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Download Instagram Plus Gold instagram gold

About the original Instagram program

Instagram gold is one of the famous social media programs such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, where Instagram is used to take photos and videos, add modifications to them and share them with friends around the world, as is the case with other social networking sites.After creating an account on Instagram, you have your own personal profile through which you can share your photos or videos so that people who follow you can see these posts from photos and videos, you can also follow many people who use the program and start commenting on their participation and admiration The application also has a text messaging feature between you and your followers and a lot of the features offered by Instagram.

Golden WhatsApp.

Features of the original Instagram application, instagram plus.

The Instagram application includes many features that make it easier for its users to browse the program, such as:

The ability to add photos and videos to your “24 hour disappears” story and make it more fun with creative tools.

Send photos, videos and messages privately to friends.

Browse and shop products from your favorite brands and content creators.

The ability to find content you might like from accounts you don’t follow yet.

Includes IGTV feature to watch longer videos added by your favorite content creators.

What is Instagram gold?

The Instagram gold program is a program to run the second Instagram plus for Android easily and without root on the same device, and it is based on the latest version of Instagram in the Instagram store In the Instagram Plus application, Abu Arab, many important features that Instagram users need, such as: downloading photos and videos, downloading the story, opening the profile picture, copying comments, copying the bio and other features that are not found in the official Instagram, in addition to that it supports the language Arabic completely.

Instagram Plus Abu Arab.

 It is two versions of Instagram: Instagram + Instagram, which is the version that you can install instead of the original Instagram, and Instagram Plus gold, which you can install next to the original Instagram or Instagram Plus. And both versions contain all the features that I mentioned previously.

A comparison between the original Instagram program and the Instagram Gold Plus program.

The Instagram application in general is one of the famous social networking applications known to many users, which was acquired by Facebook. In your daily life, the Instagram Pro application is available for many different operating systems such as Android, IOS and iPhone and it is also available for computers running Windows 10, and talking about the advantages, disadvantages and the difference between both the official Instagram and the developed Instagram Plus Gold, we can say that the original application It does not have some of the features and additions it needsMany users need it, including:

instagram plus

The feature of uploading photos and videos: The original Instagram application does not provide its users with the ability to download photos or videos that friends or people you follow, all you can do is like or comment on those photos and videos, similar to Instagram Plus. It enables its users to download photos or videos shared by your friends.

Opening more than one different account at the same time: The original and official application of Instagram Pro does not provide users with the ability to open more than one account, the matter is different. In the developed Instagram Plus, it enables you to get many accounts that can be used in. Simultaneously through like other social media platforms.

Upload photos and videos:

The Instagram Plus Gold program provides you with the ability to download photos and videos and add a comment or like as you want. automatic.

Open the thumbnail:

You can also open and enlarge the profile picture of your friends by long pressing on the picture, even if the account is private, so you can view its profile picture without any problems.

Download cases or stories:

One of the great features of the program, where you can now download the stories of friends or people who follow you before you, whether they are photos or videos, by clicking on the side menu in the three dots and choosing Download.

Copy comments: You can interact with things you like or people publish.


Download Instagram Plus instagram gold 2021

Zoom photos: Instagram plus also enables you to view and enlarge all the photos shared by the people who follow you by long pressing on any photo until it is opened in a new frame and enlarged completely freely, unlike the original application.

Arabic language support:

The Instagram Plus Gold program comes in many languages, most notably the Arabic language, where the program has been completely localized, so you will find all the program settings in Arabic as well as the interfaces within the application.

Does not contain ads:

One of the really great features is that all versions of Instagram Plus Gold + InstaG do not contain any ads that may annoy many users.

Some of the features of Instagram Plus Gold and Instagram Plus instagram plus.

Save photos and videos from Instagram 2022: Just click on the download arrow below the photo or video and you will take the photos and videos with you, then you will find the photo or video in the gallery.

Download from the story: When you open the story, click on the side menu, then choose Download.

Easily enlarge images: Click on the image to appear in a frame, then easily enlarge it.

Open the profile picture: long press on the profile picture, and it will open the original full picture for you.

Copy Comments: Select the comment and the option to copy will appear at the top, click on it and the comment text will be copied.

Arabic language support: Both versions of Instagram Plus Gold InstaG Abu Arab and Instagram Plus 2022 Instagram Plus fully support the Arabic language, and other languages.

Why was Instagram Plus Gold + InstaG developed?

The main reason for the development is to always provide a better service to users, the Instagram Plus and Instagram Gold program were developed to the suffering of Instagram Pro users in saving photos and videos from Instagram Pro at the beginning, after that many features appeared in Instagram, especially after Facebook took control of it, such as “Stories” and the users’ need to save and download photos and videos from the Instagram stories. As users of the Instagram program, we faced many requirements that we wished to add in the Instagram program, including the inability to copy comments, so these features and more were added to Instagram and we called it Instagram Plus Gold.

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