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Upwork is also one of the most prominent freelance platforms , but it works in a different way than Fiverr, here you go to clients and offer them your services.

This site may be a little more difficult to start with and work because the competition for it is higher, but at the same time the profit from it is much stronger, especially if you are a professional in a particular field.

The most popular areas of work on this site are:

Writing and translation

Programming of all kinds

Design (Brand – UI/UX)

If you are interested in profiting from the field of writing specifically, I advise you to check out the “ best sites for profit from writing (sites suitable for Arabs) ”.

If you are interested in the field of self-employment in general… you should find the comprehensive guide with the link below, which consists of 9 dos about freelancing


FreePik offers the same service as Shutterstock, but this time only graphics and vectors… You can sell any images, logos, or graphics you make there.

That is why my advice to you is not only to profit from self-employment, but to sell your publications and designs on this platform, and there are others who have provided this service.

In this way, you ensure that you achieve a very good income from more than one source of your talent, and for the same reason, I recommend learning the design skill to many beginners because of its great profit opportunities.

 Rev . site

If you like to profit from microservice sites, here is the best of them, which is Rev , which enables you to profit from unpacking audio and video files.

This service is very much needed and demanded, but since it is a rather simple task there is a lot of competition in it, which is why Rev puts a bit of a tough test to choose the best.

The profit from this service is not big, but it is good if you want to collect some money in your spare time and do not have specific skills that you can profit from from the previous sites.


I think you have heard before about the profit from shortening links , as it is a way that you can make a good income, especially if you are interested in creating content, or you have a lot of followers, whether on a site, a YouTube channel, or an account on social media.

The guide I referred to earlier will explain everything about this method, and here is also the “ best sites for profit from shortening links ” guide, in which you will find many other sites that perform the same role as Adfly .

 Filefactory website

Filefactory is considered the best site for profit from uploading files, which is the method that many content makers rely on to achieve a good financial return from the Internet.

I recommend looking at the guide with the link below, in which you will find all the information you need along with some practical examples in order to increase your profit from this method.

 PPV Sites

PPV sites are sites that represent profitable opportunities for marketers, if you work in the areas of:

Affiliate Marketing

The Lead Generation

Selling software and application services

PPV sites are sites to buy ads, through which you can get good traffic for a small price, and this is a great opportunity for marketers, as I mentioned.

If you want to know all the details about these sites and how they work, here are the following guides:

What are PPV ad visitors and how do they work (exclusive and comprehensive guide)

The Best and Most Important PPV Advertising Companies (Your Trusted Guide)

An important note about the best sites for profit from the Internet

There are hundreds of sites that you can profit from in various fields, as I mentioned to some of them, but there are more… For example, you will find many of these sites in the “ Methods of Profit from the Internet ” guide.

Despite this, I want you to leave us in the comments the field you are interested in, so that, God willing, we will present a separate comprehensive guide on the best sites for profit from the Internet in that field.

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