Excellent ideas for beginners to make money from the Internet

 Become a YouTuber by creating a YouTube channel

YouTube has become a refuge for millions of people around the world to search for entertaining, useful or interesting videos.

In addition to being one of the largest search engines globally, YouTube is also a way to make money online.

The first step to making money from YouTube is to get an audience and followers for your YouTube channel.

 The more followers you have, the more you earn on YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube for beginners

 Your audience and followers is the basis of your success, so always make sure to satisfy them, as YouTube provides a better opportunity to earn money from the Internet, and there are several ways in which you can monetize your YouTube channel.

The best YouTube content

The types and content of YouTube channels that generate the best profits are:

Educational content: Think of these “how-to” or “how-to” videos. You can make this type of video if you have valuable information or skills that will interest others.

Entertaining content: This style of video includes pranks, reviews, comedy videos, step-by-step game tours, and more.

 Start an e-commerce site and sell physical products.

In recent years, ecommerce websites have really taken off, and thanks to platforms like WooCommerce and WordPress , creating your site has become a lot easier.

 As many traditional stores have had to close due to COVID, this option is likely to increase in popularity.

Online shopping is no longer the luxury it was before over a decade ago, e-commerce accounted for just 5.1% of total retail sales.

 Fast forward and in 2019, online sales accounted for 21% 

 For millions of people, thanks to Covid-19, it is now a necessity.

 For your e-commerce business to be successful in the long term, you will need a long term vision and a product that brings real market value.

The best physical products that are sold online

If you are wondering what kind of themes are sold, here are some examples:

Self development .

Photography .


Gardens .


Languages ​​(we will look at teaching English shortly).

cooking .

marketing .

An excellent place to start, if you’ve decided on a topic, is to survey your audience. 

You will find out what they want to learn and how much they will be willing to pay for it.

 Sell things on Amazon FBA 

Amazon is one of the biggest online stores We have already looked at creating your own e-commerce store, this idea is kinda similar, but in this case, you are using the Amazon platform.

 It is a cost effective way to ship your products and allows you to provide excellent customer service for a small fee.

An excellent way is to identify products that sell well on the platform and look for cheaper versions that you can remarket and resell.

 The sale couldn’t be more straightforward. You send your items to Amazon, and they are stored in one of their storage centers.

Potential customers can purchase your items via Amazon or another e-commerce platform.

 When things are sold out, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the items.

 You can monitor everything via Amazon’s tracking system.

 Amazon provides customer service and manages any returns.

This service isn’t free. The shipping, warehousing, and maintenance fees for the products are a bit complicated, but there are plenty of resources online that explain how to calculate the costs.

?What do you need to sell to make money on Amazon FBA

You can sell just about anything, from items in your home to expensive luxury jewelry, but some things sell better than others.

It is likely that well-known brand name products. 

Amazon customers tend to look for decent products that seem to tick all the boxes and sell at a low price.

However, in order for your items to catch buyers’ eyes, they must be similar but better than others.

 List it under your name, for example, and add something extra that other sellers don’t.

 Better overall service, faster shipping, or an eye-catching list of products are just a few examples.

Standards for Things Sold on Amazon FBA for Beginners

Here are some criteria to keep in mind:

Products must be specialized.

Choose items in a common category, for example:

Books,  education,  beauty,  clothing and accessories,  electronics,  outdoors and gardening,  fitness,  kitchen and home,  health,  children’s toys,  jewelry.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Requirements: Products for sale, computers, customers for your products

Buying and selling domain names 

In the modern, tech-centric world, domain names are big business.

 In some cases, they can trade millions of dollars. 

At the very least, you can expect a few hundred dollars if you find a solid domain name for sale.

Do not expect to make a profit for several months, it can take a long time to build a high-quality portfolio of domains.

 How much profit you make depends on the amount of work you are willing to do. 

Buying and selling domain names involves trying to predict what will be popular after a few months or years.

Another option is to buy some domains that are already notable and stick to them for a while, hoping that they will increase in value. 

There are a lot of different tools you can use, such as Just Dropped, Namecheap, Flippa, and GoDaddy. Once you have purchased the domain, you can simply re-register it and wait for someone’s interest to be able to sell it to them for a profit.

 Do Small Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

You may not have heard of micro jobs, but it’s a term used for straightforward jobs that generally don’t require any technical skill. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online platform where applicants (as they are known) post boring jobs that you can complete for little money.

Jobs are called HITs or human intelligence tasks

. These tasks tend to be things that algorithms or computers can’t quite do, or that humans can do more effectively.

You pick and choose the jobs you want to do and how much you do. The pay is anything from $0.01 to $1 per HIT. 

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of competition, and if you want to get your fair share of the work, you’ll need to use browser extensions and a host of tools to get the higher paying jobs quickly.

Become a virtual teacher 

It is possible to teach a language as a virtual teacher without experience. 

However, you must be learning the language you are going to teach in a complete manner.

 Teaching different languages ​​online has enjoyed rapid growth in demand and popularity.

As there are currently more than a billion people who are currently learning English in the world, let alone the rest of the other languages.

New online platforms and schools appear regularly. 

Some require a bachelor’s degree, but others do not. 

However, a TEFL or ESL certificate is necessary.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Requirements: No teaching experience is required, but you can earn more by getting a degree or teaching certificate

 Become an online coach 

This is one opportunity that can eventually run itself if you want it so all you have to do is start a training program, and you will create a solid foundation for the business.

 One of the important benefits of online training is that you can earn good money very quickly.

 People tend to be more willing to pay a higher price for individual or customized programs.

However, you need to research your audience and understand what they want and need. 

Another very useful thing is to encourage your clients to spread the word about your business.

A suite of training platforms have emerged, enabling you to launch a highly scalable business model and you don’t have to compromise on the effectiveness of your training.

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