Top 13 very useful free features – on Android and iPhone phones

In this article, we will present the 13 best free features on your phone that you do not know about

(iPhone and Android phones)

 useful and important features on your phone that you must know  

In this article, we will learn about the best features in Android  phones
iPhones, and everyone’s phones, but most  people do not know them or know them, but do not use them because they do not know what their benefits or use are
and we will explain this in the article what are the features, what their function and how to do them in your phone.

change keyboard color

 Unlock the mobile phone.
 Go to “Settings”.
 Click on the “Accessibility” button.
 A menu will open with you, press the “Visibility” button.
 Then click on the “High contrast keyboard” button.
6- Choose your favorite color and then activate the playback until the settings are saved..

Easily navigate the Google Chrome browser

Open the Google Chrome browser on  your phone .
 Then click on the address bar at the top while dragging it to the right or to the left, and so on, you will move between pages, and this will make it easier for you to move between pages if you use more than one page.
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Screen pinning

This feature has been around for a long time, but most of some people do not know the benefit of this feature, which is if
someone asks you for your phone to make a call, but you do not reassure this person and may be worried about him
looking for something else in your phone. This feature will help you and is installing the  call screen  makes
this person not It exits the call screen or does not move to anything else except the call screen.
If he tries to exit the call screen, he will go to the lock screen and ask him to enter
the phone password so that he can use the  phone  again
 Click on “Settings”
 Then click on the “Privacy” button.
Then click on “Additional Settings”.
4- Then the “screen installation” button will appear, click on activate..
Note: These settings differ from one phone to another, but they are found in all phones, and if you do not find them, press the “Settings” button, then click on the “Search” button at the top and type screen installation I will show you.

Leave the phone number on the lock screen

If you dropped your phone somewhere or if you don’t remember where your phone was or where you left it, this feature is
good. If a person finds your phone and this person is loyal, he will reach you easily by calling your phone number on the lock screen:
 Click on the “Settings” button.
 Then press the “Home Screen” button.
 Then click on the “Signature lock screen” button.
 Enter your phone number and press “Save”.

Add keyboard shortcuts

It is adding a shortcut in the keyboard that saves you the words that you use a lot
, for example, that you log into Facebook every day and Facebook asks you
to enter your email and a password, this feature provides you with the words that you will start typing again and it will be registered in the phone :
 Download the “
Gborad” application keyboard -2- Then press on the keyboard.
Gborad 3- Next, click on the “Dictionary” button.
Then click on the “Personal Dictionary” button
 Then click on the “All languages” button
 Then click on the plus sign + at the top right of the screen, and enter the sentence you want to install
 Then you will find at the bottom the abbreviation, which is the abbreviation of the sentence that will appear on the
keyboard, and this feature applies to all sentences, if they are few or many, then the abbreviation will help you.

Eye protection mode

I think most people know this feature, but most of them do not know what are the benefits of this feature
or its use. This feature is present in all types of Android phones and is located at the top of the
notification bar in the phone. You should do this feature if you use your phone in the dark or
there are no lights in your room and room It is dark, this feature will help you and should be used because
the blue light that comes out of the phone is very harmful to the eye retina, and when you activate this
feature, the blue light changes to yellow or a warm color, and this is of course better for the eye.

flynx app

This application will simply help you when you click on any link that opens in a general circle on the screen, for example: if you are inside an application.
If you click on a different link or link, it will remain inside the application, and the link or link will open on the right of the screen in the form of a small circle.
Click on it and the link will open, read its contents, close the link, and you will find yourself in the place or point where you were before.

Pressing an hour twice

This feature is for lazy people to set the alarm. Sometimes there are people before bed who want to set
the alarm, but they become lazy and helpless because of the alarm settings and search for it in the phone
and think it is complicated. Here, simply press the clock twice on the screen and then the alarm list will appear with ease and set the numbers.

Find My Device

It is simply if someone stole your phone with ease, click on the Google Chrome browser on
any phone or on the computer, then search for Find  My  Device
It has conditions, which is that your phone is connected to the Internet and you must log in with the same email or Gmail that is on your phone.

call button

If you click on the calling application and then press the call button, the last number you made contact with will appear and you can call this number without going to the call log or searching for it.

Zoom process

And if you press on the screen 3 times, you will find the big screen, and this is called the
 Click on the “Settings” button.
 Then click on the “Smart Utilities” button.
 Then click on the “Accessibility” button.
 Then press the “Zoom” button and activate it.

Speed ​​up the phone

Click on the “Settings” button.
 Then press the “System” button.
 Then press the “About Phone” button.
 Then press “Build Number” 7 times in a row.
 After that, press the “Back” button, then scroll down, you will find the “Developer options” button, click on it.
Then a menu will open for you, scroll down to show you 3 buttons, namely
(“Animation window scaling”).
(“Measurement of Transmission Animation”).
(“Animation Duration Measurement).
Click on all of them to show you numbers, then press a number on 0.5. Apply these steps to 3 buttons, so you have reduced the animation and you will notice a terrible speed in the  phone  and excellent smoothness.
Control the consumption of Internet applications
Sometimes we notice that there are applications on our phones that use the Internet in a heavy way, but you do not
use these applications much and at the same moment you
do not want to delete these applications, this feature is dedicated to solving this problem:
 Click on the “Settings” button.
 Then press the “Wireless Connection” button.
 Then click on the “Networks” button.
 Then click on the “Mobile Data” button.
Then click on the “Connect to the Internet” button, you will find all the applications on your device, and from here each application can determine what uses the Wi-Fi or the package, or uses the package and does not use Wi-Fi, and vice versa, or both use Wi-Fi and the package, or not use both Package and Wi-Fi.


These are the 13 best free features that you can benefit from, and if you want to dig deeper in this field, you can learn about  the top 10 phones in the world  . And here we have come to the end of the article. I hope to help you with these wonderful features. Do not forget to follow the blog to receive all that is new. If there is a question or inquiry, please leave a comment at the bottom of the blog.

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