Learn about the digital currency and cryptocurrency trading market

 An explanation of the digital currency and cryptocurrency trading market for beginners – your comprehensive guide

Learn about the digital currency and cryptocurrency trading market

These days, in most places we enter, we hear about digital currencies or cryptocurrencies . It is possible that many of us have heard about the benefits of this field and have a desire to enter this area of ​​the market, but we do not know what digital currencies are exactly and we are not familiar with its basics and mechanisms. And what we need to know about this field in general is that digital currencies, like the current currencies of any country, are in fact digital money that is traded between people without the support and supervision of any bank, individual, government or organization, and most currencies follow the blockchain technology. In this article, we try to describe the concepts and definitions related to the basics of  the digital currency and cryptocurrency trading market so that you can get an initial knowledge about this field, follow the article with us for the next. 

Cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading market

Digital currencies and cryptocurrencies have quickly entered people’s lives and have made themselves a part of the rapidly growing technology nowadays. And every one of us in every corner of the business world in which we are active has heard more or less about these digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. In this article, you will have a level of knowledge about this field and comprehensive and integrated information of concepts and definitions related to the basics of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies and get an initial introduction to this field.

?What are digital currencies

A digital currency is a type of virtual currency that is exchanged on the Internet without the need for the presence, support or supervision of a real bank, institution or person. Its name in international parlance is “digital currency” and it is bought and sold completely independently among people in the virtual world without the intervention of any intermediary. And of course, you need to know that digital currency can be converted into the common currency of countries, people can pay money equivalent to the value of riyals, dollars or other currencies that are common in other countries and buy some of these digital currencies, which are also different types. Almost all cryptocurrencies are planned and operated on the basis of a blue-chain-based architecture. 

But  what is blockchain technology? What are the types of digital currencies?  We will look further. For now, we should take a look at the history of the emergence of cryptocurrencies to see where they came from, by whom or people and for what purpose or purposes.  

The history of the emergence of digital currency in the world

In the late ’90s, there was a company called DigiCash, founded by a guy named David Chaum. What DigiCash has done is provide a ready-made platform for banks to transfer digital values. After the emergence of this type of digital value exchange system, another digital currency was created in 2006, called Liberty Reserve Currency. In this way, in that year and some time thereafter, the people converted the common currencies of the country, the dollar and the euro, into freedom reserves and exchanged them with each other at a fee of about 1%. And of course, after some time, the US government became famous for money laundering

What is Bitcoin? An explanation for beginners with its advantages and disadvantages

, both closed. But this did not cause this type of exchange to be forgotten in people’s minds, and in this way, in 2009, the most famous and popular digital currency,   Bitcoin , appeared .  

How to buy and sell digital currencies? Cryptocurrency trading

What is the purpose of a digital currency?

Eliminating intermediaries in remittances has been one of the main goals of the digital currency. As we said, there are different types of digital currencies. But the obvious advantage among all of them is that they are not affiliated with a real or legal person, organization or a particular bank.

In fact, digital currencies are used to purchase goods and services such as fiat currencies that are known in every country, with the difference that the value and credit resulting from their production or transfer do not belong to anyone and everyone is equal in their use. Sometimes there may be a type of digital currency for a social network or a type of online game on an independent site, and by owning that currency we can only receive a product or service from that particular platform or site.

?What is Blockchain Technology

The general concept of a Blockchain – a blockchain, according to its name, is actually blocks of information linked together in a chain. These blocks of information are actually the same as digital information and this chain is actually the database related to it.  What is cryptocurrency mining? Understand the concept and method of work

The three general characteristics of these sets of information are as follows:

1. Suppose, for example, that Amazon (a global online store where people from all over the world can buy any product online and receive it at their doorstep) is based on Blockchain technology. For example now, if you buy a product from Amazon, that product and its information, the time of purchase, the amount of dollars spent to purchase that product and other information in information blocks are stored.

2. Blocks storage of your user information. In fact, instead of saving your name, surname and real details, they save the registered username in the system as the buyer’s details.

3. Each block has its own code that distinguishes it from other blocks. These codes are called “hash”. These hash codes work on the basis of a special programmed algorithm where each block receives its own hash token. For example, if you decide to register and purchase another number from the same order only two seconds after completing your purchase from the Amazon online store, the information recorded in the blocks related to each of your purchases will be exactly the same. What separates these two blocks from each other is their unique hash code.

What we mentioned about Amazon, for example, is a very small scale of blockchain technology that works in relation to cryptocurrencies. In fact, the blocks in a digital currency blockchain like Bitcoin are able to store buying and selling information in very large amounts of coins. 

?What are cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is actually a type of digital currency that has a cryptographic structure. Its name is in International English (Cryptocurrency). Cryptocurrency is available to people in a decentralized manner without relying on any central bank or institution and follows cryptographic algorithms to prevent fraud and such risks. The decentralization of the cryptocurrency and the encryption of the data stored in it has weakened the power of the countries of the world to control their economy. Because no bank or organization publishes statistics and information related to cryptocurrency or makes it available to governments. 

Learn about the types of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies

In this section, we provide you with a list of some of the most common and popular digital currencies and give you useful and brief information about each of them.

Bitcoin digital currency 

About the founder or founders of this digital currency, there is only one pseudonym known as Satoshi Nakamoto. It was designed as a theory in 2008 and finally the emergence of the Bitcoin network in 2009 .

Currently, this digital currency, which is based on Blockchain technology, is one of the most popular and most popular digital currencies in the current era, which has managed to occupy the first place among digital currencies.

The founder of this digital currency is Vitalik Buterin, who launched it in 2015. Of course, Vitalik suggested launching Ethereum in 2013 because he believed that the Bitcoin system was facing problems. So, make a plan so that he can fix the problems he wants and create a new system.

So, you may have seen in photos and pictures related to digital currencies that they put Bitcoin tokens on gold coins and Litecoin tokens on silver coins.

About the structure of this cryptocurrency, it must be said that Litecoin is based on a global open source payment network or more commonly known as Open Source. A decentralized network that is not controlled by any programming and operates on the basis of pre-written scripts.

Although Litecoin is very similar to Bitcoin in many ways, it is faster in terms of blockchain technology. Therefore, it has a high speed in confirming global transactions via the Internet.

More than manufacturers and people active in the cryptocurrency space, it is the merchants who accept Litecoin and consider it a valid cryptocurrency and a valuable technology . 

Tether (USDT) digital currency

Tether is also in the early cryptocurrency category in the history of digital currencies. In fact, tethers are placed in a group called fixed coins. Because Tether puts its market value under the influence of a fixed currency or source in order to be able to reduce market volatility.

Therefore, its value remains approximately constant over a certain period of time. Therefore, in a certain period of time, while we see many fluctuations in the value of a currency like Bitcoin, we always see Tether or other stablecoins in a certain and moderate range of volatility.

The same makes Tether for people with a more cautious spirit than others in business or investing; It has become a perfect cryptocurrency.

Tether was created in 2014 and describes itself as

“An active blockchain platform designed to facilitate fiat currencies (funds backed – money whose value is determined by supply and demand) in a digital way.” 

Explore the future and prospects of digital currencies

Digital currencies are obtained through a process called mining. Mining has become much easier in recent years, and with the passage of time and the discovery of many coins, it now involves a more complex and difficult process. Of course, for this difficulty, there is a higher price for these coins. 

? How are digital currencies mined?

Cryptocurrencies are mined through a process called mining. The original idea of ​​mining goes back to the so-called miners and prospectors who cut mountains and penetrated underground in order to find gold. When these people went to the lower layers of the earth, the chances of finding gold decreased and somehow, the density and volume of gold decreased. During the mining process, you have to take over a corner of the transaction chain, solve mining operations, and receive fees and coins for the amount of work done and your processing power.

One of the problems that arise when conducting cryptocurrency transactions is making sure that the transaction is valid and correct. Users need credit and trust to know that the funds they want will be transferred to the desired accounts completely and without any flaws. For this purpose, the functionality of blockchain technology has been added to cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology plays the same concept as a ledger as digital currency. But in such a way that the ledger of cryptocurrency transactions is not in the hands of a particular person and is entirely on the web.

Anyone on the web can view this ledger and anyone on the blockchain, who has a complete and accurate currency ledger. In this way, all changes must be recorded in all offices, and if one office has non-default changes, it will be deleted according to the other offices. Processing these changes and corrections requires a lot of work that can earn digital currency for processing.

On the other hand, depending on the type of coin, you are faced with a different hashing algorithm. Each of these algorithms can require its own time, and by processing and passing time, you can implement this hashing algorithm and release the required block. The following algorithms exist for different numeric passwords:

256 SHA

This algorithm stands for “Secure Hash Algorithm” and follows 32-bit blocks. Usually, every 7 minutes, a block can be retrieved from this algorithm. This algorithm is also used to hash Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency today. Some of the other coins used in this algorithm are Bytecoin, Joulecoin, DuCoin, TeraCoin, BattleCoin, and BetaCoin.


This algorithm is mostly used to hash the Ethereum cryptocurrency. This algorithm uses SHA-3-based processes and primarily uses the graphics processing unit (GPU) for processing. Popular coins used in this algorithm include Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Kodak Coin, and Yubik.


The script algorithm is mainly used to confirm cryptocurrency blocks and the first one was used for Tenebrix in 2011. This algorithm is also the basis for Dogecoin and Litecoin. This hashing algorithm is faster than SHA-256 and has a hash rate of about kilo hashs per second. Among the most famous digital currencies used in this algorithm, we can mention Golden, Patchin, Bitmark, Tagcoin, Akrona and Midascoin.


This hashing algorithm was created after many people with home computers were also looking for cryptocurrency mining. This algorithm includes simple and small blocks and their coins can be easily mined using any system (even mobile phones). Among the popular currencies of this algorithm, we can mention Bitcoin Gold, Komodo and Zan Kash.


This algorithm is also designed for computers with a very simple processor and works on the basis of code. You can use this algorithm in CPU based mining. Bytecoin, Monero, Dashcoin, and Digital Note are among the most popular currencies that rely on this hashing algorithm.


This algorithm is a combination of different hashing algorithms, which ultimately creates one of the safest and most reliable mining operations. Karma Coin, Dash, Start Coin, and Monterey Unit are among the most popular cryptocurrencies for this algorithm.

The processing speed of the hash algorithm can be related to the characteristics of your hardware, including the hash rate and data processing power of the mining hardware . 

What are the stages of the mining process?

To perform the mining process, you also have to follow the steps that we will explain below.

?What is the difference between digital money and electronic money

What are the stages of the mining process?

The first step

To enter mining, you must first obtain the equipment and facilities necessary for mining. In the past, you could get in if you had a powerful computer processor and a good graphics card. But nowadays special mining equipment is also being designed and produced and you can use it as per your budget. You can get this equipment under the name ASIC Miner.

Preparing a suitable cryptocurrency wallet

To store any currency, you need a special wallet for it. For digital currencies, you need to buy virtual and physical wallets. Some virtual wallets are free to use and some have storage and transfer fees. You can also use physical wallets to store coins.

Contact the mining complex

Even with new and powerful ASIC equipment, mining powerful currencies like Bitcoin remains difficult and troublesome. Compared to the competition with large cryptocurrency mining pools around the world, home and small processors can be inefficient and unprofitable. To solve this problem, a digital currency aggregator has been created where the smallest miners can work together to obtain a portion of the desired digital currency.

Install mining software on your computer

After setting up your crypto wallet and connecting to the required mining pool, it’s time to install the mining software on your operating system. This software connects to the blockchain system and the required digital currency network and starts the mining process. On the other hand, this software monitors all the activities of miners and displays detailed statistics of mining operations such as system activity temperature, hash rate, cooling system performance and average mining speed to the user.

extraction started 

After setting up all of the above, you can start the mining process and start earning digital currency. Keep in mind that you must factor in all costs and expenses along with the amount of your earnings and income to determine the efficiency and productivity of the system.

coin storage

For digital currencies, like all types of capital, you should consider specific data centers and banks. If you keep your capital in an unsecured wallet or in an inappropriate form, all your hard work could be wasted. Try converting your coins to more stable and specific currencies such as Tether to prevent its devaluation. 

What features should a suitable mining pool have?

Before you want to contact the pools in the market, it is best to look at the important features of good mining pools so that you can finally make the best choice :

compound profits

No matter what, the assembly work structure should be in such a way that it achieves the greatest benefit to the user. If you cannot make the profit that you expect from working in the pool, you will lose. The pool may not support all mining packages, after logging in it is better to consider the minimum requirements.

Mechanism of division of labor among miners

Each pool has its own mechanism for dividing the work among the different miners. For example, group A may be powerful users and miners, and group B is for users with weak systems and simpler tasks.

transparent billiards performance

For confidence in the assembly, it is better to choose an assembly whose operator has a clear and specific performance. Try to choose a group that does not have any confidentiality or lack transparency in its statistics.

Payment amount

If you have a good and powerful system, try to choose a group with low fees and good payments. By doing this, you will increase your income. On the other hand, pool payments should be regular and without minimums so that you can access the capital in a timely manner.

The security and stability of the blessing

Another important feature is the security and stability of the pond, which ultimately leads to the preservation of capital and money. It is important to know if the pool offers you a secure or free network. Try to choose a complex that has the least problems against hack attacks. 

How practical is it to get into mining and is it affordable?

Entering the mining field, like all other jobs, requires paying initial costs and time. And in order to earn your initial capital and achieve profitability, you must spend the required time. In the meantime, you must acquire enough knowledge and skills to enter this field. As we advance in time, it becomes more difficult to obtain blocks of more valuable currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and it takes more money and time to be spent.

As time goes by and more blocks are found, fewer coins are awarded to users and miners per block, effectively reducing your earnings. If you want to get into this field and mine cryptocurrency, it is better to get income and profit by using cryptocurrency calculators to have a more complete view of the market.

Learn about cryptocurrency wallets

Get to know the wallets of the cryptocurrency world

Like physical currencies popular in countries, digital currencies also need a wallet for storage. In general, cryptocurrency wallets fall into two categories: hardware and software. Each wallet is able to support a specific type or types of digital currencies.

Hardware wallets have much higher security than software types, but they are suitable for people who have a lot of currency transactions and this security is very important for them. You only need your wallet address to make cryptocurrency transactions. Avoid making your wallet ID available to others; This is a discreet ID card that you should keep with you in complete safety.

The search for a lot of information these days about digital currencies is being exchanged between people, every day more and more people are interested in this field and more people are planning to enter this market. One of the most basic concerns that any new investor in this field has to deal with is how to build a suitable cryptocurrency portfolio. There are different types of wallets suitable for cryptocurrency. How to make this wallet, or know the information and features of this wallet, or know its types; It is a topic we will discuss further.

Offer different wallets suitable for cryptocurrency

As you probably know, digital currencies need space to be transferred and transferred between people and, in simpler terms, to be bought and sold, much like physical currencies are common in countries. It is best to first familiarize yourself with the types of these wallets to know which one is suitable for the activity you intend to do in the field of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency wallets fall into two general categories: software wallets and hardware wallets. 

Software wallets 

There are different types of software wallets mentioned below.

desktop wallets

In fact, it is a program that is installed on the desktop of a laptop or PC. Therefore, every time you use your digital wallet, you must enter the computer system on which the software is installed and use it on the desktop.

Top 6 Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2022

The best and most popular desktop or desktop wallets according to statistics published in 2022 are: 




Jaxx Liberty


Green Address

Atomic Wallet

MultiBit HD

Bitcoin Core


Application wallets (for phone)

It is an application installed on your smartphone that you must enter every time you use your digital wallet.

online wallets

There are many sites where you can register and choose your virtual wallet. So, every time you want to use your wallet, you have to go to this website and go to your account and then your online wallet. 

But the following items from this brand should not be underestimated either. Other models and brands of hardware wallets for storing your cryptocurrency, according to statistics published in 2022, are as follows:


Cool Wallet S



Although we have given explanations about the Ledger brand, that is not why this brand is superior to the other options mentioned. Since Ledger’s reputation can attract you as a buyer very quickly, we have decided to provide a detailed description of it. But before setting up a hardware wallet, be sure to carefully check all the elements related to the structure and features of the options you want.

As a key point to keep in mind  regarding purchasing a hardware wallet, be sure to contact the manufacturer directly and make your purchase through them. This is safer and better than buying from online stores like ebay, amazon, etc. 

Differences between hardware wallets and software wallets

Now you may think to yourself that the security of hardware wallets is much higher than their software models and consider getting one of their types of hardware. Of course, this opinion is true to some extent and it can be said that one of the distinguishing features of hardware wallets is the extremely high level of security.

 But you must not forget that each of these wallets has its own uses and you should be aware of the type of use and the purpose of this product before purchasing one of them.

To better understand this issue and be able to choose a suitable option, it is better to look at the differences between hardware wallets and software wallets and find out which one is suitable for what purpose and how much to consume.

What exactly do we mean when we talk about hardware wallet security?

What is the different feature that makes a hardware wallet more secure than a software wallet?

When you convert currency on a site, application or program, once after entering the address of the wallet to which you decided to send the currency, enter the currency conversion and then confirm it. This is the process you go through with your software portfolio.

But in hardware wallets, when you specify a wallet address to transfer currency to, you confirm the requested operation once in the device and again in the computer or mobile system your device is connected to. Through this feature, we can understand that a hardware wallet is more suitable for those who have extensive activities in the cryptocurrency space and whose number of transactions is higher than others.

Another advantage of hardware wallets is that they are able to store your transactions in their memory before you confirm them so that you can confirm them whenever you are sure to do them. This is not possible in software wallets, and once you enter the transaction details, you won’t have much time to think about confirming it. Because after a short period of time, you have to refresh or reload the online page you are working on and re-enter the information.

As a clear example of the difference between hardware and software wallets, we can mention their use of the Internet. You can save transaction information even when your device wallet is not connected to the Internet, but this is not possible when using software wallets.

Finally, remember that another issue that is directly related to wallet security is the vulnerability of software wallets compared to hardware wallets. However, it is easier for a hacker to break into a program, application, or website than to break into a device or device. 

So what is the right wallet for anyone?

So what is the right wallet for anyone?

With these explanations, you now know very well that if you are one of those people who intend to be serious and professional in the cryptocurrency world and need currency conversions and high transaction processing, then you should look into buying a hardware wallet. But if your intention is to enter the world of digital currencies only and accumulate a small amount of capital in order to take advantage of the fluctuations in the values ​​of coins and cryptocurrencies, then you can start your business with a reliable software wallet. And you do not intend to make high and multiple transactions and of course, software wallets are not always hacked and damaged.

What was said as a comparison of two hardware and software portfolios, was merely an indication of the difference in the structure and objectives of these two products. So far, there are many people from all over the world who use software wallets easily and have never faced any threat.

A look at the flaws of both hardware and software wallets

If we want to look at the disadvantages of each of these two different products, we can say:

Due to their high security and encryption system, hardware wallets make your transaction process a bit slow.

Software wallets also become inaccessible if you forget the password to enter their app or website. And although you can make money transfers using your wallet address, you can no longer access the wallet settings and you must create another user account for yourself on the relevant site or application.

Both wallets will never be able to return your currency after a transaction has been completed and an error is noticed in the transaction. Of course, this problem cannot be applied to wallets, because the issue of non-return of false transactions is a common issue in the world of cryptocurrency and its platforms.

As a final note on this topic, you need to know that every digital currency or cryptocurrency has its own wallet. Therefore, when setting up any hardware or software wallet, be sure to pay attention to whether the wallet you are considering is capable of supporting the cryptocurrency you are working with. Of course, some wallets are able to store and move several types of digital currencies; For example, Bitcoin and Ether.

Also, don’t forget that the wallet ID is a secret password that you should be careful to protect and not make it available to others, just like all your passwords and banking information. To receive currency from someone, all you have to do is provide the address of your virtual wallet. Nobody ever needs your wallet ID to make any transaction, so stay safe.

Also, be careful with your transactions. In digital currency transactions, no wrong transaction can be reversed. You can never go to a bank or institution and get your money back through legal process like when you mistakenly transfer money to an unknown person. The cryptocurrency you lost in a wrong digital transaction is lost forever!

Learn about Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency in the world today

It is no longer possible to stop the conversation about Bitcoin in the financial world or prevent its expansion. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk in various business magazines and websites about the importance of being present in the cryptocurrency market, and many people were present or intending to invest.

For this reason, we will present Bitcoin as one of the most important digital currencies, its use and its future.

What is bitcoin digital currency?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is stored in a digital wallet on a computer or smartphone. Its trading symbol is “BTC”, although “XBT” is also used. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, which means that it is not monitored by any authority or central bank. Transactions and the issuance of bitcoins are managed collectively and by a network of users. Bitcoin is open source, its design is public, no one owns or controls it, and everyone can participate in the process of creating and managing it.

Bitcoin, with its many unique features, brings new possibilities to users that were not provided through any of the previous payment methods. The blockchain is a public and shared ledger on which the Botkin network depends. Blockchain is a type of distributed database where all transactions are stored and archived. In fact, a blockchain is a system of recording information that is protected using cryptography. (19) There is no physical Bitcoin and only accounts are kept in a transparently accessible distributed database that everyone can verify using a large number of calculations. 

Bitcoin currency history

Bitcoin is the first example of a decentralized digital money that was created in 2008 by a person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of the person or people who invented this technology remains a mystery. Bitcoin was born with the promise of lower transaction fees than traditional online payment mechanisms, and unlike government-issued currencies, it is decentralized. Bitcoin is not issued or backed by any bank or government, but personal bitcoins have no value either.

The domain name bitcoin.org is the primary domain used with the first bitcoin website on August 18, 2008, but the identity of the person who registered it is hidden from view. On October 31, 2008, a person or group using the name Satoshi Nakamoto  sent an email with the following content:

“I am working on a completely new peer-to-peer electronic cash payment system that does not require a trusted third party.”

On January 3, 2009, the first Bitcoin block, also known as the “Generation Block”, was mined. On January 8, 2009, the first version of the Bitcoin program was launched; On January 9, 2009, Block 1 was mined and bitcoin mining continued.

Who invented the bitcoin?

Currently, no one knows for sure who invented Bitcoin. (Satoshi Nakamoto) is the name associated with the person or group of people who posted the first Bitcoin ad in 2008 and created the original Bitcoin software that was released in 2009. In recent years, many people have claimed or claimed to be the real name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Why is the inventor of bitcoin unknown?

There are many incentives for the inventor of Bitcoin to keep his identity secret. One of these incentives is privacy. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, which has become a global phenomenon, Satoshi Nakamoto is likely to gain media and government attention. Another reason could be Bitcoin’s ability to revolutionize current banking and monetary systems. This threat to existing currencies could prompt governments to take legal action against the creator of Bitcoin.

Another reason is safety. Anyone with a large amount of bitcoin can become a target for criminals, especially since bitcoin is less like a stock and more like a cash. Although the inventor of Bitcoin may have taken the necessary steps to prevent any transfer due to extortion, anonymity is the way to go for Satoshi to prevent  danger . 

How does Bitcoin work and what are the reasons for its popularity?

How does Bitcoin work and what are the reasons for its popularity?

Technically and infrastructure, Bitcoin is a set of computers or nodes in which the Bitcoin program code is executed and a type of database called (Blockchain) is stored. On the other hand, a blockchain can be thought of as a set of blocks in which a set of transactions are stored in each block.

Since all computers running on the Blockchain system have access to the same list of blocks and transactions, they can transparently create new Bitcoin blocks and transactions. And you see, no one can easily cheat or deceive this system. Anyone, even people who are not part of the Bitcoin network and do not run its code on their devices, can see and view information about transactions made online.

If someone wants to do something illegal, they must have a processing power of about 51% of the computing power required to generate Bitcoin. As of May 2020, Bitcoin has about 47,000 nodes and the number is increasing, so the likelihood of such a thing seems unlikely.

How does bitcoin work?

To understand how Bitcoin works, you must be familiar with the following terms and techniques.


Bitcoin uses open source software called Blockchain, which essentially creates a shared public ledger.

private and public keys

A Bitcoin wallet contains a public key and a private key that work together to allow its owner to sign transactions. This signature is done digitally and proves that the person is authorized to issue bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, the security of which is provided by public and private keys, which are long strings of numbers and are generated through mathematical cryptographic algorithms. The public key can be compared to the bank account number visible to everyone to which others send bitcoins.

The private key is like a bank teller token and cannot be accessed by anyone except the account holder and is only used to get permission to transfer bitcoins. Bitcoin keys should not be confused with a bitcoin wallet, which is a physical or digital device that facilitates bitcoin trading and allows users to keep track of their ownership.

Bitcoin miners 

The people and companies that participate in the Bitcoin network are divided into two groups: nodes and miners. Miners are the people who process transactions on the blockchain and get paid for every bitcoin they create. Miners can be considered as a decentralized and trusted authority to verify the Bitcoin network. The value of Bitcoin follows the law of supply and demand, and because supply and demand go up and down, there are many fluctuations in its price. 

What are the reasons for the popularity of Bitcoin?

Private and secure transactions at any time with lower fees

Once you own bitcoins, you can pay anytime and anywhere, reducing the time and potential cost of each transaction. Transactions do not contain personal information such as a name or credit card number, eliminating the risk of consumer information theft due to fraudulent purchases or identity theft. 

The ability to grow capital

Some investors who are in the field of buying and selling currencies believe that after bitcoin matures, it will become more trusted and widely used, and thus the value of bitcoin will increase.

The possibility of avoiding traditional banks or government institutions

After the occurrence of financial crises and major economic recession, some investors have become inclined to use digital and decentralized currencies, which are basically outside the control of banks or government institutions. 

How is the future of Bitcoin predicted?

How is the future of Bitcoin predicted?

In 2009, when bitcoin was launched, it was a new and unknown phenomenon to many people, but today almost all economic operators are familiar with bitcoin and many have begun to invest in it. Some economists believe that it is time to buy Bitcoin.

We’ve seen bitcoin drop in value to around $3000 during the coronavirus pandemic. However, this drop was short-lived, and Bitcoin started an upward trend, reaching $10,000. However, there are different opinions in this field and some believe that cryptocurrency is still in its infancy and it is still too early to comment on it. One of the things that plays an important role in expanding the use of digital currency is gaining the trust of more people. 

Is now the right time to invest in bitcoin?

It is not easy to predict what will happen with cryptocurrencies. But what most investors want to know is finding the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies. Is now the right time to invest in Bitcoin? There are different opinions in this regard, and some are not optimistic. However, given Bitcoin’s decline this year and its rapid appreciation in value, investing in it now doesn’t seem like much of a risk.

What digital currency has a brighter future?

Bitcoin has been known as the king of digital currencies since its inception, so much so that some people consider it synonymous with cryptocurrencies. What we can say for sure is that bitcoin is here to stay and can take a significant share of the capital market. However, there is a lot of speculation about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in the future. According to experts, the top four cryptocurrencies suitable for investing in 2022 include the following.





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