Earn from the following sites Skillshar Flippa Textbroker Clickbank

Earn from the following sites Skillshar   Flippa Textbroker Clickbank


This site is an online education platform. More clearly, the site offers online courses in many fields such as photography , design , programming , e-marketing and many more.
You may be wondering how you can make money with this site?!
It’s simple, all the courses you find on the site have been created by Freelancers. In other words, anyone can create videos to teach something they master, and then upload these videos through the site within a course or course for other people to join. So the site is targeted by people who want to learn many skills online.
Skillshare is not free, but the person needs to pay an annual amount to create an account and take the site’s courses. Currently, there are more than 25,000 courses available on this site and all of them are made by people who want to earn money by providing lessons with the skills they possess.
The course owner is paid via the site depending on the number of minutes of viewing he obtained. The more views your videos have and the number of minutes watched, the higher the amount you earn. Note about this site that you need experience in creating videos, montages, etc.
But do not worry! It’s simple and you can learn it easily on the same site! True via the same site! Also, you can get a month for free and you can join any course you want when you visit the site


This site is intended for buying and selling of specialized categories such as sites, domains and smart device applications.
It was launched in 2009 and by 2015 the buying and selling process had been completed for more than 140 million websites, domains and smart apps!
You don’t need to have experience creating websites, apps, etc. You can even use Flippa to buy pre-paid sites and apps at low prices. Or if you have a plan in advance to launch a website or application project, this is the best place to buy a ready-made website and start from an advanced stage!
But if you have some skills in creating websites and applications, you can sell your business through this site and get high amounts for it.

 Textbroker website

A great site for anyone who knows how to create content and write articles. It is considered one of the most famous websites in the world in the field of content writing since its launch in 2008.
Practically anyone can apply to work through the site by creating his account and putting in the appropriate information. As long as the person is approved to work, they can search for areas in which they are good at writing and present their presentations.
The function of the site lies in its role as an intermediary between the freelancer (the writer) and the client (the article requester). The client pays the amounts owed to the writer and the site gets a certain percentage of this amount in turn as a mediator.
So far, more than 80,000 active customers are on the site, which in turn helps in increasing the job opportunities available for freelancers.

Clickbank website

An awesome global website with more than 22 years of experience in the business and about 6 million clients from around the world.
The principle of the site’s work depends on the affiliate, where the person creates his own account on the site and is easily accepted. Later, after logging into your account, you can find offers and projects that you can participate in.
More clearly, if you have a website, a YouTube channel, any page on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media, you can benefit from this site greatly.
Practically, through your pages or sites, you convert followers to buy online products with permanent offers and you get a percentage of money for each item purchased through the link that you put on your sites or pages.
An important tip for using the previous site: Choose the offers that match the content you publish . For example, if you write articles, post information about games, or learn languages, choose offers on this topic through Clickbank.
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One Hour Translation

It is considered one of the most powerful sites on the Internet in the field of translation. According to the American Forbes website, the site completes more than 50,000 translation projects per month, imagine this huge number!
You can work through this site in the field of translation after you create your account and then you have to wait for approval by the site administration. Once you are approved, you can browse through the available translation opportunities and apply directly to them!
Of course, your language level plays a big role. If you want to translate from English to Arabic, you must have a good level in both languages, especially since every translator on the site gets an evaluation for his work! The higher your rating, the higher your wages per hour. And, of course, the higher the number of projects entrusted to you

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