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When the Corona pandemic hit the planet last year, many companies, shops and large institutions were forced to close their doors, and sit at home, which prompted their owners to complete the buying and selling operations from their homes, instead of complaining and blaming life, and as it is said (need is a mother). Innovation), the Corona pandemic was the need that prompted entrepreneurs to expand their business and achieve double sales that they had not even imagined!

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 So that about 68% of people around the world purchased their products (clothes, shoes, medicines, meals and others) from the Internet, and the situation continued even after the end of Covid 19, and its continuation had a positive impact on the economy of individuals and countries, so that they achieved sales that compensated for the heavy losses that They received it in the spread of the Corona disease, and by inferring from the above, we can say (that the field of electronic commerce is profitable) and you can achieve quick wealth in record time according to smart and thoughtful strategies. Create your business on one of the electronic trading platforms.

Statistics about e-commerce earnings.

In this paragraph, we will show you the most prominent statistics related to the field of e-commerce and are expected to occur in 2022:

Global online retail sales are expected to grow to $5.4 trillion by 2022.

The average cart abandonment rate is 69.80%.

Mobile digital commerce sales of smartphones are expected to reach $3.56 trillion by 2021.

Social commerce sales will grow 34.8% to $36.09 billion in 2021.

62% of online shoppers perform a Google search before making a purchase.

As for the statistics of general e-commerce, it must be known to make the best decisions about digital public business, regardless of the type of business activity in this global field.

2.14 billion people made purchases from electronic stores during the year 2021 AD, according to estimates obtained by experts in the field of e-commerce work.

 E-commerce statistics indicated; It is possible that 27% of shoppers will buy their products through electronic markets, and this is due to the speed system available in electronic markets.

By 2022, online digital retail sales are expected to reach $5.4 trillion worldwide.

It is also known that (shopping) is one of the most popular things for people, so you see them in a constant search for the best electronic stores to buy their products from, and this desire created a golden opportunity for companies, shops and institutions to establish electronic stores for them on one of the e-commerce platforms, and that is a desire to Expand their e-commerce activity, and achieve the largest return from their digital stores.

The role of fashion and beauty had the largest share in achieving the largest revenues in 2021 AD, and it is expected to double these revenues by 2022 AD.

According to the statistics of e-commerce stores, we note that the international revenues of fashion and beauty stores reached about (666) billion dollars, and electronic devices, games and brand stores had a large share to obtain huge profits that reached more than 500 billion dollars.

China’s control of the largest share of the digital commerce market (electronic promotion).

China is known for its dominance in the digital commerce market, as it is famous for the manufacture of luxury goods, as this country makes a significant contribution to global sales, and it is worth mentioning! The number of shoppers in the state of China in 2020 reached 782.41 million online shoppers, which made the state of China acquire the electronic market in a very large way, and it is possible that the proportion of shoppers in China will rise to large proportions by 2022 AD, and you may be surprised by some 9.9% of online shoppers are from China, which indicates the amount of Chinese people’s interest in e-commerce.

These were the most prominent e-commerce statistics in the world 2021, which, as we mentioned earlier, is likely to grow and take a forward direction in 2022 AD.

Key Features E-Commerce Profits Statistics

Keeping abreast of the e-commerce industry and its trends, enabling real-world business decisions.

Knowing the statistics helps to create excellent marketing plans to attract consumer customers, which increases the chances of making profits.

Help improve conversion rates.

The possibility of converting the iron consumer customer into a returning consumer customer.

This is in addition to many benefits resulting from knowing statistics about e-commerce profits, which many sellers in the field of e-commerce are ignorant of. An investor who only wants to establish his business from the Internet, as it saves a lot of time and effort and yields huge revenues in a short time.

 It is possible to read a lot of Arabic and English sources that help in giving you (statistics about e-commerce profits ) greatly. These statistics, as we mentioned earlier, help in finding smart marketing strategies capable of attracting the largest number of shoppers to your online store

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