Famous e-commerce learning sites

 The best e-commerce learning sites

Famous e-commerce learning sites

Do you have a friend who works in the field of e-commerce and earns thousands of dollars a day? Have you taken the longing to enter the world of e-commerce but are hesitant because of your lack of experience in this profitable field? You browsed many websites that give you useful information about “the field of e-commerce.” Or rather, you searched for e-commerce learning sites, but you did not find anything that satisfies your mind?!

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 Well dear reader; If you have a business idea, then you have the best qualifications in the field of e-commerce, and we are here to provide the best information about “ e-commerce learning sites, which in turn will be able to teach you lessons in e-commerce from zero to professionalism”, so you should read this article with complete focus!

We do not deny how difficult the field of electronic commerce is, as working in the field of digital commerce represents a kind of difficult challenge, but with training and learning it becomes easy and smooth, and for this! You should look for e-commerce learning platforms that are like a teacher in guiding and teaching you the basics of e-commerce.

Best e-commerce education platform

Many e-commerce learning sites have been established on the Internet, with the aim of helping marketers perform their business in the best way, and these sites have helped educate many people and made them successful entrepreneurs, and here we will show you, dear reader, the most prominent e-commerce learning sites that are your guide in learning digital commerce;

Coursera platform 

This famous platform offers lessons that are the best of their kind, as it is worth noting that this site includes many topics related to learning e-commerce and where the total number of classes in it reaches ten weeks, and the student must watch lectures every week for at least two hours, also we note The courses offered by Coursera include many educational model elements that help in developing skills and increasing experience and knowledge in the field of e-commerce.

edex website

The edX platform provides comprehensive courses on vital and diverse contents such as digital marketing and digital strategies, so that the contents are from (business) universities, which in turn provide the best services in the field of entrepreneurship in the digital commercial markets, and in the event that the applicant for paid courses is unable to take it if he takes the free courses Which helps him to learn electronic commerce, and what has added an advantage in the EDEX courses is “the possibility of paying a certain amount to obtain a professional certificate, two fees from the site.” The principle of teaching 

Visit the edX website on; Offering courses in the form of a schedule, formal structures in large format, and training programs established by major institutions of higher education all over the world.

Google Analytics website

This global platform offers a lot of free courses to its pioneers, in addition to providing various services, the most important of which is “the ability to monitor visitors’ movement and behavior on websites”, which is why this platform has become the preferred platform for businessmen in e-commerce.

Website (SkillShare)

This site provides a lot of useful educational courses related to the field of e-commerce quickly, and also determines the time that each educational course takes, and it is worth mentioning! Many entrepreneurs and investors rely on teaching their lessons about e-commerce from this site, because it contains a set of unpaid classes on the main system, and other unique features.

In addition to many sites that provide useful lessons about electronic commerce in a very excellent way, so that you can in a short period of time learn all the basics of electronic commerce.

Answering frequently asked questions on websites

How do I start e-commerce from scratch?

This is how many pioneers of social networking sites asked how to start e-commerce from scratch, and the answer is;

Research your e-commerce business model.

Work according to the lessons of e-commerce research.

Then check your target market and product ideas.

Next, register your e-commerce store name and brand.

Then complete your e-commerce business plan.

And finally, create your online store.

How do you start an e-commerce project?

Although this question is similar to the tribal question, but it includes additional answers, namely;

To start an e-commerce project, you must:

 Go to and select the product you want to sell.

 Then choose the appropriate domain name for your online store.

 Then build your online store.

 Then choose the shipping method for your store.

 Then the professional use of e-marketing.

 Finally, focus on the growth and development of the project.

What are the types of electronic commerc

E-commerce between a company and a company.

E-commerce between a customer and a customer.

E-commerce from a company and a consumer customer.

E-commerce from the consumer customer to the company.

E-commerce between a company and a management.

?E-commerce between the customer, the consumer and the administration.

E-commerce is known to provide huge fortunes in record time! For this reason, merchants and investors took part in the e-commerce arena and presented their products to it, in order to increase their sales and thus increase their wealth, so if you are the owner of a project idea, hurry up and implement it through e-commerce and use e-commerce learning sites that help you increase your knowledge about this profitable field.

Well dear reader; This was the most important information about “e-commerce learning sites” that we provided to you in order to benefit you and develop your skills, we hope you liked it.

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