The most important advantages of Telegram Plus


 The most important advantages of Telegram Plus

There is no doubt that the Telegram application is one of the best social media applications, due to the presence of unique features that attracted the attention of social networking pioneers, and due to the spread of the “Telegram” fame , the developers created a free version of the Telegram program called “ Telegram Plus or Telegram Plus ”, This application has no less advantages than the basic version, but it has many distinctive specifications that we will talk about in our article for today.

The most important advantages of Telegram Plus

telegram plus app

Telegram plus “telegram plus” is; An unofficial program similar to the messaging program “Telegram”, and the developers have created this version in a modified and developed form, and they added special features that were not in the original version, and it is worth noting that Telegram Plus uses the same system as WhatsApp and Facebook, where Telegram Plus allows sending messages and photos And videos through it to users easily without any conditions, only an effective Internet must be provided.
You can download the Telegram Plus program on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, Android device, and others, depending on the “Telegram application” software.
The Telegram Plus application is a strong competitor to the WhatsApp Plus program.
Because of the advantages that Telegram Plus has for iPhone, we see many social media pioneers using the Telegram Plus application when sending messages and photos to their friends and families.
The most prominent advantages of Telegram Plus
The modified version of the Telegram program has many special features, and we will show you some of them;
Anti-filter and proxy systems.
Screenshot of secret chat mode.
Transferring members from one group to another.
IPTV and satellite (global, regional and satellite).
Ability to view deleted messages.
Ability to view edited messages.
automatic response.
Hide phone number.
Login with android code.
Chat translation.
The ability to choose a message between two specific messages.
Go to the desired date in the conversation.
Font type (Persian and English).
Label finder.
The ability to change the font.
He has a mentality.
Dialogue rating.
The ability to change the sound.
Conversation statistics.
Change contact information.
Super speed.
Maintain privacy.
It is free software; So as long as you have an internet connection, you are allowed to chat and send pictures and video content to your friends easily.
Because of its light version, it takes up little storage space in the device, which attracted users to it.
All of the Arabic, Dutch and Danish languages, in addition to other languages ​​supported by the Telegram Plus application.
The ability to reply to chats through two devices if they are simultaneous.
The application (telegram plus) has a very large space, which makes the user send whatever media he wants to his friends and family.
The user can communicate with members in groups that may number up to a thousand members!
The ability to send different types of files to your friends who own the Telegram application.
Through the electronic cloud, store all the information that is available in the Telegram Plus application.
If you want to get a rating on your services, use the Telegram Plus app.
Its ability to send emails to others is great compared to other software.
Disadvantages of Telegram Plus
Although there are many advantages of Telegram Plus, there are disadvantages, which we will mention to you one of them:
Because of the large size of the Telegram Plus application, we note that all data is focused on the cloud base, and that means; Loss of all information stored in the Telegram Plus application when hacked.

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People have asked various questions about the free telegram program, and what is the difference ????between the free telegram and the free telegram?
There are hardly some differences between Telegram and Telegram Plus, although Telegram Plus is the modified version of the main application, as these special features were added in the modified version of the Telegram Plus program, which is;
The ability to change both the font color and size, in addition to adding headers and symbols.
Allowing the application for the user to create a custom theme for him to save and share with his friends, and not only that, but he can take advantage of the features of friends and others.
Allow to hide mobile number only from the settings from the options menu.
The possibility of the image appearing in the form of bubbles.
In the groups profile it is possible to show the group admin picture.
When the user plays the voice note they can ignore the proximity sensor.
Through the chat screen, you can change the background of the chat.
Possibility to change the size of the emoji.
When the user clicks on the image on the main screen, it will bring up the profile screen.
Possibility to mute users from the home screen.
From the chat screen, the user can add members to the group.

How to install Telegram Plus

After you got acquainted with the Telegram Plus application and its most important advantages, we will present to you, dear reader, how to install this program on your device;
Download the Telegram Plus application from one of the approved links, from the Play Store, or even from the official websites of the Telegram Plus program.
Then do the installation of applications from sources that are not trusted in terms of biometrics and protection in your mobile device.
Click on the install button.
Then open the application and create your own registration account.
Enter your mobile phone number and all account registration requirements, and then enter the verification number that you receive.
Enter your name in the application, and after you open the Telegram Plus application; Send invitations to friends to join you.
This is how you have got Telegram Plus for free.
We note that the name ” Telegram Plus Gold ” has recently appeared . This application is similar to the Telegram Plus application, and it was invented by the Arab developer “Abu Al-Arab” Assem Mahjoub, where you can enjoy the advantages of Telegram Gold as soon as you download this application in your own device, and it is installed in the same The steps mentioned above.
The most prominent advantages of the Golden Telegram Abu Arab
The ability for the user to make secret chats, as this application encodes all the information.
The ability to use two phone numbers at the same time, and send chats to friends easily.
The ability to hide your appearance and see the last seen friends in this application.
An advanced coloring system is available in Telegram Plus Gold.
This application supports twelve languages, including Arabic.
It has beautiful and attractive templates.
The user can activate or deactivate the animation.
The ability to turn on and off notifications.
The possibility of changing the color of the template with the color of the font and the background.
Allow to change the privacy in the application (telegram plus gold).
The broadcast list includes about (99) contacts, through which the user can share files.
The ability to send a huge amount of photos, videos and various messages to your friends through this application, very easily and quickly.
The Telegram Gold application occupies (17) MB of storage space in the phone due to the lightness of the version.
The Golden Telegram Plus application is one of the types of Telegram Plus, and because of its excellent features, many people download this application very much, and take advantage of its distinctive features while sending chats and talking with friends.
We have come to the end of our article, which was about (Telegram Plus, the most important features of the Telegram Plus application , in addition to the method of downloading the Telegram Plus and Telegram Plus Gold application to your device in a quick and easy way). We hope, dear reader, that you liked it.

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