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 Most of the digital currencies are currently among the currencies that came after the bitcoin , which caused a stir and a very great popularity, as the emergence of the bitcoin in 2009 had a great impact on the emergence of other digital currencies, which exceeded thousands of digital currencies that were developed and created by developers and a special protocol in the field of digital currencies.

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Also, digital currencies are no longer monopolizing only several types, but have become much more than that, as today we find that the types of digital currencies exceed five thousand types. Today, in this article, we wanted to show you the types and prices of digital currencies in 2022. If you want to know the types and prices of the most famous digital currencies, follow this article.

The most famous types of digital currencies and their prices 2022

The most famous types of digital currencies and their prices 2022
According to the data obtained by us from the official websites for prices of encrypted digital currencies, we found that Bitcoin is still in the lead, and it still holds the first place in the digital market.
We have found that almost all digital currency prices are increasing by 5% each year, and here is a list of the prices of the most famous digital currencies.


If you are wondering what is Bitcoin and how it is collected , then Bitcoin is one of the first digital currencies that appeared in the digital market, its beginning was in 2009 and it was very popular and popular with investors in the digital electronic market.
Bitcoin works on the blockchain system, or so-called registration transactions on the main network connected to thousands of computers.
Bitcoin is at the fore in the digital market, and its price has now reached about $30,000.


Ethereum comes in second place after Bitcoin, where the Ethereum currency is considered one of the most popular currencies currently. The price of Ethereum is currently more than 1,800 dollars, while its price before 2016 ranged between 12 dollars, which is an increase of Ethereum in the last six years by 16298%.

 Solana coin

Solana coin is one of the currencies that has been developed and its tasks defined by a special protocol, and it has been specially updated to support decentralized finance.


Dogecoin is considered one of the prominent currencies in the market. Its launch was in 2013 with a very low value, but it quickly developed gradually, and its price began to rise until its value in the digital market in 2022 reached 11 billion dollars.
5-Albinance USDB
Binance is one of the first currencies to be bolstered by the US dollar, characterized by its stability in the digital market.
Binance Coin is affiliated with Paxos, which contributes to giving traders and investors a subscription to the crypto-assets of the currency and maintaining its stability.


Tether is also considered a stable digital currency, backed by tangible monetary currencies such as the US dollar and the euro, where the value of Tether is equal to the US dollar, which makes it characterized by regularity and non-volatility in its prices, and this is preferred by many investors who fear the devaluation of digital currencies.
The value of Tether in the digital market is currently $72 million.

Ripple currency XRB

Ripple currency was established by the payment processing company Ripple
, a digital technology company specialized in the technical and digital processing of the digital electronic network.
Ripple is currently worth $19 billion in the digital market.


Cardano coin was established in 2015, and it is very similar to Tether in its features, as it is characterized by maintaining the stability of its value, Cardano coin is characterized as a platform for trading, sending and receiving digital money. to 41 billion dollars.
Attention :
There are hundreds of famous digital currencies that can be traded, and invested in, as we cannot limit them to one article, so follow in the next articles another list of the most famous types of digital currencies and their prices.

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