best ideas to make money from the Internet for beginners in 2022

 Profit from Facebook

Profiting from the Facebook application is one of the most important real sources for obtaining large and medium funds, and profit from Facebook is one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet compared to other competing electronic applications, and the means of profit from it are many and varied.

so that it is divided into two parts; A section in which you receive indirect profits, such as commission marketing for some products and services of international companies and major brands in exchange for a commission percentage for each product sold through you, or profit by selling products affiliated with your own store, or renting advertising publications and advertising spaces, whether for people or companies etc. The profits are from the parties that you market and work with, not from Facebook.

And another section is profitable directly from Facebook personally through its Facebook Ads program, which is similar to the Google Adsense program, by allowing ads and promotional advertisements to appear automatically on the videos that you publish on your Facebook page.

But this method requires some conditions and requirements, which are as follows:

The page should be public and not a personal account.

Have at least 10,000 real followers.

More than two months have passed since the date of submitting the application.

That the page gets 30 thousand views in the last 60 days before paying the request for at least one minute, first, the duration of the video is less than 3 minutes.

The content you post is your own content and the intellectual property rights do not apply to it.

Required level of experience junior

 Profit from Instagram

Your love of social media, along with a large number of followers on sites like Instagram, can be leveraged to monetize the internet as an influencer. And if you already have a YouTube presence or as a blogger, you can take advantage of that by making money or getting free stuff to post photos.

What you make of it and how easy it is to break into Instagram depends on the category or niche you are in. It could be fashion, beauty, food or fitness to name a few. You will also get paid based on the number of followers involved and the revenue choices you make. There are several ways you can go about making money as an Instagram influencer.

First, you can create sponsored posts where you post about a specific product, including keeping the product, video, or photo of you using those products. In order to make money online with Instagram, you will need an extensive following of brands to want to pay you for those Instagram posts. Average payments are $200 to $400. However, celebrities and influencers who have a large number of followers can earn thousands for every Instagram post or story.

Second, you can become an affiliate marketer on Instagram.

To do this, you will need to become more involved in the process than sponsorship publications. You will use a trackable link or a unique promotional code on your resume. With this tactic you can only focus on one product at a time because you are only able to put a link in that one place. You can join these programs on sites like ClickBank, Amazon Associates, and RewardStyle.

Third, you can become an influencer promoting your own products, services, or digital content.

You can open your own store and then leverage followers to sell things from your online store. While this may take time to think about the type of product or services you want to put your reputation on, it can lead to consistent money online over time.

How to profit from dropshipping

Profit from shipping routes is one of the biggest areas that many young people work on in different countries of the world, especially Arab countries, because it is a very profitable field for beginners who do not have sufficient skills or large funds to enter the well-known field of trade. Many people have made a lot of profits in a short period of time, without the slightest effort.

The profit is made from dropshipping by establishing your own online store, and linking it to one of the platforms of the largest suppliers and wholesalers in the world, such as the Ali Express store or the global Oberlo platform, which will provide you with products at the wholesale price and who you sell them at the price you want without burdening them for the shipping and delivery processes Because the suppliers are the ones who take care of it, not you, and even the provision of goods and products is not responsible for it.

In order to achieve a greater number of sales, it is necessary to create your own brand, deal with real and honest suppliers, and try as much as possible to deal professionally with your customers by assigning a person in the interest of customers, whether male or female, to take care of trying to answer all questions and all inquiries he raises Lots of customers before and after purchase.

How to profit from dropshipping

According to specialists, profit from uploading files has become a common method in the past few years, and this method has gained wide spread in various countries of the world, due to the important financial profits it provides to those working on it, and it also depends on simplicity and ease in terms of the method of operation.

It is a very suitable field for beginners who do not have high skills in the field of the Internet, as it is manifested only in uploading files to one of the sites that provide this service (which we will talk about in a moment), and these sites pay users and subscribers money based on the number of people who have downloaded files Whatever it is on their official site, the more downloads, the more you earn.

Here is a list of the best sites to profit from uploading files:

Upload Boy : This site is considered one of the best sites for profit from uploading files, due to its exciting features, compared to other competing sites, as it specializes in uploading files with great judgment, provides more than one payment method, and is completely secure.

File Factory : This site provides the ability to download external content, and this is its field of specialization. It also pays more than $40 per thousand downloads in both America and Canada. Which makes it one of the best sites to upload files.

File Upload site : This site provides more than 20 different ways to pay and withdraw profits, after achieving the minimum withdrawal amount of only 1 US dollar, and it is also one of the 100% honest and secure sites. 

Earning from shortening links

People are in dire need of funds to improve their difficult living and economic conditions, but when they search for regular jobs, they find them full of conditions and requirements, which may not be available to many of them, and therefore many of them resorted to the Internet because of the promising opportunities that it provides for them, and without certificates No previous work experience.

For example, but not limited to, profit from shortening links is one of the most important areas that many pioneers of the Internet work on, due to its ease of work and the speed of making profits in it, and it is a very suitable field for beginners who do not have sufficient skills. Many young people have made thousands of dollars from it.

This method depends only on shortening any link you want on one of the sites that provide the link shortening service, so that the latter becomes short after it was long, then you publish this link on your pages and accounts on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, etc.

 Each person who clicks on that link will see an advertisement before they see the original content of the link, whether the link is for you or for a third party. So that global companies and major brands contract with these sites to show their financed ads in a smooth way in exchange for payment to people who short links through them, and the payment is at the expense of each click on the advertisement, not the number of views.

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