The best reliable digital currency trading platforms for 2022 – in the Arab countries and the world


Learn about the best platforms for trading reliable digital currencies in the Arab countries and in the world

?What are cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency trading platforms provide a lot of liquidity to facilitate the speed of the transaction process, the trading platforms in the cryptocurrency world organize and facilitate the relationship between buyers and sellers, through the cryptocurrency trading platform or application represented by the website and controls the trading process from opening to complete closing.
It is not possible to buy digital or encrypted currencies at random like this from some sites and then sell them again at a high price. This method is not accurate and unfortunately most people follow it because simply these currencies are like real currencies, they need special trading platforms that allow exchange and investment, and in the years The last trading platforms have increased tremendously, but the problem here and not everyone may know it, there are some fraudulent platforms that can take your money and cannot defend yourself or demand your money from me, so in this article we will present you one of the best platforms in the Arab countries and the world for trading digital currencies, Which has a good reputation and is used by many investors, and most importantly, it has an effective and internationally recognized security system, what are the best cryptocurrency trading platforms? Here are the top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The best digital currency trading platforms in the Arab countries.. Get to know them

AvaTrade platform.
CoinMena platform.
Binance platform.
The kucoin platform.
Huobi platform.

AvaTrade platform

The AvaTrade platform has been established since 2006 and is an intermediary for trading Arab digital currencies, digital currencies and foreign currencies, in addition to stocks and commodities. The AvaTrade platform holds 9 global licenses in 5 continents, including the Abu Dhabi license. The platform offers its services throughout the week and 14 different languages, including The Arabic language is in addition to other languages ​​such as Turkish and undoubtedly English and many other languages. The platform also provides many methods of withdrawal and deposit according to the country of the customer, such as credit card and bank transfer, as well as many forms of electronic payment. The AvaTrade platform is one of the easiest trading platforms and provides several methods You can also trade via the browser or through the MARKET system for Apple devices and the IOS system via the MT4 application. The client can also trade via his smartphone by downloading the AvaTrade application for Android or IOS phones through the performance of Ava Protect, a new and innovative performance that enables you to manage risksProtecting trades from loss All this for a modest hedging cost paid at the time of purchase Ava Protect was developed as part of the company’s commitment to customer success and satisfaction and is available exclusively on AvaTrade platforms. You can trade digital currencies, especiallyBitcoin , whose price recently exceeded $30,000, and all these wonderful things make the AvaTrade platform outperform the other best platforms.
The AvaTrade platform provides all traders with the opportunity to trade in a wide range of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies have become a well-known traditional asset due to its huge popularity over the years.

Aim for the AvaTrade platform

It is to allow people to buy, trade and invest without having to rely on banks or any other financial institutions, and this is what makes them one of the excellent platforms.
AvaTrade is an industry-leading broker with some of the best trading conditions available. You can start trading with as little as $100.

CoinMena platform

It is a platform for trading digital currencies and one of the best Arab platforms ever. It is officially licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain through which you can buy, sell, store and send and receive digital currencies with ease and security, in addition to the feature of withdrawing and depositing in the local currency. The platform aims to enable new and experienced investors in the Arab world who They want to invest in the new digital world. The platform is currently located in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Sultanate of Oman, and is gradually seeking to be present in all countries of the Arab world.
The service provided by the platform is the fastest in the Arabian Gulf, as it takes less than one day to verify the account, after filling out your account form. It is worth noting that the platform gives each person who completes the process of verifying their account a reward of $50. Through the platform, many digital currencies can be traded, especially the Bitcoin currency. It also supports the digital currencies of Ethereum , Ripple, USDC Ques, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many other currencies. It is also the only platform in the Arab Gulf that supports USDC digital currencies.

Minimum deposit in Arab countries

33 Bahraini dollars.
365 AED.
375 Saudi riyals.
26 Kuwaiti dinars.
33 Omani riyals is equivalent to approximately 100 US dollars.
As for the fees for trading in cryptocurrencies, they are the lowest in the market for each sale or purchase transaction. The fees are fixed at only 0.75% and do not affect market fluctuations compared to the RAIN platform, in which the fees for trading cryptocurrencies reach 1.5%. It is worth noting that the CoinMena platform does not take any deposit fees. Via bank transfer. As for the deposit fee via credit card, it is 3.5% compared to 4.0% in the RAIN
platform. CoinMena also provides a direct OTS trading service with the provision of a special support team. It also provides a special bilingual support team available around the clock, seven days a week. .
One of the catalysts on the CoinMena platform is CoinMena
Friends referral system. If you invite your friends, and as soon as your friends complete the first request for trading in cryptocurrencies, each of them receives a special reward. It is worth noting that the platform has a special application on Google Play and APP STOR. The application is easy to use and we will put the download links for you below.
It is worth noting that the platform gives each person who completes his account verification currency a reward of $ 50 and you can trade in cryptocurrencies.

Binance platform

The Binance platform is one of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading over the past years. The Binance platform is easy to use, safe and wonderful. What makes this platform popular is the cheap transaction fees compared to some platforms, starting from only 0.1%. It is worth noting that in the Binance platform, cryptocurrencies are traded In billions per day, and whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It is also wonderful that you can withdraw money directly to the bank card for trading in cryptocurrencies. And we add It is also licensed by the Financial Market Authority FCI, and the Binance platform is available in several different languages, including Arabic.

kucoin platform

The kucoin platform for cryptocurrency trading is a platform that competes with the Binance platform and has its own currencies, like the Binance platform. It has many discounts and a low currency starting from 1.0%. The site’s security system is strong and effective, and it is supervised by different experts for Vala deposit There are opponents and this is what makes the platform one of the great platforms.

Ethereum The difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin

When you use QCoin coins, the transaction fees are reduced and you can buy digital currencies using a bank card.
As for the trading interface, it is simple and easy to use, a great and excellent platform that is recommended by investors.

Huobi platform

Huobi is one of the best platforms for cryptocurrency trading that was established in 2013 and it is a platform that provides a lot of security for its users and has been ranked among the top 10 platforms in the world and has several offices in different countries.

POLONIEX platform

The POLONIEX platform is a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform, and it is the first platform in which cryptocurrency has been traded. It has a simple user interface and easy tools. Also, the platform’s security protocols have been strongly strengthened after the hacking incident in 2014, but moment do not be afraid! When this incident occurred, all the users’ money was returned, and this proves that the platform is legal, and in any case, as we mentioned above, all security protocols have been strengthened, so there is no need to fear, and as digital currencies are traded on the POLONIEX platform, more than 10 million dollars per day are supported It increases confidence in it, and as for the trading fees within the platform, it ranges between 0.1% to 0.2%, and the fees are considered in circulation compared to some other platforms.

BITTREX platform

The BITTREX platform is a cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in the United States and as it is considered one of the most popular platforms, how could it not be popular and was founded on 3 of the leading security managers in the Amazon company and also reached their work to Microsoft because simply safety is one of their priorities and for the fees It is 0.25%, not as low as the platforms we mentioned above, but it remains low as compared to other platforms, and it is worth it since the platform has high-quality security protocols thanks to the experience of its creators in this field. The company that has never been hacked and the cryptocurrency is traded in it wonderfully and very securely.

What are the best trusted platforms? To trade digital currencies in the world 


The best cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world..get to know them

Fidelity platform.
TD Ameritrade platform.
The E*TRADE platform.
Charles Schwab platform.
Interactive Brokers platform.
Coinbase platform.
Platform (Fidelity)
Platform (Fidelity)
Fidelity Cryptocurrency Trading and Investments Platform is a value-driven online broker platform that offers $0 trades, industry-leading research, excellent crypto trading tools, an easy-to-use mobile app, and comprehensive retirement services. The Fidelity platform serves more than 40 million customers who trade cryptocurrencies daily, and is the best platform for all investors compared to other platforms.
Advantages and disadvantages of the Fidelity platform.
An excellent mobile application for investors.
Best choice to trade on, there is no Payment of Order Flow (PFOF).
The mobile application may not be suitable for some currency traders.
Best overall and best cryptocurrency trading platform, best for beginners and rated as one of the best.
The minimum deposit is $0.00.
Stock trade $0.00.
Trading fee $0.65

Ameritrade platform (TD Ameritrade)

TD Ameritrade offers $0 trades, the best platform for trading all types of cryptocurrencies , excellent market research, industry-leading education for beginners and reliable customer service. This comprehensive experience makes the TD Ameritrade platform one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges and one of the best trading platforms in the world for cryptocurrency.
The advantages and disadvantages of the TD Ameritrade platform.
Excellent education for beginners.
The TD Ameritrade platform suite is the best PC platform of 2022.
Futures and forex trading available.
It is one of the most prominent platforms for investing in digital currencies.
$6.95 per cash stock trade.
No access to international stock markets.
The best digital currency trading platforms and tools, and the best customer service.
The minimum deposit is $0.00.
Stock trade $0.00.
The trading fee is $0.65.

Platform (E*TRADE)

Founded in 1982 as one of the first online brokers in the US, it is one of the premier platforms for cryptocurrency trading. Highlights of the E*TRADE platform include $0 deals, 2 premium mobile apps and the E*TRADE platform, which It is great for beginners, active cryptocurrency trading, options trading and the best trading platform in the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of the E * TRADE platform

The Power E * TRADE platform offers a wide range of trading tools.
Best choice for mobile trading and ease of use.
A platform that contains excellent services compared to other platforms.
$1000 minimum for data stream.
A set of excellent educational materials on the platform.
Best mobile trading, best for ease of use.
The minimum deposit is $0.00.
Stock trade $0.00.
The trading fee is $0.65.

Charles Schwab Platform

One of the best cryptocurrency exchanges with nearly $8 trillion in client assets, the most powerful and popular among different countries, Charles Schwab understands how to consistently deliver value to its clients. Highlights include $0 trades, excellent stock research, a variety of trading tools, an industry leader for financial planning services and hailed as the world’s best trading platform for 2022 due to the strength of the features it has over other platforms.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Charles Schwab platform

It has been rated among the best platforms for cryptocurrency trading.
Multiple financial planning services.
The best choice for IRAs.
Fractional stock available.
The mobile app has issues with real-time streaming alerts and quotes.
The best IRA accounts, the best broker podcast and one of the great platforms.
The minimum deposit is $0.00.
Stock trade $0.00.
Options (per contract) $0.65.

Interactive Brokers

In 2022, Interactive Brokers remains the best cryptocurrency exchange and our top pick for professionals due to its premium level and extremely low margin rates. Aside from professionals, Interactive Brokers also appeals to active cryptocurrency traders and casual investors with $0 trades and an easy-to-use web platform that ranks among the best platforms in the world for cryptocurrency trading. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the Interactive Brokers platform

Excellent platform for excellent currency trading.
It gives you access to global markets.
An excellent and powerful mobile application.
It has been rated as a great platform by experts.
 The Trader Workstation (TWS) desktop platform is suitable for professionals, not beginners.
Best for professionals, best offer for investing in cryptocurrency trading.
The minimum deposit is $0.00.
Stock trade $0.00.
The fee is $0.65.


If you have heard of any cryptocurrency exchange , it is probably Coinbase because it is one of the best platforms for trading cryptocurrency .
Bitcoin users have been   buying and trading cryptocurrencies on Coinbase since 2012, but the platform gained mainstream attention in 2021 when it became the first crypto exchange to go public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, which is headquartered in New York.
Today on Coinbase, more than 73 million users trade over $300 billion in cryptocurrency on Coinbase every quarter. It has the second largest trading volume of all exchanges, according to crypto data firm CoinMarketCap.

Advantages and disadvantages of Coinbase


Simple interface for beginners.
Educational Tools.
More than 150 cryptocurrencies to choose from.
Tight security measures.
Low minimum account funding.


High fees compared to some other exchanges.
You have no control over your private keys when you keep cryptocurrency in your account.
end of article
These are the best digital currency platforms that I recommend to you. They are safe and very popular. They are also recommended by investors, businessmen and experts, and are very reliable.
A small note: Most of the platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, including the ones I provided to you, require proof of identity confirmation, which is very normal and obvious for your protection and the protection of your private information. If you want to trade in cryptocurrencies legally and safely, there is no need to worry. Millions of people around the world use these platforms Strongly take it into account and rely on it.

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