Download the best call recording software (latest version 2022)

 Download the best call recording software (latest version 2022)
 Download the call recording application and explain how to use

Overview of the call recording app

It is an application that records the calls that you have made on your phone, and this application allows you to re-hear the call again between you and the caller. 100 million people around the world have reviewed the app by 2.53 million reviews.

Application Features

Records all the calls you want 
You can select the calls you want to save and the calls you want to ignore 
Add notes and share them with everyone 
Integration with Google Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be saved and synchronized to the cloud 
Search for recordings by contact or phone number 
 And you can also activate the call summary list with the options that appear immediately after the direct call.

Explanation of the use of the application

After you download the application, I will put you at the bottom a link to download an application
. When you open the application, it will ask you to give permissions. Press the button
, then press the Allow button 
. After that, it will ask you to disable the improvements on the battery for sound quality. You can disable or skip. 
A menu will open for you as shown in the image below. :
Click on the 3 dots button in the top menu and then click on the settings as shown in the above image,
then a menu will open with you containing options:   
The first option is to record calls, make sure that you have activated the call recording button 
The automatic mode has 3 options 
Recording  for contacts It means recording calls with contacts
Ignored contacts means the contacts you don’t want to register 
Speaker Auto If you have any problems with recording, try recording from a different audio source, or use Speaker Auto mode.
Record settings and this button contains options: 
Audio file format If you want to change the format, press this button, different AMR formats will appear for you. 3gp. AAC MP4
Height You can determine the height through the bar, a maximum of 20 degrees
Setting the recording delay. You can specify the delay of incoming and outgoing calls if you want to delay the recording
Recording when connected to a Bluetooth device and this option allows you to turn on call recording when connected via Bluetooth can be selected to turn it on or off 
Playback volume and this option allows you if you want to increase the volume when recording a call 
 Note / You will find many other options, but these were the most basic and useful options that you should know.

Free and paid version

You should know that the application does not work with some earphones and may cause a defect in the quality of the recordings, so there are two versions of this application, the free version and the paid version. We advise you to download the free version before buying the paid version if you want to buy it
 and also use the free version only, there is no problem.

Download call recording app

You can download the application, the latest version of this version, from google play

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