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We always hear that working online brings money and wealth to its owner, especially if the chosen field is (electronic commerce), as digital commerce is one of the global platforms that presents your online store to the largest number of consumer customers, which drives this to increase sales and obtain huge profits. And all this happens in a short period of time, and entrepreneurs and large projects always resort to starting their businesses in digital commerce platforms.

 Because there are a lot of special features in it, but! There is one thing to point out!! As online work carries its negative aspects just like any business, especially the field of digital commerce, which carries negative aspects that must be addressed before entering the field of digital commerce in order to avoid any risks and challenges that you may face, in general! Today, we will present an article to you about ( electronic commerce solutions ), to learn about the problems of digital commerce and how to solve these problems

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?How do we solve the problems of e-commerc

To know the solutions of electronic commerce, we must, before that, know the most prominent problems of electronic commerce, which we will present to you in this paragraph;

digital payment method

Many people think that e-commerce is risky because they need to use their credit card or other potential payment methods, thinking that any technical issues may arise during the payment process,

As a result, the amount due for the product is deducted and not credited to the seller’s account, so buyers need a lot of time and effort to get this money back, and that is why some people are afraid to try online shopping.

Product Refund Policies

Online shopping is known to be; The product cannot be tried before purchase, which creates some suspicion that the product is damaged or unsuitable.

Product shipping delay

Some electronic stores, despite the provision of delivery and shipping services in them, do not see a kind of delay in delivering the product to you, as it is known about the maximum period that it is possible to ship the product that you have purchased is (7) days at least, so if the period exceeds 7 days This thing creates an atmosphere of bickering between the consumer customer and the retailer via electronic stores.

Add more fees to products after purchase

Some stores do not price their products at high prices, but in return they impose additional fees after the consumer customer purchases a product, and this is the cause of a problem in the field of e-commerce.

Exhausting losses when returning the product

This problem is specific to the owners of electronic stores, as they may suffer some loss in the event that consumer customers return the products after purchasing them, especially if the shipping service is the responsibility of the owner of the online store himself!! 

This is in addition to the many challenges and problems that both the seller and the consumer customer may be exposed to. Completing the buying and selling operations through the Internet carries some obstacles, and as we know that every problem has a solution! It has a lot of (e-commerce solutions), which we will talk about in the next paragraph.

Leading e-commerce solutions

The intent of ( e-commerce solutions ) is; A group of different services that help institutions to perform their business electronically, in addition to facing the challenges and problems that may face the commercial activities of institutions in the field of electronic commerce.

Fulfilling buyer’s requests

The principle of order management is based on all the processes of receiving buyers’ orders in addition to monitoring and implementing them, and some suggestions about other goods for your online store can be submitted to buyers based on their current requests, and order management must be integrated with payment and order services.

Provide a suitable payment service

The payment service is known to include: 

Possibility to pay by deposit.

Possibility of paying by cash.

The possibility of paying via credit and debit card electronically.

It can also be counted on to take advantage of catalog and sales channels, for the purpose of structuring payment options.

Submit sales reports

It is worth mentioning! The sales representatives are the ones who submit sales reports to the management, and the idea is to (inform the management of electronic stores) of all the things that happen around them, from buying and selling operations, and the consumer’s reaction to the digital store policy and its products, and others.

Clarify product refund policies

To avoid any risk of returning your products after purchasing from consumer customers, apply the following steps;

Ensure that the return policy is written clearly and smoothly so that the consumer can understand the destination.

Easily provide return policies on the home page of your online store.

To protect the work on your online store, be sure to set special return terms.

Make sure to clarify (the period of product return), so that the buyer can think about returning the product or not!

These were the most prominent e-commerce solutions, which if you apply them, it is certain that even if you expose your online store to some risk, the possibility of losses is low.

Well all we have to say as we reach the end of the article;

Be smart and turn challenges into golden opportunities. It is true that facing problems discourages resolve and will, but if you can seize the opportunity to turn this problem into the best solution, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort and thus earn a lot of money

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