, site users will notice new products and services or discounts and auctions. 

Using email marketing, you can convert a user into a customer. Let us give you an example. 

Imagine that you are hired as a marketer for an online clothing store. As the seasons of the year change, new clothes are added to the site’s products, and on the other hand, end-of-season products are auctioned. 

At this time, your responsibility as a marketer is to introduce discounted products to site members and bring them back to the store. 

Digikala is one of the most prosperous stores in Iran that sends more than dozens of promotional emails to its site users every day. To earn internet money from big companies, you will need a fully active environment in the internet space. 

Telegram channel, Instagram page or website can provide you with everything you need. Of course, to increase users and increase site and network traffic, you must be familiar with content writing methods on these platforms.

Affiliate marketing, which the DigiKala website has launched in recent years, is one of the best examples of this method of earning money from the Internet. 

Using this function of DigiKala, you can advertise all the products of this website on your site and earn money from their commission.

 Make short films

We are not exaggerating if we tell you that these days short films are more popular than feature films. People – and mostly young people – want to watch their favorite movies on mobile phones and are not as interested in TV as they used to be

There are various topics for making short films that can earn money. The best examples of short films can be seen on Instagram. Short films have great potential for product promotion.

 You can earn a lot of money by making commercial short films.

 To make a short film, you will need a small crew and a video camera. 

However, high-end smart phones also provide you with all these facilities. The expertise required in this field is video editing software training. StartupDeerin Deerin is one of the most obvious examples for this method of making money online. 

Currently, this startup receives huge amounts of mobile money for making each clip and short film for advertising, which is the result of years of planning and efforts of the people involved in this attractive startup.

Use search engines

Google and Bing are known as two of the most popular search engines in the world. These two search engines take over the work of a marketer. 

If you produce a product or provide certain services, you can use search engines to introduce your products and services. Even if you are not familiar with search engine algorithms, you can pay them to introduce your products and services to internet users. “Google AdWords”It is one of the ways by which you can promote a company’s brand. With the help of this method, many companies introduce their products and services to Internet users.

 Earning money from the Internet through Google ads or other search engines is not difficult. 

Google advertising is paid and you have to pay for it, but in return, you will get back many times what you spent on advertising. A beauty clinic can place its website on the first page of search results by paying a certain fee to Google.

 As a result, the number of visits to this clinic’s website will increase, which will undoubtedly have a great impact on increasing its income . You can do this for a company or medical and beauty clinic. 

They do not have much opportunity to increase their customers through the Internet.

For example, you can sign a contract with a plastic surgeon and increase the number of visits to his website through Google AdWords.

 By doing this, his customers increase. Then you can get a salary or commission from him. 

You don’t need a special place or money for digital marketing, but you need a lot of training in this field.

 Many of these tutorials are available online for free. You can also participate in training courses for more specialized courses. 

By searching any keyword in Google, we can see many examples of these things. These sites appear in Google search with an Ad symbol on the left side of their site address.

 Become a virtual assistant

Another way to earn money from the Internet is as a virtual assistant. Maybe you have not heard this word before.

 A virtual assistant is someone who manages the customers of a company, bank or organization online. 

The virtual assistant can manage social networks, book airline tickets, answer emails, etc. 

He must answer the customers’ questions and provide them with the required information.

 The best part of making money from the internetThrough virtual assistant jobs, it is choosing rates, tasks and even clients. In other words, a virtual assistant only chooses tasks that he is interested in. At the same time, it saves time.

 During the last three years, the demand for virtual assistants has grown by 95% in the whole world. You can enter into cooperation with a private company that operates in the field of selling sanitary ware. They operate on the website or social networks to sell their products.

The demand for their products may be too high for them to meet; Therefore, they need someone who is present on the website or social networks to be able to respond to customers and applicants for their products. 

You take it upon yourself. You don’t need special expertise and capital to become a virtual assistant. If you have good public relations, you can take this way to earn money on the Internet.

 To become a virtual assistant in any profession in which you specialize, you can use Punisha, Nevesh or Parskders platforms and other freelance business sites.

 High number of users, reasonable price, low subscription fees are among the criteria that you can use to choose a suitable platform for becoming a virtual assistant 

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