How is artificial intelligence used in cybersecurity?

Facts about artificial intelligence and information security

Cyber ​​security is known to be: a continuously growing invention that protects both individuals and companies from the dangers of cyber attacks, which prompted artificial intelligence to be an essential part of cyber security that makes it more powerful and tougher against any enemy! For this reason, the institutions put most of their attention in developing and increasing the efficiency of cybersecurity work.

It is worth mentioning! It is ICT that is adopting artificial intelligence, using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to accomplish important tasks, in addition to improving cybersecurity and processing important data, which means that the global store of artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity can grow at a compound annual growth rate, What this affects is the increase in linking artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, to control major security threats

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We add that; Artificial intelligence has the great potential and the ability to monitor all vulnerable networks, so that it does its work repetitively without getting tired, and it has the ability to respond to security risks very quickly.

We note that machine learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence, recognizes different forms of data, which made the cybersecurity cycle of automating tasks and accuracy at work possible in the global Internet.

Well, if you want to know ( how artificial intelligence is employed in cybersecurity ?) and the most prominent information related to them, read this article, which is saturated with important technical information.

?How is artificial intelligence used in cybersecurity

Which is better artificial intelligence and cyber security?

It is not possible to choose one over the other, as each of them has a special field to work for, as it is known about artificial intelligence that it is based on; Working on developing and protecting electronic devices, in order to be able to deal with problems and make decisions based on the human brain.

As for cyber security ; It is considered a modern technology, created to protect website users from theft, hacking, impersonation and others, so that cybersecurity depends on artificial intelligence to carry out its tasks.

From the aforementioned context, we conclude: The relationship between artificial intelligence and cybersecurity (a complementary relationship), one cannot be preferred over the other.

The best applications of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity

How is artificial intelligence used in cybersecurity? According to several applications that we will discuss in a number of points;

User ID Verification Application

This application is considered one of the most famous types of artificial intelligence applications in the field of cybersecurity, as this application verifies the identity of the person, and then allows him to access his data.

Application of the increase in network security

This application raises the level of security in networks, by relying on artificial intelligence technology, which helps in bringing the degree of security to the highest levels, and it is worth mentioning! That the user may not be able to access these networks due to the low level of security in them.

User behavior analysis app

Distinguished Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence technology has its own ability to analyze and save user data, so that if any unfamiliar user behavior occurs, this smart technology is able to identify it.

The ability to deal with gaps effectively

Artificial intelligence technology has been able to overcome security gaps and manage these gaps completely, which is difficult for cybersecurity to deal with.

This is in addition to many applications that help support cybersecurity, which makes the degree of protection in it very high.

Benefits of using artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

There are many benefits about using artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, the most prominent of which we will show you in this paragraph;

Great ability to detect new threats

It is known that traditional application systems are weak in their ability to overcome malicious threats, so artificial intelligence (AI) is used to eliminate these cyber attacks and new threats, so that the artificial intelligence system is distinguished by its great ability to detect malicious applications, and to apply identification of forms of malicious application attacks Even if it is infinitesimally small in size, depending on its complex algorithms.

fighting robot

Surely you have been hacked and your account stolen one day! This means; The presence of a dangerous robot has taken over your account or personal information, so artificial intelligence examines these combat robots that are highly mobile on the Internet, in addition to allowing the user to perform data checks, and allowing the cybersecurity team to adapt its strategy to changing environments.

Provide the best endpoint protection

Remote electronic computers are often increasing, and here the role of artificial intelligence in protecting these electronic devices begins at the end point, and anti-virus programs can also be relied on to protect electronic devices from harmful threats, but these anti-virus programs have updated signatures on a daily basis.

 These are the most prominent benefits of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, which is constantly increasing according to the continuous developments and updates on it by information and communication technology

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