How to upload documents from SlideShare for free without an account?

 Introduction to Slideshare

Slideshare is a popular website that allows users to upload presentations in different formats. The large amount of information it contains makes it an important network for providing and exchanging
 knowledge. On the page, we can find slides and documents in different formats, such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice, you can open PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.
In its early days, Slideshare’s primary goal was to facilitate the exchange of job offers in a business environment. However, the page quickly grew and began to be used by the general public.
However, its main limitation is that it does not allow you to download slides if you do not have an account on the site. On the other hand, registration is a tedious and annoying process for many. But don’t worry, today we’ll show you how to download files or share slideshows for free without creating an account.

?What are the features of Slideshare

Before explaining how to upload presentations step by step, let’s see some of the advantages that Slideshare offers :
It allows you to share various materials in different formats, making it a heterogeneous platform
It gives you access to audio-visual materials, and this is a flexible and dynamic service. This tool allows you to add music or comments to a presentation that is placed on the stage, achieving complete synchronization.
The interface is very simple and clean.
Capable of accommodating heavy presentations (up to 100MB) that are difficult to email. This allows teachers in schools and universities to upload slides for students to use.
Provides a cutting feature that allows you to save slide shows and create your own collections.
Slides and files can be commented on, which favors the exchange of ideas.
It can be used for both face-to-face and remote classrooms, speeding up the process by allowing for quick delivery of presentations.
Teachers can create blogs where they can attach course materials and assessments.
It helps in organizing business meetings such as conferences, talks or conferences.

Steps to download slides from Slideshare without registration

Go to the Slideshare website.
Then you need to search for the presentation you want to download by putting the name in the search box. Once you select and open the file, you have to copy the URL. To do this, you have to click on the browser’s search bar and press Ctrl + C keys.
Open a new tab in your browser and go to the website
At the top of the site you will find a bar with many options, you have to select the “Download slide sharing” option.
In the center of the page you will see text that says “Input Document URL” and below a space. The link you copied earlier should be pasted into this slot, pressing Ctrl + V. Then press the green button at the bottom that says “GetLink”.
After the page loads, you must solve a captcha to verify that you are not a bot. You just have to click on the little box next to the text that says “I’m not a robot”. Next, you should click on the “Download PDF File” option present at the bottom.
In the next window, you will have to wait a few seconds while the file is being processed. Often times the process takes some time and may need to be repeated.
After the file is processed, different options for downloading procedure will appear depending on the format. It can be downloaded as PDF, Word or PowerPoint.
When you select the format another window will open. You have to click “Download File” on the right of the screen and then fill in the other captcha.
After verifying that you are not a bot, the Download option will appear and when you select it,
the download will start automatically.

?Can I download presentations from other platforms using docdownloader

The website can also be used to download files from other sites such as Scrib, Issuu, and Academia. To do this, you have to choose the platform from which you want to download the file from the top bar. The process is similar to the previous one, but you have to copy the presentation link on the respective website.

end of article

We have given you an introduction about SlideShare, what are its features, how to use it, and download documents, and I hope this article has helped everyone understand how to use the site, and here our article ends. If you have a question or inquiry, please leave a comment below the blog and we will contact you as soon as possible time.

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