New techniques to make money online

Learn about the most important techniques and modern methods in order to make money from the Internet, and because it is unconventional, many people are attracted to it and ask about it and try it, so follow the article with me to the end in order to make more money

Photography and filming

If you are a good photographer and videographer, you can shoot and photograph nature or special subjects. For example, photographing a historical place or a virgin nature that has remained unknown until now can be attractive to many Internet users. 

Of course, your type of photography and videography is very important.

 If you act professionally in this work, you can become a famous person very soon. You can even work as a photographer for big companies and factories. Photograph their products artistically to make them look more attractive.

 Many companies need photographers and videographers to introduce their products on their website or social networks. 

You can take the initiative and offer them cooperation. The basic requirements of this business are having a modern camera and familiarity with graphic software.

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 Online store

Selling a product through an online store or creating a page on social networks is another way to earn money from the Internet. Imagine that you are making handicrafts at home.

 If you want to sell your product in the traditional way, you can eventually find some customers among your friends and acquaintances. But when you set up a store website or a page on social networks, you can have many customers without geographical restrictions. Even without renting a shop or having to pay rent, taxes, water and electricity, etc., 

you can sell your product at home and through the Internet. Finding a product for sale on such sites is easily available to everyone, but to increase your income and sales, you need to increase site traffic; Therefore, it is necessary to have expertise in this field.

 Social networks

These days, social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. have become very popular among Iranian users. 

The existence of a large number of users in these networks is a motivationIt has increased many companies to advertise their products. You can work as a social media marketer. 

You can also sell your services or products through these networks Creating content for other pages in social networks is another way to earn money from the Internet.

 Get paid by producing textual, audio or visual content – such as photos, infographics, motion graphics, videos, etc. – for large companies.

 Making money from social networks is very diverse. Even more than you need skill, you will need practice and persistence. 

The highest earning people in these networks did not take any courses and even learned the concepts of these networks at the elementary and intermediate levels.

 Google ads

Google is another way to make money online. If you want your website to be on the first page of search results, you must follow the algorithms of this search engine. 

Maybe working with SEO principles is difficult for you. In such cases, you can use “Google AdWords”use. In this case, you can submit your product ads to Google. Let us clarify this with an example. 

Imagine that you are engaged in the production of office desks and chairs. But due to the presence of many competitors, the number of visits to your site is low.

 In order to beat your competitors and increase the number of visits to your website, you can use Google’s advertising method. In this method, you pay a certain amount to Google and in return, your website will be displayed on the first page of the search results for a certain period of time. Of course, using this feature of the Google site a lot can increase your costs.

 Therefore, you should choose the most optimal mode both during advertising and keywords.

 Increasing followers

Another way to earn money online is “increasing followers or members on social media pages” . 

You can attract followers for pages that are active on Instagram. For example, you can receive a certain amount from them for every thousand followers. Then direct users to that page using methods such as placing advertising messages under the most visited pages. Experience can be a powerful factor for this method of earning; However, there are training courses on the Internet about such methods. 

Startup Instasaz is one of the businesses that has started its activity in the field of increasing followers on Instagram and has also started an upward trend

application design

Another way to earn money from the Internet is to design applications. For example, consider the Snap application, which earns millions of tomans during the day. 

You can also design a useful application to meet the needs of others. If you are not an expert in this work, there is nothing wrong with it. You have an idea that you can share with an application designer and design an application together.

 For example, you can design a program in which restaurants are reviewed by different cities and regions. 

Then users can rate restaurants based on service quality. With this, travelers and tourists who are newly arriving in a city can easily identify good restaurants. Designing a popular application on the Internet, in addition to expertise in the field of programming in the language of mobile operating systems, also requires a little enthusiasm.


A freelancer is someone who does projects and other people’s work on the Internet and earns money for his work.

 Freelancing is used in various fields, including content production, teaching and student projects, application design, and any other business that can be carried out through the Internet. 

You don’t need capital to start such a business, but you must have enough skills in the projects you undertake. 

To start, you can join the sites that provide freelancing services. The number of these sites is currently increasing. Among the successful examples in this field, we can mention the websites of Nevisesh and Poonisha.


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