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Because of the many questions about (electronic commerce and its stores) from the pioneers of websites, we decided on this day to present a topic about ( electronic commerce stores ), which may come to your mind; What is digital trading stores?! How does it affect your e-commerce business? Is it possible to link smart stores with your store basket? All of these questions you will find the appropriate answer to in our article for today, so that we review a wide range of information about (e-commerce stores), which will definitely help you in your business, whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, all you have to do is; Read this article with full focus and awareness.

?What are e-commerce stores

Electronic Warehouse : It is a specialized service that provides merchandise to electronics store owners, in addition to product storage services, and other related auxiliary services such as packaging and shipping. To invest in trading, so that you can start in this profitable field without worrying about capital, storage space, costs or shipping issues, the goal of the online store is to make it easier for the e-commerce world to create a positive customer experience before, during and after the sale.

This was a brief overview of e-commerce repositories, which nurture your culture around the field of e-commerce work and give you a rush about starting your business in this world, and it is worth mentioning! E-commerce repositories have unique advantages, which most beginners in the field of e-commerce do not know, and by knowing more about e-commerce repositories, you will have a large pile of valuable information, which alone is the reason for the success of your business, so come to know e-commerce stores in next paragraph.

The most prominent advantages of e-commerce stores

 The advantages of e-commerce repositories are many and cannot be limited to one or two paragraphs, but in order to increase knowledge and experience, we offer you the most prominent advantages of digital commerce stores, which are;

Payment of goods dues or storage dues in e-commerce warehouses is not required.

Digital commerce warehouses provide a flexible packing, storage and shipping service without any risks or obstacles.

Saving time and effort, especially for merchants who do not have enough time to store and ship their products, through the automated logistical process.

Allow to provide a good customer experience, by selecting the best orders and then packing and shipping them in the shortest possible time, and this experience is characterized by high quality and excellent efficiency, and in this way you can gain strong customer loyalty.

Transforming automated logistics services from a cost center into a revenue engine easily and quickly.

The privilege of digital commerce warehouses with high confidence and great credibility, and this feature has earned it a competitive advantage in electronic stores.

E-commerce warehouses have the ability to gain new customers for your online store, as it convinces them that this store is highly efficient and has excellent customer service.

Well, these were the most prominent features of e-commerce stores, which made many electronic markets compete for them (such as the Amazon Global Market), and let us explain to you an important thing! It is not required for you to provide capital or storage space, so that the field of e-commerce provides you with all the products and digital commercial stores, so all you have to do is; Focus on work only!

?How do you do the linkage with e-commerce stores

If you want to connect your online store with e-commerce stores, you need to know an important thing! That there are two basic stages that you have to implement, which are:

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Create an account on digital electronic repositories.

Install software stores.

For the first stage, it is carried out in this way;

Log in to the official website of (e-commerce stores).

Click on (Register now and start your business).

A form will appear for you to enter the data required from you (e-mail, mobile phone number, the name of your commercial market on the stores, the password) in the empty fields, in order to establish an account on the electronic commercial warehouses.

After you have applied the previous steps, click on the (Create Account) tab.

Thus, you have personally registered an account for you on the electronic trading stores.

For the second stage;

Go to the side menu in the control panel.

Click on (Visit the Application Market).

The basket applications market page will appear, immediately click on (Browse the basket applications market).

Then click on the (Install) button from the electronic stores program page.

Then click on (Grant Permission) after you check the required permissions.

Then click on (Link Code) from the control panel on digital commerce repositories.

Then click on the (Submit) button.

Then click on the (save) button for the API key, through the link codes page for the e-commerce store website.

Thus, you have linked your marketplace to a basket in e-commerce repositories.

After applying the previous steps, you can add any product you want from digital commerce repositories and then add it to your basket in your online store. This was the most prominent information about commercial stores that can be relied upon when you want to create your own business in the field of e-commerce

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