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About artificial intelligence

The term artificial intelligence is linked by many to science fiction films in Hollywood, and robots that control the entire world wander in his imagination, but the reality is quite the opposite, as artificial intelligence in our current time enters into many applications that we use every day! After a recent survey, it was found that 1400 consumers around the world, that is, 65% of people around the world do not actually realize that they are using artificial intelligence techniques, which is abbreviated as AI . Now, what is the concept of artificial intelligence in your mind?  

Definition of artificial intelligence

In simple terms, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems or devices that simulate human intelligence to perform tasks and improve themselves based on the information it gathers. Artificial intelligence manifests itself in many forms. Some of these examples:

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to understand customer questions faster and provide more effective answers

AI operators use key information analysis with massive amounts of text data to improve scheduling

Artificial intelligence: definition, types, importance, most important applications

Recommendation engine can provide automatic recommendations for TV shows based on users’ viewing habits

Artificial intelligence is more about the ability to think highly impressive and analyze data than it has to do with a specific function or shape. It is true that technology provides images of super-intelligent robots, but it does not aim to replace humans! Rather, it aims to enhance human capabilities and contributions

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The main types of artificial intelligence

This modern technology is divided into sections according to its capabilities, let us mention some of them:

Narrow or limited AI:

 Nowadays, this type is one of the most prevalent and common types, as it has to perform specific and clear tasks, such as speech and image recognition programs, self-driving cars, and also the game of chess in some smart games.

Artificial General Intelligence:

 The ability of this type is similar to human thinking, where the focus has been on making the machine capable of thinking and planning on its own, to an extent similar to human thinking (human thinking), and this type is studied by the “artificial neural network” method, and this method is one of the methods of studying artificial intelligence. In general, it is worth noting that there is no living example of this type, but research studies need a lot of effort

Super Artificial Intelligence:

This type exceeds the level of human thinking, as this type can perform tasks in a way that exceeds the intelligence of a specialized human!, and this type of artificial intelligence has characteristics that it must have!, for example: the ability to plan, think, automatically communicate!, Make judgments, but it must be said that this The type is default for now! He does not have a living example yet.

Artificial Intelligence Rankings by Jobs:

Artificial intelligence is categorized according to the functionality performed by each type:

Interactive machines:

 One of the simplest types of artificial intelligence as it responds to current interactions and experiences, but it lacks the ability to learn from past experiences! One of the largest examples of this type: the well-known Google Aip aGo system.

Limited memory:

 This type can store data from previous experiences for a limited period of time, and one of the largest examples of this type is the “self-driving car system”.

theory of mind:

 This type can understand human feelings, interact and communicate with people!, and there is no living example of this type.


Distinguished Artificial Intelligence Applications

 Future expectations seek and aim to reach this type of artificial intelligence!, as the goal is that the machine has self-awareness and special feelings and sensations!, and this will make it more intelligent than humans!.

machine learning:

 Arthur Samuel is the first to put forward the idea of ​​machine learning!, where he expressed his idea that he likes in this type of artificial intelligence that the machine be able to predict and make the right decision!, to the extent that he wanted the computer to be able to think on its own. 

Artificial intelligence applications:

Interact with visual systems:

It means those applications that analyze and interpret the images entered into them, such as facial recognition and location recognition programs.

Interact with handwriting: 

As they are applications that can identify the handwriting, whether this line is written on the device screen or on paper.

Intelligent robots: 

 Intelligent robots perform the tasks that humans perform and are distinguished by their superior ability to sense the factors and effects surrounding them!, such as sound, movement, light and heat, and they can do this through special sensors they own!, and these robots can also benefit from their previous experiences and fix errors.

Siri app:

It is one of the most famous applications known in the present era, as it can deal with the phone through voice commands only!, and it works on Apple devices!, as it transforms voice into words to search for on the Internet to meet the requests and orders of its users.


This popular app analyzes the viewer’s movie preferences based on its artificial intelligence.

Social Media:

Social networks use artificial intelligence applications! For example, Facebook detects any penetration of the user’s photos or account.

?Does artificial intelligence have a futur

It is difficult to put this discipline on the shelf of disciplines that may become stagnant or saturated, because it is one of those disciplines that will be in demand in the near future. Because this specialization has entered the case of the demand for specialization! What does the status of the professional application or the maternal demand for specialization mean? Demand for a major means that the labor market needs it so that its graduates can find jobs.

Therefore, dear reader, artificial intelligence and its specializations are required in the near future. Be sure to seize this opportunity

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