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In this article, I chose for you the most important sites that I tried and profited from, and they are really reliable and confirmed, and you really have to try them and profit from them.



Contenta is one of the Job Boards websites specialized in the field of writing, and what is distinguished on this site is that you will find many services on it such as:

Also, most of the employers who rely on this site pay good money, and there are many jobs that are paid on a monthly basis.

My advice is to try applying on this site and look for simple services to get used to the site, perhaps you will discover a client with whom you work for a long time and achieve a stable income.


Hubpages is a large blog that talks about various fields, which relies on writers and bloggers to publish useful topics in English.

How Hubpages works:

Register on the site from the link above.

Post as many articles as possible.

The site earns through advertisements and gives each writer a portion of the profits that his articles bring.

I recommend this site for beginners who want to test their writing style, practice English, and get some information and tips to improve their style.

But you should know that the profit from this site will be somewhat small, if you write several articles and bring good traffic to the site, expect to earn between 50 to 100 dollars per month.

This is the advantage and disadvantage of this site. It is true that the profit is small, but it is continuous.


Blasting news is a global educational news site that covers all fields, always looking for young writers and journalists from all over the world.

The rate of profit varies depending on the traffic that comes to the site, but on average you can earn $ 12 for every 1000 people who read an article for you.

In the link I gave you previously, you will find a profit calculator provided by the Blasting news website itself.

If you love writing small articles and covering news and new information, I advise you to try this site yourself and continue publishing on it, and you will find yourself making a decent income.

ClearVoice website

This site is one of the best sites to earn money from writing for professionals, it is looking for people with skills in:

Writing articles according to the rules of SEO .

Editing articles.

Writing ads.

And other different writing skills, then these are presented to the best brands that are looking for these skills. The site offers you:

The ability to create a unique profile.

Putting links to all your articles that you have published since you subscribed to the site.

Easily communicate with customers.

Determine the price that suits you without any interference.

Perhaps the competition between you and foreigners is somewhat difficult, but if you are able to write, you can make more than wonderful profits from this site.

 Constant Content

This site is very similar to ClearVoice, but the difference here is that you are tested before you register, and you also have to submit a sample of your writing to be evaluated and leveled.

Depending on your level, you can apply for different jobs on the site, and over time, the higher your evaluation, the higher your earnings rate.

This site is relied upon by many employers in cooperating with writers of various levels. As long as you are good at writing in English, I advise you to apply for it.

And even if you were rejected the first time… try to improve yourself and then keep trying until you are accepted.


This site is similar to the Pro blogger that we talked about earlier and works the same way, although the number of new jobs that are being put on it is somewhat less.

Guru . site

Guru works in the same way as Freelancer and Upwork, but its popularity is a bit less, which makes it less crowded and competitive, which is good for you if you are a newbie in this field.


Indeed is one of the best and most popular job search site in the world, you can search it for jobs in various fields.

The site enables you to make a simple CV about yourself and your skills, then search and apply for various jobs. What is also distinctive is that the site supports the Arabic language. You can also search for jobs in countries such as:

Most of the jobs on this site are full-time, but I put it on because you can find many opportunities to work from home and earn from writing articles.

You can also find an opportunity to cooperate with many companies on an ongoing basis and to know the requirements that the market is looking for in the field of writing.

 Arabic sites

Although there are a good number of Arab freelance platforms, most of them are not relied upon by many employers, especially in the field of writing.

However, they don’t get almost any traffic and not many people depend on them as I mentioned.

 Niche sites and how to search for them

There are many websites specialized in various fields that are looking for skilled writers, for example:

Sitepoint coding and web development site (which I want to publish some of my articles on someday) is looking for writers skilled in programming.

Web Design Tutorials owned by the famous Envato company, which searches for skilled writers to write articles on design and creativity.

There are hundreds of such sites and it would be hard to collect them for you, but I can tell you a great and simple way to search for them.

All you have to do is type in the Google search engine the field you are interested in, then put the “+” sign, and then put the following phrase (“Write for us”) as it is in parentheses.

In this way, you will find most of the sites in any field that have a “Write for us” page, and thus you will find many opportunities to profit from writing on the Internet.

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