The best cryptocurrency trading platforms in Egypt

 Cryptocurrency trading platforms in Egypt  locally and globally provide opportunities to open trading accounts for investors. Recently, this type of cryptocurrency trading is very popular in the Middle East, and as a result, due to the large number of people wishing to enter the cryptocurrency trading market , we will get acquainted with the most prominent platforms To trade digital currencies approved for trading in Egypt.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in Egypt

Cryptocurrency trading today is one of the best options in the field of stock investment, as it contains distinct advantages and components that are not found in the usual and traditional methods of conflict. It is worth mentioning that Egypt has witnessed many developments in this field, as it has become one of the oldest financial markets among the rest of the Arab countries.

The trading of financial instruments via the Internet has now become one of the most popular activities that attract large numbers of investors, and there are a group of licensed cryptocurrency trading companies in Egypt, including:

 Ava trade platform for cryptocurrency trading

This company is one of the largest and most famous forex CFD brokers in the world, and the origin of this company is as follows:

The company is headquartered in Ireland and was established in 2006.

They are regulated by the Bank of Ireland, IIROC, FSRA, FSC, FSA, ASIC. 

Trading platforms MT4, MT5, Ava Options and Ava Trade GO.

The company’s official website can be accessed from here .

Ava trade cryptocurrency trading platform

Advantages of the company Ava trade

The company offers a unique set of features that attract large numbers of investors, including:

The company offers a range of fixed or floating trading models.

The company has a great deal of experience.

The companies are regulated by many global regulatory bodies which makes them safer.

It offers the highest levels of regulation, making it the perfect choice for anxious investors.

The company provides strong protection for investors’ deposits.

Ava trade is directly regulated in Ireland (and thus the European Union), Australia, the British Virgin Islands, South Africa and Japan. 

The maximum leverage offered by the company is 400:1.

Clients gain access to a variety of different assets.

The company allows trading in more than 55 forex pairs, 20 stock indices, 17 commodities, 14 cryptocurrencies and 66 types of unique stocks.

Clients can trade two bonds and six mutual funds.

The company provides services related to trading through Islamic accounts, without charging a fee for deals that are still open for the next day.

Provides negative balance protection.

You can easily buy bitcoin or different cryptocurrencies

Disadvantages of Ava trade

There are some obvious negatives from dealing with Ava trade, which are as follows:

The company charges a fairly high quarterly fee for inactivity.

The Company charges an unacceptable cost for Ava Protect.

They charge little leverage for individual traders.

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 FXTM Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

This company is one of the best licensed cryptocurrency trading companies in Egypt, and it is known for the following:

The company is headquartered in Cyprus and was established in 2011.

The minimum deposit is up to 10 USD.

MT4 Trading Platforms, FXTM Trading App.

FXTM is a subsidiary of Forex Time

This company is well regulated by Cyprus, UK, Mauritius and South Africa.

You can open an account with the company and learn about its services from here .

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FXTM Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Advantages of FETM

The company offers a set of features that attract customers and investors, including:

The company offers superior protection methods for customers’ deposits.

It has a low minimum deposit.

The company includes the best brokers in all respects.

Enjoy fast execution and a welcome bonus.

They offer free MT4 add-ons along with VPS hosting.

The minimum spread is 1.5 points.

The minimum commission is up to $4.00.

It gives clients access to more than 57 forex pairs, major energies, precious metals as well as major cryptocurrencies and stock indices.

The company offers the advantage of Islamic accounts that are free of usurious interests.

Client funds are separated from company funds.

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In addition to the advantages mentioned by the company, there are a number of disadvantages, including:

The company does not support cryptocurrencies.

The company charges an internal withdrawal fee and an inactivity fee.

It has low leverage for individual traders.

 eToro cryptocurrency trading platform

eToro is a cryptocurrency brokerage whose origins are as follows:

The company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

In 2010 the company released a social investment platform known as eToro OpenBook.

You can enter the official website of the company and open an account with it from here .

eToro Cryptocurrency Exchange

eToro’s Advantages

The company enjoys a number of advantages, including:

The company owns documented global licenses.

One of the leading companies in the field of cryptocurrency trading and possesses the latest technological methods.

The company has a very advanced deal transcription system.

The company has a premium social trading network.

The company managed to raise $31.5 million in the period between 2007 and 2013.

The volume of investments in the company is approximately 162 million dollars.

eToro Cons

There are some weaknesses and shortcomings of eToro, which are as follows:

Existence of fast and unauthorized speculation.

Lack of diversity in accounts.

Within the framework of our offer of trading companies licensed in Egypt, you can be sure of the reliability of brokerage and trading companies by the Egyptian Stock Exchange, knowing that this includes all forms of trading, especially securities and digital.

How to ensure the validity of trusted cryptocurrency trading companies in Egypt

When deciding to speculate in the stock market or open an account with a financial trading company to be able to trade in shares in the forex market, care must be taken and ensure that the company is licensed, and the extent of safety in dealing with it, by taking into account several things, including:

Ensure that the company is licensed and monitored by the investor’s country.

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That the trading company is affiliated with one of the global regulatory bodies that monitor and review the broker’s records.

It is necessary to ensure that the company is working to separate clients’ funds from the company’s funds.

Ensuring the role of the supervisory bodies in monitoring the performance of the trading company and looking into customer complaints.

Do a search on the regulatory authority’s website to verify the company’s license using the company’s registration number published at the bottom of the company’s official website page.

Choosing trading companies that have a long history in this market and are preferred by customers.

Ensure the strength of the authority specialized in granting licensing, and it is better to search for reliable American and European licenses.

Global licenses for cryptocurrency trading companies

In light of the talk about the licensed cryptocurrency trading companies in Egypt, it is now necessary to identify the most important global licenses obtained by the approved and licensed trading companies, which the investor must verify and review, as these licenses are as follows:

Australia’s Financial Supervisory Authority.

CySEC Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA.

FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

The National Futures Association of America (NFA).

Global licenses for cryptocurrency trading companies

How to identify unreliable companies

There are clear methods that fraudulent forex companies rely on to be able to trap customers, as they delude them of imaginary profits from the trading market, but their real goal is to obtain depositors’ money, and in the framework of identifying the licensed cryptocurrency trading companies in Egypt, we inform you about the mechanism of detection of these companies:

Providing unreasonable and exaggerated promotions.

The fraudulent company did not obtain any official license from the well-known regulatory authorities.

These companies’ platforms are difficult to use and noticeably slow.

Making false promises to clients of huge profits from the forex market.

Frequent contacts and high insistence on clients in order to open accounts on the platforms of those companies.

Offer up to 200% additional amounts on the original capital.

Tendency not to offer courses on trading mechanism education.

Trading in the forex market achieves great profits, but by dealing with licensed trading companies in Egypt, which hold internationally approved licenses, and enjoy credibility and a high level of security. If you want more information, we recommend that you read Cryptocurrency Trading in Egypt – Your Complete Guide.

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