The strangest thing you may hear about making money from the Internet

Profit from reading books

Whoever spends a long time reading books, literature and novels, can make large financial profits without affecting his time and the number of books he studies on a daily basis, so that, on the contrary, this will encourage him to read books more than he was in the past, and he hits two birds with one stone. One; Achieving financial profits while achieving intellectual and scientific benefit

If you are a proficient reader and you have a balance of knowledge regarding the grammatical, spelling and morphological controls of the Arabic language, you are qualified to make a lot of profits by reviewing books and correcting linguistic errors contained in the book or what is termed as linguistic checking, in return for obtaining sums of money, which vary according to the different size The book and the number of errors contained in it, whether linguistic or typographical. And not only Arabic books, but all books written in other foreign languages ​​such as English, French and Spanish…

Also, if you are fluent in at least two languages ​​or more, you can also profit by translating these books and works from Arabic, for example, into other foreign languages ​​and vice versa, so that many authors are always looking for professional translators who translate their books into languages ​​other than the ones they wrote By using the book, in order to convey his ideas to other peoples, or in order to sell the largest number of copies in order to profit more.

Profit from selling photos

Sell ​​photos online

If you love taking pictures, you can turn photography from a hobby into an online money source.

In addition to written content, companies like to add unique visuals to blog posts, articles, landing pages, etc. Gone are the days of using designer photographs because they do not appeal to the masses. Instead, viewers enjoy real and meaningful images that can only be captured by individual photographers with an artistic eye.

Many photo sites are willing to pay up to $100 per photo and sometimes more, depending on the site and the most requested photo. Some of these sites include 500px Prime, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and SmugMug Pro.

You may already have a good camera, but you may need more kinds of accessories to create truly magical photos. Also it would be worth investing in photo editing software to create some of the most dramatic, sharpest shots that really stand out.

Look at stock sites to see what’s best selling and see if you can serve that market. You will be able to get more money by choosing the hot topic areas and the most popular trends.

 Profit from the Internet by phone

The mobile smartphone is one of the best means invented by technology, and it is also the most dangerous means at the same time, and on this basis, if you use it in positive and beneficial things, you will make millions of dollars through it if you want, but if you use it in the negative and bad aspects, you can You also lose millions of dollars in spite of yourself this time, because there is no profit behind the negative things.

Among the good things that you can earn through the mobile phone only, is the design of logos and trademarks by mobile applications that work for free or paid, in addition to advertising banners, frames and everything related to the field of advertising.

You can also win with a smartphone by taking beautiful, high-quality photos with a humanitarian message, and those sold on major international sites famous for selling photos, which is a very suitable field for those passionate about photography, or shooting videos expressing an issue and publishing them in your channel on YouTube or your Facebook page…

Profiting from the Instagram application is one of the most important applications that only need a phone connected to the Internet, and it works to increase the number of followers so that you can contact major companies and brands by going to their products in exchange for real money with monthly gifts, if your account really offers them a special addition . 

 Make an Android application and profit from it

Are you a programmer? If you have a good understanding of mathematics and logic, you can quickly teach yourself the coding languages ​​of different applications and start creating your own smartphone applications.

Do you remember Flappy Bird? In 2013, this simple, single-player smartphone game seemed to have taken the world by storm, garnering millions of downloads. The app developer claimed that he earns $50,000 per day from in-app ads.

Now, Flappy Bird has a golden right, but if you took a month to build an app and then made $20 a day over the next five years, that would be close to $30,000 in passive income.

Pros : Everyone has a smartphone, so your potential audience is huge.

Cons : The app stores are overwhelmed, so everything you make should be excellent and desirable.

Invest money online

Invest money online

Investing money online is one of the golden investment opportunities through which one can make a lot of profits without great physical efforts, regardless of their level of study and knowledge.

There are many areas of investing money online, as there are those who invest their money in buying digital currencies and keeping them until their value increases, and those who were sold on sites designated for that, such as the NSFX site licensed by the European Union.

While other parties invest their money in buying shares of major companies in global stock exchanges and reselling them and trading them after their value increased in their preferred and regular divisions. or futures contracts etc. It is necessary to note that some sites do not adhere to Shariah regulations regarding usury.

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