Top 10 applications – Top 10 fastest growing and successful applications in 2022

 Apps are one of the things that you can make money from. Just create an idea for a specific application and with the help of a group of programmers, you can, within weeks, have an application on the Google Play Store. We are here not to talk about creating an app but to talk about the top 10 most successful apps on the Google Play Store. 

Top 10 apps in google play store

Here is a list of the ten best apps in the Google Play Store.
1. Notion
2. TripActions
3. Postman
4. Figma
5. Miro
6. Keeper
7. Airtable
8. Fivetran
10. Gong

 Notion is one of the best apps on the Google Play Store.

Notion is one of those apps that has become very popular. It is an application that you can write down your thoughts and save them so that you do not forget them.
Notion app features
Notion is  an application that allows you to:
The process of effective collaboration between different teams and groups through codification of ideas.
Notion makes it easy for anyone to craft documents, dashboards, and websites.
In the notion in this application are lists of tasks from which you can refer to the information that you have written down easily.

 TripActions is one of the most popular applications in the Google Play Store.

TripActions is a rethink of travel, company card, and expense management. 
TripActions app
TripActions allows users to manage their own administration. As well as managing company cards, travel reservations, and expenses to be reported.
TripActions relies on a large inventory of local reservations and travel agents.

 Postman App 

If you are not a developer, you may not have heard of Postman. If you are, then you will know that it can be a real life saver.
Developers frequently interact with application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs are the way programs allow developers to interact with them via code. For example to get or write data.
Postman App
Postman APIs can be tricky. That’s when they’re opaque or poorly documented (and they always are). This is the issue Postman addresses.
Postman Application It provides an API platform for building and using APIs. 
This allows developers to access a huge network of APIs and share what they build with developers anywhere in the world.
The Postman core application operating system includes a complete toolkit for the entire API lifecycle.
Including design, sandbox testing, documentation creation, and model generation up to full engagement of fully completed and tested APIs.
Postman also allows developers to create and share a library of API and associated metadata that can be deployed to all levels of your business. These libraries can be fully enriched with search, notifications, security warnings and reporting.

 Figma is one of the best Google Play apps.

Nowadays, software users have increasingly high standards for the way apps look and feel.
As a result, successful companies are increasingly using a “design first” approach.
figma تطبيق app
This is where Figma comes in. The figma app is the #1 online design solution built for collaboration. Figma allows you to quickly design and prototype ideas while involving everyone on the team in the design process.
Figma offers you a web vector graphics editor and prototyping tool that gives anyone access to simple yet powerful tools for creating designs. 
It also enables live collaboration that keeps people in sync whether they are working from home or the office.
In short, Figma connects all design stakeholders in a design process that allows people to build and deliver better products faster.
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 Miro is the fastest growing application in the Google Play Store.

Distributed teams quickly became the norm. This is great for beach work processes, but can make creative board sessions difficult. Unless you have a Miro.
Miro app
Miro is a full-featured dashboard and mind mapping tool that can be shared with anyone, anywhere for real-time collaboration. If you have used it, you will know how amazing the fast interface is. Miro also offers easy login with Slack and hundreds of templates.
This allows you to unite your team around a vision, streamline workflow priorities, and deliver solutions no matter where they operate from.

 Keeper is one of the best Google Play apps

Keeper is a group focused on IT and data security. At its core is a password manager where you can safely store your passwords, logins, passwords and financial data. It also includes a password generator and MFA, as well as syncing across devices.
Keeper app
However, Keeper is more than just a password manager: the company offers a range of enterprise security products and services such as portals, ransomware protection, and dark web scanning.
In an age when companies face constant cybersecurity threats from both state and non-state actors, it is clear that Keeper serves a great and urgent need.
Visit the official website and see all the other great Keeper services.

 Airtable is one of the best and fastest Google Play apps

Airtable is another app and tool that you may have heard of before.
Airtable app
Airtable is like a database with a web front end. For corporate old folks like me, it feels like a web version of MS Excel with flexible connections and interfaces.
Airtable allows people to import information, create relationships in data, and view information from different perspectives. This allows you to discover and work with previously unseen relationships and resources.
Airtable also lets you design interfaces that present information and allow people to take predefined actions.
Plus, you can design and implement automations that trigger notifications, eliminate redundancy, combine your own tools, and run code…There’s a reason Airtable is so popular. 

 Fivetran is one of the best and most popular Google Play applications.

Have you heard of Fivetran? I didn’t think so. However it is a fast growing application.
Fivetran . Program
Fivetran makes it easy for organizations to create data lines. For large organizations, this is a big problem.
For data mining, Fivetran provides secure connections to data sources, using a wide range of fully managed and well-documented connectors. Fivetran also provides tools for comprehensive management of data pipelines and workflows.
With over a thousand terabytes synced per month and over 200 full-time data engineers, Fivetran is on the rise.

 Monday program. Com the fastest spread in Google Play is an online tool for project management and task coordination.
Monday app.
What makes stand out is that it offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of structure and visualization. This makes it easy to manage activities and projects for different types of teams, for example design teams, creative, software development, marketing, project management, sales, CRM and more. offers a flexible yet powerful way to connect teams, resources, processes, and tools around your organization’s goals. They call themselves a “working operating system”.
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 The most popular Gong app in Google Apps 

Gong is another app that you may not have heard of. It provides organizations with “revenue information,” i.e. a platform for generating revenue and breakdown forecasts.
Gong allows customers to answer revenue-centric questions such as: “What deals are most likely to close? What makes your best performer? What campaign led to the highest return on investment? ” and so on.
In the past, questions like this could only be answered routinely by large organizations with large employees and budgets. Gong aims to deliver the same vision to smaller organizations at a lower cost.
Summary of the top 10 apps in the Google Play Store
This was a quick introduction to the fastest growing applications in 2022 according to an OKTA report.
I find it interesting that some of the apps are very popular while others we may not have heard of before…but they are also clearly very successful.

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