Top 6 Cryptocurrency Analysis Sites

 When you intend to enter the cryptocurrency market and trade in this profitable market, the first thing you should do is learn technical and fundamental analysis. You can only make a lot of money from the market if you have a strategy behind every decision and move you make in this market and have an analysis of it. In such a situation, you need accurate analytical tools and they can provide you with the information needed to make smart decisions. Cryptocurrency analysis websites and apps are among your most important tools. There are a lot of these websites and apps available. But which one of them gives you the best analysis? The question here comes, what are the best cryptocurrency analysis sites? Stay with us until the end of this article to introduce the best cryptocurrency analysis tools.

Top 6 Cryptocurrency Analysis Sites

We will present the best sites that will help you analyze cryptocurrencies and know the market well in terms of statistics and information that you can easily view through these sites and monitor the world of digital currencies. Here are the 6 best sites to analyze digital currencies.

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TradingView is the best cryptocurrency analysis site

TradingView  is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency analysis site and app. Many people who are interested in digital currency in Egypt and Arab countries also use this powerful tool for technical analysis. Accurate, real-time charts with a large number of professional and customizable indicators make working with Trading View more enjoyable. Everything you need to analyze cryptocurrency and even compare other cryptocurrencies can be found on this website.

The TradingView app is also very cool and, in addition to displaying accurate and real-time information on hundreds of digital currencies, it provides you with special facilities for technical analysis. You can access various trading presentation data with a free account, but if you want to work on a professional level, it is better to get a premium account.

CoinMarketCap is the best cryptocurrency analysis site

CoinMarketCap  is our second option on this list. If you only need one tool to monitor the cryptocurrency market, CoinMarketCap will be the best choice for you. On this site, you can get an overview of the cryptocurrency market and the price  of bitcoin  online along with hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. The advanced filters and features of this site allow you to find valuable cryptocurrencies that may not be visible at first glance. You can also create custom filters and change the categories according to your needs.
By creating a watch list is another advantage of using Coin Market Cap. In addition to these things, you can learn about predictions and accurate analysis on the performance of Coin Market Cap, and never miss any events in the cryptocurrency market using professional tools.
Cointelegraph is a reliable news source for the cryptocurrency market
Cointelegraph is the best cryptocurrency analysis site
If you are a fan of fundamental and emotional analysis, access to the latest news and an archive of daily and weekly analyzes can be an attractive option for you. CoinTelegraph was created   with this goal in mind. This website covers real-time cryptocurrency news and collects detailed analysis from all social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and reputable news sites in one place. All the important news, analysis, statements, tweets, interviews, etc. about cryptocurrencies are covered on this site.
The advantage of CoinTelegraph is that it only collects important news, in this way, instead of drowning in analysis and unreliable news, it only brings you the essential topics. Cointelegraph and its analytics are free to use. This site also provides the current price of important digital currencies.

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Undoubtedly,  Glassnod  is the best website that provides information about cryptocurrency indicators. If you have followed the analysis of professional and international traders, you have probably heard the name GlassNode many times. This website provides you rare data for activities such as active addresses, derivatives market information, exact data of exchanges, transaction fees, miner activities, etc. This way, if you are looking for special opportunities to buy  other cryptocurrencies  in addition to buying  bitcoin  , then this tool will be a good choice for you.
After the inflow and outflow to exchanges and currencies, you will have a vast background in the cryptocurrency market in the volume of entry into the market and know when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and many similar things and get a much broader view of the cryptocurrency market  ,  see the little things that many may not notice People. Sometimes the value of this information is much more than hours of technical analysis in statistics.
GlassNode provides most of the data for free, but if you want to use advanced features and special features, you need to get a professional account. And sure enough, just joining the weekly news section of this site and reading its data can double your analytical power.
Messari is the best tool for creating a powerful portfolio
Messari is the best cryptocurrency analysis site
Messari’s website can be considered as  a  combination of Trading Wave performance and Coin Market Cap performance. Mesari’s performance provides you with more professional tools and helps you find the most valuable cryptocurrencies to build a very strong portfolio. Membership to this site is free, and in the same basic version you can use charts, indicators for technical analysis.
Messari  ‘s performance helps you  categorize currencies in different ways based on different data. The ROI section is one of the most interesting sections of the screen and it is inside  Messari  Performance  , where you can see the best and worst performance in the cryptocurrency market. You can also choose a digital currency and view statistical data such as transaction volume, liquidity, market volatility, etc. Filtering cryptocurrencies according to market value or other factors is another advantage of the examiner.
Santiment Best Performer for Technical Analysis, Emotional Intelligence and Fundamental Intelligence
Santiment is the best cryptocurrency analysis site
Are you looking for a tool to access social network data and sequential development of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market? Santiment website will be   the best choice for you. If you are looking for basic and important information such as the history of the support team, the economic basis of the digital currency, and important information about its current state, simply visit  the SANbase website . In addition to information, you can also easily access these tools to analyze information and monitor the market.
One of the things that makes this tool so great is providing accurate data and reliable information from the cryptocurrency market evaluation, activity and opinions of people used in different networks and social media platforms, there is another great tool called SANtrends, which checks the amount of searches and usage of crypto-related words on Internet
This way you can see the popular and popular cryptocurrencies in the market and their related words. For example, when you are doing research on the Ripple currency, the search volume can be for words associated with Ripple along with the words Excellent


In this article, we have tried to get acquainted with the best cryptocurrency analysis sites. The sites we have introduced in this article are among the most popular, well-known and widely used cryptocurrency market analysis tools.

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