How to make a gmail email and how to create it step by step


 Gmail email and how to create it step by step

Want a Facebook account? If you have to create a gmail account, do you want an account on the Instagram platform? You have to create a gmail account, you want to create an account for any social media site, if you create an official email, yes dear reader, the need to create an electronic account is equal to the necessity of water for the body . The importance of a gmail email, we thought of presenting an article explaining how to create a gmail email “as our goal was and will be your benefit, dear reader, and what is required of you now is to continue reading the article with full awareness.

gmail email and how to create it step by step

About gmail email 

Gmail is known as (Gmail or  Google Mail), where Gmail is one of the free services available on the Internet, and Gmail is also known as the protocol for accessing various messages from the Internet provided by Google itself, The goal of creating gmail was to organize information on the internet.

And this was a simple information about ” what is Gmail “, we now move on to the features of the gmail email.

The main advantages of gmail email 

Gmail is available in gmail, which many internet users are ignorant of, and from here we will show you, dear reader, the most prominent advantages of creating a beautiful account on your smartphone or tablet:

-Availability of storage space starting from “15” gigabytes for new accounts, and since this storage capacity is very large, and not only that! It is even more expandable if paid for.

Gmail has a very high level of security and security, as it becomes difficult for a hacker or hacker to penetrate it in any way.

The possibility of recovering the gmail account when it was stolen or stolen, if it is linked to a mobile phone number.

Google is known to be an all-in-one system, meaning that you can access all your Google accounts from Google Drive and others through a single gmail email.

As for the user interface in Gmail, we note that it has an organized and beautiful user interface that attracts attention.

The ability to support Gmail for 40 languages, including Arabic.

The ability to open a gmail account without even activating the internet!

The system for saving messages in the e-mail is “automatic saving” so that the user can retrieve all the contents of the message with its attachments in the event of any technical problems or any error.

– The ability to convert text messages into video format via “Hangouts”.

-Now you can save all your message attachments in “google drive” to access them anytime you want, from anywhere or an electronic device in the world.

There are a lot of unique features that distinguished gmail email and made it the focus of attention of all website pioneers.

How to create a beautiful new account

Hassan; After you read, dear reader, about the gmail email account, and the most important advantages that distinguish it, you must know how to create and activate a gmail account , as we will show you, dear reader, how to create an email step by step:

Go to the Google Create page.

Follow the steps that appear on the screen to set up the account.

Use the account that was created to log into your gmail email.

After you have created a beautiful account, you must activate the gmail account, which you will learn about in the next paragraph.

How to activate gmail account

Log in to Google and from there to the admin console.

Good attention! You have to login using the admin account only.

In the admin console, click on some icons at the top of the screen, then click on applications, then on Google Gmail, then on Workspace.

-Click on the “Service” status.

-If you are the owner of a company or institution, you can click on the “Activate or turn off for everyone” button.

-Click on the “Save” button.

Thus, you will have made a new activated Gmail.

How do I recover my gmail account

In case your gmail account has been stolen, please follow these steps:

Follow the steps to restore your Google account or partially your Gmail.

Answer the questions that you will be asked to confirm that you have the account. 

If you’re having trouble, we recommend that you follow the prompts to complete the account recovery steps.

Reset your password when prompted. Choose a strong password for this account that you have not used before.

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This way you have retrieved your gmail email.

?How do I contact gmail support

You can now contact technical support by e-mail through the following steps:

Log in to the Google admin console.

Click on the “Help” tab at the top of the page on the left.

Next, click on the Contact Support Team tab.

How to create a gmail address

Go to the Google account login page.

Click Create Account.

Enter your name.

Click Use my current email address.

Enter your current email address.

Click Next.

Verify your email address using the code sent to your existing email.

Reasons why gmail failed to send

In the event that you experience the failure to send messages by e-mail or messages remain stuck in the outgoing mail; Then you have to check the Google sync settings, which is done by the following steps:

Open the Google program.

Click on the Settings menu on the right.

Click on your account.

Ensure that the “Sync Google” box is checked.

Thus, you have solved the problem of Gmail not receiving messages, in a very easy way.

How to delete gmail account permanently

To permanently delete your gmail account, follow these steps:

Log in to your Google account, and from there to the data and privacy section.

Choose more data, including delete the account in Google.

Follow the steps to delete the account.

The account will be permanently deleted.


Dear Reader; In this article, we have provided you with the most prominent information about “gmail email” from the advantages, how to create a Gmail account, how to delete the account, in addition to many topics related to the gmail email, we hope that we will serve you to the fullest.

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