How do you enter the world of e-commerce?

?What do you know about e-commerce

Since the emergence of the Internet in our lives, there have been many radical changes in our lives, starting with amenities and ending with work, and you may find in time many people who want to include their future through the field of online work instead of entering universities and obtaining the best certificates from them, because they realized the urgent need To increase the monthly income, as the monthly salary from the traditional work may not be enough to meet the monthly needs to the fullest, in addition to the fact that the traditional work takes a lot of time and effort unlike the work in the Internet field.

 Because of these great advantages, many entrepreneurs, investors, and many young people wishing to obtain an excellent monthly income have turned to the field of e-commerce, how to earn profits from it, as it is worth mentioning! The spotlight has been shed on the world of digital commerce after the Corona pandemic invaded our planet. Your knowledge and building your business correctly leads to its success.

?How do you enter the world of e-commerce

Because of the great advantages of the world of e-commerce, we note that many website pioneers have done extensive searches about (digital commerce) and how to make huge profits from it, and among these questions were the following;

Questions asked by others

?How to start in the field of e-commerce

?How much does e-commerce earn

?What are the terms of e-commerce

?How do I start e-commerce without capital

These questions are a great indication of the amount of profits generated from digital commerce.

?What is meant by e-commerce

If you have the idea of ​​setting up a business, the first idea we suggest to you is (establishing your business electronically), due to the many special advantages that characterize e-commerce, from low cost and speed in expanding the geographical scope of your online store, in addition to the increase in Sales, and other unique features that can help you grow your business, it’s worth mentioning! The meaning of digital commerce on stands for “buying and selling operations only!!”, and on the contrary, it includes the method of serving consumer customers, the service of transfers via the Internet, and others, as e-commerce is very different from traditional commerce, which was the duty of the The merchant travels from one place to another to present his products to other merchants and complete the buying and selling operations.

And the question may take you about the concept of e-commerce! What is it and what is its working principle?!

We can say that digital commerce is about; An updated digital system that relies directly on the Internet, and performs all sales, purchases and transfers, in addition to serving consumer customers and other services via the Internet, as it was considered the best way to invest from a distance.

Well, this was a simple overview about (digital commerce), and in the next paragraph we will learn about the types of e-commerce .

The best kind of e-commerce

E-commerce market

E-commerce is divided into 5 basic sections, which many people are ignorant of. In this paragraph, we will present you with these 5 important types;

Company with a B2B company.

This type is one of the most prevalent types in digital business circles, and large companies rely on it to market their products and obtain large profits in record time, and examples of these companies are (Dell Company) for laptop computers, which sell their computers to less companies It is flat so you can promote it.

Consumers in C2B Business

In this type, one of the companies’ websites displays the product at the price allocated to the consumer customer, so the consumer customer purchases this product and pays installments in one of the ways specified on the online store page.

 Consumers Customers with Consumers Customers

This type of idea is based on private or individual transactions where anyone can buy a product at wholesale price and display it on a group or page, for example offering this product at their own profit margin, without taking a statement from the company that owns the product, and procedures such as power of attorney or speaking on behalf are circulated The company is widely used in the sale of ready-made garments, home appliances, and cosmetics, as well as in electronic devices such as smartphones and mobile devices in addition to heavy gadgets, and it is worth mentioning! It is not required that one of the parties be a seller or a seller already, anyone can offer what he wants to sell on the intermediary platform, for example you can sell your used furniture or your used mobile phone on Amazon, but the problem with this type is that there is no official guarantor which increases of fraud cases.

Consumers with business customers.

The idea of ​​this type of e-commerce is that the consumer sells to the seller, and this is what we notice on the Fiverr website, independent and freelance, so that the consumer customer displays his services on his personal page in one of the freelance platforms for companies or sellers to see and make a business deal with him.

Consumer customer or government department of management.

By this type of commerce, we mean government digital transactions, and this type of e-commerce has spread greatly in recent times due to the great development of the government’s electronic system, an example of which is the “Ministry of Health website”.

These were the most prominent types of e-commerce that many people are unaware of, and on the whole! The field of e-commerce is a profitable field and enables you to include your future and get rich quick based on working in the field of e-commerce.

Thus, we reached the end of our article, which was about (How to enter the world of electronic commerce?), We hope you liked it.

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