The best telegram channels

The Telegram program is one of the best and most widely used social media programs in the world, and for this reason, the topic of “the best telegram channels ” has become one of the most searched topics on the Internet, as searches have intensified by many social media pioneers, and because Telegram groups allow freedom of publication and expression Regarding the opinion on its platform, we note that a lot of useful telegram channels have emerged, which is the topic of our article today, continue reading the article, dear reader, to learn about the ” best telegram channels “.

Learn about the best telegram channels

?What is meant by telegram channels

Telegram channels are one of the means of communication through messages on the Telegram platform, which is similar to the famous WhatsApp application, but the difference between them is that in the WhatsApp program you can add more than (200) subscribers to the group, while in Telegram channels you can add a limited number of subscribers, Their number reaches only two hundred subscribers. 
It is worth noting that Telegram channels compete with YouTube channels, in their unique advantages, and from here we will present to you, dear reader; Examples of the best telegram channels, which you will not regret subscribing to and taking the courses offered by useful telegram channels.

The best telegram channels

Telegram channels allow the user to learn about various fields and interesting and useful content in them, as it is known that there are many educational telegram channels, telegram channels for books, telegram quotes channels, in addition to technical telegram channels, and not only that!

Telegram channel guide

Rather, there were many types of channels in the telegram program, which attracted the attention of many to it, with its wonderful information that benefits the viewer, and from here we will show you, dear reader, a guide to the telegram channels, which includes the best telegram platforms and the most viewed by users:

Channel (Nettawi)

(Netawi) is a platform on the Telegram, and it is considered one of the best telegram platforms, as it gives information about modern technology, and everything new in the world, that is, we can say that this channel is one of the technical Telegram channels, which provides useful lessons about electronic devices such as smart phones and laptops, in addition to Software and hardware lessons, and it is worth noting that this channel informs the user about all updates that get to the program, in addition to informing the user about a vulnerability that may harm his device.
And not only that! Even training courses are published, such as those of the famous program “Udemy”, where these courses are 100% free through discount coupons offered by the channel itself, and sent to the user by e-mail.
Telegram channel for Indian series “Marvel Movies India”
Through this channel, you can watch your best Indian series, which this channel offers on the Telegram platform, to users, and the series are in high quality in addition to being exclusive series.
Telegram channel for the Korean series “KOREAN DRAMAS”
This channel on Telegram presents all Korean series to viewers, where these series are of great quality and complete exclusive, you can watch them whenever you want.

channel (acquaintance) 

This channel is one of the educational Telegram channels, as the name of the channel itself is an indication of the useful information that the channel presents to viewers, which are often from reliable educational sources. It is known about this channel that it broadcasts continuous advertisements for vacancies and free training courses for those who need them, as this channel is keen to attract large numbers of viewers to it, and according to accurate statistics, we note that the number of viewers in this channel reached about (60 thousand) viewers, This number is not a simple thing!

Telegram channel for Turkish series “Turkish Drama”

This channel broadcasts old and new Turkish series, where the viewer enjoys watching all the episodes of his favorite series in very high quality. All he has to do is subscribe to this channel on Telegram to watch what he wants from Turkish series.

channel (order your book)

This channel is one of the Telegram channels for books, where through this channel you can view the book you prefer, so that a large group of scientific, historical and religious books are available in these channels for viewers, you only need to subscribe to this channel and read the useful books that you prefer, and there are also channels Telegram for books such as (Let’s read the digital library_Bloomania_New Thought_The Reading Hashtag_Project), and all of these channels are considered one of the best Telegram channels, as they provide many benefits to the subscriber.

Telegram channels English books

This channel gives the subscriber the best English books, which help him to learn the English language with its rules, and the books in this channel are at levels starting from the lowest to the highest, and the Telegram channels are English books from the useful Telegram channels.

Telegram Channels Marketing Books

E-marketing is one of the most important and sought-after fields on Google, and for this reason, Telegram channels have been created that teach digital marketing by publishing free training courses for its subscribers. Examples of Telegram channels are marketing books (Neil Patel e-marketing channel – Sahel Mahdi e-marketing channel via Social networking sites (Medista channel) and other channels, which are among the best telegram channels that provide useful lessons for the subscriber.

Channel (The Holy Qur’an)

This channel is one of the educational Telegram channels, where the lessons and provisions of intonation are shown in this channel, and the subscriber can listen to Surat Al-Quran with beautiful recitations, and not only that! Rather, the channel offers religious supplications and prophetic hadiths of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Udemy channel for training courses.

Lessons and courses in this channel are provided with a discount coupon for the subscriber, where the subscriber can learn from the courses periodically and save them to watch them at a later time.

Channel (Science)

This channel is one of the best Telegram channels, as it offers various lessons about natural sciences and other sciences such as medicine, physics and also chemistry, and it is worth noting that this channel is not an Arab channel but a foreign channel, you can benefit from training courses in it if you are fluent in the English language, and you must Reminder is important! Science channel is sharing content from other scientific channels, in order to keep the subscriber fully informed of useful science.

(ifilm arabic) channel for Iranian series

Now you can watch your favorite Iranian series with excellent Arabic subtitles on the “ifilm arabic” channel, which is considered one of the best telegram channels, where the episodes of the series are shown on the channel in high quality that attracts viewers.

telegram channels quotes

Now, dear reader, you can read favorite quotes on the Telegram channel, as this channel displays a wide range of different quotations for the reader so that it gives him wisdom and experience from the experiences of his predecessors. _ Naguib Mahfouz _ Ahmed Tawfiq), and the writer can take advantage of these channels and take lessons and sermons from them.

These channels were among the best Telegram channels on the famous Telegram platform, which serve its subscribers in more professional and attractive ways, to bring more views on useful Telegram channels, and make the platform useful and highly efficient for subscribers to benefit from.x 

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