Solve Facebook problems by supporting Facebook ads

Solve Facebook problems by supporting Facebook ads

The Facebook platform is considered one of the most popular platforms on social networking sites, and many entrepreneurs and investors rely on it and use it as a business Facebook, because of the profit from Facebook , as it is possible to reap huge profits from Facebook very quickly and easily, and we note that many users of Facebook The Facebook platform they create their own Facebook page , this page could be a Facebook business page , and they create a Facebook advertising account , to bring in huge profits, so the Facebook page becomes a source of income for them, and suddenly they face the problem of ” Facebook account theft “, or they make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook , but they face problems of rejecting or restricting the advertisement, which goes to the bottom of their efforts, so they

Search for the solution on Google, and in today’s article we will offer you, dear reader, the best solutions to the problems that a Facebook user may encounter in his personal account or professional account on Facebook, to know these solutions, read the article that is about “Solving Facebook problems by Facebook Ads Support .

A Brief Introduction to Facebook Ads Support

There is no doubt that you have read in the Facebook group posts that the restriction was opened from an advertising account that you made through “ Facebook Ads Support Chat ”.

Facebook Ads Support; It is managed by a group of experts from the ” Facebook Ads Support, Meta ” platform, in order to provide customer service and solve the problems they face.

How to contact Facebook Ads Support

Hassan; After you were able to learn the task of “Facebook Ads Support”, dear reader, you hardly want how to communicate with the support team, to solve the problems you face, but there is no need to search extensively in Google, we will provide a way to communicate with Facebook Ads Support:

Provide an active advertising account:

In order to communicate with Facebook Ads Support, you must first have an active advertising account, on which you have paid the electricity bill .

Go to  business facebook .

Click on the “Create Account” tab.

Enter a name for your business.

Select the home page.

Enter both your name and your work email address.

Fill in the rest of the fields with the information required of you.

– After that go to “Business Manager”.

Go to ads manager accounts after opening a new tab.

-You will see an ID consisting of “16” digits, copy it.

Go to the Facebook Ad Manager settings, and click on “Add new ad accounts”.

Paste the ID, and click on “New Ad Account”.

-After that, run Facebook ads, and issue an advertising invoice.

After you create a Facebook Ads account, follow these steps, to contact Facebook Ads Support:

-Go to “business help”, it will show you some services.

-Choose one of them, then click on the “Contact Facebook Ads Support Team” tab.

A chat will appear for you, present your problem to the support team, and you will receive assistance as soon as possible.

This was for the problems that you may encounter in your advertising account, and when you encounter problems of closing or disabling the account or any other problem, you must apply the following steps.

How to contact the support team

If you encounter a problem with the Facebook platform, and you want to contact a specialist in order to obtain support for your account on Workspace, or Google, apply the following:

Register in the Google Admin console.

You register with the same administrator account, and beware of registering with your email account.

-Clicking on the “Help” button.

At the top of the Admin Console page you will find the Assistant button, click on it.

-Clicking on “Contact the support team”, which is done by clicking on a window.

Thus, you have contacted the help support team on Facebook.

?What is the Facebook support email

Now you can solve your Facebook problems by:
Penetrate Facebook.
Facebook is not working.
How do I open Facebook and I forgot the password.
Access and download your Facebook information.
Through the Facebook support email link, where each email has its own tasks, choose the email that suits your problem:
A special email for guidance and direction “”.
Privacy email “”.
Special support email “”.
A special email to respond to the rejection of the request “”.
A special email for confrontational warnings is “”.
A special email for the problem of logging into the account “”.
Special email for the closed account “”.
A special email for the Facebook payment issue and the funding field, “”.
A special email to request a copy of your account information “”.
A special email for harassment on the Facebook platform “”.
This is in addition to a lot of emails that can help you solve any problem you may encounter in the Facebook platform.”

Message Facebook to recover the account

As we mentioned earlier, some Facebook accounts are trading accounts, from which entrepreneurs and investors benefit in buying and selling their products, and once there is any penetration, closing, disabling or banning of the Facebook account, it is likely that a lot of damage will occur, and from here we will show you dear The reader is the best way to message Facebook to recover the account:
You can rely on the previous links mentioned to communicate with the support team.
Send a message to the support team on Facebook, and you will receive a response as soon as possible.
How to contact the Facebook support team
If you cannot get a satisfactory answer from the support team, then contact the support team via the support team’s email, which is “”.


In this article, we have provided you, dear reader, with a set of solutions to Facebook’s problems, from the way to communicate with Facebook Ads Support, and how to create an advertising account on Facebook, also the way to write to Facebook support, and Facebook support email, in addition to contacting Facebook to restore the account in case it was stolen Or disable it, and how to contact the Facebook support team, as this information helps you solve any problem you may encounter in your Facebook account.
Thus, we reached the end of our article, which was about “”Solving Facebook problems by supporting Facebook ads”, we hope that you liked it, dear reader.


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